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FDA Advisers: Ban Use of Behavior-Modifying 'Shock Devices'

The controversial tools are used on emotionally disabled kids at a Mass. facility

Internet May Help Seniors Avoid Depression

Social connections lessen loneliness, especially for older adults living alone, researcher says

FDA Reconsiders Behavior-Modifying 'Shock Devices'

Agency meets Thursday to discuss outlawing tools used on emotionally disabled kids

Religious Music a High Note for Older Christians

Reduced anxiety, other mental health benefits noted in survey

Spouse's Sunny Outlook May Be Good for Your Health

Physical well-being seems to get a boost from having an optimistic partner, study finds

Mental Illness Not a Driving Force Behind Crime: Study

Few crimes committed by mentally ill patients were directly linked to symptoms, researcher notes

Too Little Sleep May Add to Teen Health Problems

Most surveyed got 6 hours or less shuteye a night, and experts blame electronic devices in bedrooms

How to Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track

Start with a workout plan that's a good fit for you, expert says

Extroverts Happier Regardless of Culture, Study Finds

Researchers compared college students in five nations

How to Make 'Low-Cal' Menu Options More Palatable

Study authors recommend not grouping these dishes together

Scientists Probe What Makes People Get Their Groove On

Offbeat rhythms of funk, hip-hip, R and B work best to get listeners on the dance floor, study finds

Happy Couples Nestle Together at Night, Survey Finds

Respondents were unhappier with relationship as sleeping distance grew

Creative Pursuits Might Boost Your Job Performance

Study finds association between self-expression, improved problem-solving skills

Key Brain 'Networks' May Differ in Autism, Study Suggests

Neural systems tied to gauging social cues appear 'over-connected' in children with the disorder

Apathy Might Signal Brain Shrinkage in Old Age: Study

But the findings only show an association; they don't prove cause and effect, experts say

Crunchy or Smooth? Food's Texture May Sway Perception of Calories

When study participants were thinking about calories, they ate more of the crunchier items, less of the soft

Family Dog Can Help Kids With Autism

The bond between child and pet can also be a 'bridge' to interaction with others, study suggests

Feed a Spouse, Starve an Argument?

Study using voodoo dolls suggests irritable partners should grab a snack before speaking

Teens' Indoor Tanning May Be Linked to Unhealthy Dieting

Poor body image behind both behaviors, expert says

Civilians in War Zones Also Suffer Mental Health Problems: Study

The more life-threatening events that workers employed by military faced, the more anxiety, anger they felt

Does Facebook Make Women Feel Bad About Their Bodies?

Study found more time on the social networking site was tied to greater likelihood of negative self-image

Don't Bother 'Faking It' in the Bedroom

Study says partners can gauge each other's sexual satisfaction

Social Skills a Casualty of Childhood Head Injury, Study Suggests

Disruptions of working memory, mental processing speed make it hard to interact, researchers explain

Hearing Loss Might Make Elderly Feel More Isolated

Study found those who had trouble hearing became more socially withdrawn than others their age

Men With Eating Disorders Often Ignore Symptoms

British study finds that too many males associate anorexia, bulimia as only a woman's issue

ICU-Related Depression Often Overlooked, Study Finds

One-third of patients exhibit physical symptoms, not the usual mood behaviors

Men Have More Trouble Facing Sex Harassment in Military Than Women: Survey

Servicemen might be less prepared to cope with such treatment, researcher says

Few Good Resources on Self-Harm Exist Online, Study Finds

Misleading information could affect treatment decisions, researchers say

Depression May Be Linked to Heart Failure

Stress hormones likely play contributing role, but more research needed, study says

For Greater Happiness, Spend Your Money on 'Life Experiences': Study

Researchers found people put more money on material goods, but emotional payoff is lower

Computer Program Spots 21 Distinct Facial Expressions

Identifying these universal expressions might help scientists better map emotions in brain

Lung Cancer Diagnosis Takes Toll on Patients' Sex Lives, Experts Say

Large percentage of patients experience sexual dysfunction linked to emotional issues

Video Glasses May Ease the Anxiety of Minor Surgery

Distraction technique keeps patients' discomfort at bay, study suggests

Scientists Use Stem Cells to Study Bipolar Disorder

Approach may further understanding of this mental illness

Stress May Diminish a Woman's Fertility, Study Suggests

First U.S. review to show a possible link between stress and how long it takes to get pregnant

For Happy Marriage, His Personality May Be Key

Study looked at health, 'positivity' and other traits in older couples

How You Parent Is Partly Genetic, Study Suggests

Child's behavior also influences parenting style

Hobbies Important for Stroke-Victim Caregivers

Happier caregivers help loved ones do better, researcher says

ICU Patients May Face Mental Health Issues After Discharge

Study finds diagnoses for depression, anxiety increase within 3 months of ICU stay

Mental Illness to Blame for 10 Percent of Kids' Hospitalizations: Study

Shortage of psychiatrists, psychologists makes it harder to treat children who need help, experts say

Offices With Open Floor Plans Tied to More Sick Days

Swedish researchers say risk of infection, privacy issues may contribute

Science Probes Secrets of 'Contagious Yawning'

People don't do it because they are empathizing with a yawner, study suggests

Stress Can Quickly Harm Kids' Health: Study

And chronic stress takes a toll on their well-being, research shows

Yes, You Can Catch a Bad Mood on Facebook

Researchers report that emotions spread through online world, just like in real life

Smokers' Brains Perk Up at Positive Cigarette Images: Study

Scans showed less response to negative images of habit's consequences

Are You Musical or Tone Deaf? Genes May Be Key

But many factors likely play a role in Mozart-like musical genius, experts say

Young Binge Drinkers May Not Need Special Counseling From Family Docs

Swiss study suggests results just as good for physicians without certain training

Sleep Disrupted? Maybe It's Daylight Saving Time

It's harder to 'spring forward' than to 'fall back,' doctor says

Daylight Saving Time's Arrival May Disrupt Your Sleep

It's harder to 'spring forward' than to 'fall back,' doctor says

Could More Time on Facebook Help Spur Eating Disorders?

College students who 'untagged' self-photos, cared a lot about 'likes' had more body-image issues in study