Health Tip: Dealing With the Aftermath of Traumatic Stress

Suggestions to help you heal

(HealthDay News) -- Traumatic stress reactions sometimes develops in people who live through or witness a dangerous or terrifying event.

The American Psychological Association mentions these suggestions to help you cope with these feelings:

  • Be patient as you allow yourself time to recover and heal. Recognize that the process takes time.
  • Reach out to friends and family for support, and figure out the method of communication that's easiest for you.
  • Check local support groups for people who have gone through traumatic stress. Look for groups led by trained professionals.
  • Turn to healthy ways of coping with stress, including exercise, rest and eating a healthy diet.
  • Create a regular routine that you can follow each day.
  • Try to help others when possible. This can help you regain a sense of control.
  • Try not to make any life-changing decisions while recovering from traumatic stress.
  • Seek help from a mental health professional if you continue suffer from flashbacks, nightmares and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress that disrupt your daily life.
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