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Noisy Wards Could Threaten Hospital Patients' Health

Study simulating the inpatient environment finds frequent sleep disturbances from machines, people

Fear of Dark Keeps Some Adults Awake at Night: Study

Sleep researchers say phobia may call for alternative treatment

Self-Harm Showing Up in Elementary Schools: Study

Children as young as 7 injured themselves in a variety of ways

Most 'Extreme Preemies' Grow Into Happy, Healthy Teens

These children, born at less than 2.2 pounds, tended to fare well by adolescence, study found

Financial Worries Add to Cancer Patients' Burden

Caregivers also affected by concerns over bills, possible bankruptcy, study finds

Study Supports Guilt's Role in Depression

MRI scans buttress Freudian theory, researchers say

Therapy Done Over the Phone May Help Depressed Patients

Study found early drop-out rate significantly lower than during in-person treatment

Who's Touching You Affects How It Feels: Study

Brain's response to a caress appears less objective than previously thought

Parental Abuse, Neglect Linked to Increased Skin Cancer Risk

Study found those who suffered it were more likely to get second skin cancer later in life

Once-Obese Women Still Face Stigma, Study Finds

'Fat bias' may linger even after weight loss

FDA Warns of Fake Version of ADHD Drug Adderall

Counterfeit drug lacks active ingredient; real medicine is currently in short supply

Surly People Tend to Like Fierce Dogs, Study Shows

Younger, more disagreeable folks seem to prefer breeds that are typically seen as aggressive

Emotional Woes May Last for Childhood Cancer Survivors

Treatment effects are long-lasting, researchers say

Optimism, Laughter May Bring Long Life

Study found centenarians were often extroverts who embraced the world

More Mental Health Care Urged for Kids Who Self-Harm

Parents, ER docs need to be alert for signs of behavior such as cutting, experts say

Combo Therapy May Help Ease 'Ringing in the Ears'

Tinnitus can be frustrating for patients, hard to treat, researchers say

Autism Often Not Diagnosed Until Age 5 or Older: U.S. Report

But earlier interventions make a big difference, experts say

Cancer Docs Often Deal With Own Grief, Doubts When Patients Die

Study found some cope through physical, emotional distance as sadness becomes too much

Spider-Phobes May Get Quick Relief

Single therapy session produced significant benefits, study says

Looking Away As You Get Needle Does Lower Pain, Study Shows

'See no needle' may be good advice, researchers say

Study Explores Distraction's Role in Pain Relief

It found mental focus, bodily reactions work together

Some People Really Might Have 'Gaydar'

If so, recognition of gay women is more accurate, study suggests

'Email Vacations' Boost Job Productivity, Lower Stress: Study

Workplace break made difference in heart rate, ability to focus attention

Evolution May Explain 'Runner's High,' Study Says

Brain reward center boost seems to spur humans, dogs to run long distances

Exercise May Boost Survival in Breast, Colon Cancer Patients

Review looked at six decades of studies on cancer, physical activity

Depression in Mid-Life Linked to Higher Odds for Later Dementia

Risks were greatest for those whose depression stretched from middle- to old age, study found

Having a 'Purpose in Life' May Help Shield You From Dementia

Study suggests, but doesn't prove, a link between the two

People Love Talking About Themselves, Brain Scans Show

Self-disclosure on social media might serve evolutionary purpose, researcher says

Using Earplugs Eases ICU Patients' Confusion: Study

Hustle and bustle at hospital can lead to delirium and lack of sleep

Psychiatric Patients Often Wait Nearly 12 Hours in ER

Older, uninsured and intoxicated patients wait even longer, study finds

Attitude May Be Key to Overweight Girls' Risk of Depression

Unhappiness, unhealthy dieting less likely when girls were OK with their size, researchers found

Positive Thinking, Persistence Pay Off in Job Search: Study

Staying focused on finding employment is most important factor, researchers say

Antipsychotics Do Help Many With Schizophrenia, Study Finds

More than 50 years of data shows the drugs cut relapse rates, although side effects common

Clues to 'Slacker' Behavior Found in Brain, Study Says

Levels of the chemical dopamine in key regions of the brain may influence motivation

Study Recommends Putting Your Left Face Forward

This half of the face is more expressive, making it more attractive, researchers say

Taking Away Car Keys Can Be Tough for Older Drivers

For some, the end of driving triggers depression, anxiety, loneliness, expert says

Adjusting Your Attitude About Chronic Pain May Help You Sleep

Small study found ruminating on face and jaw pain made it worse

Animals More Interesting to Kids Than Toys, Study Shows

Children even prefer spiders and snakes over inanimate objects, researchers say

Bullied Children at Greater Risk for Self-Harm, Study Finds

Family history or maltreatment further increase likelihood of injuring oneself

Analytical Thinkers Seem to Be Less Religious, Study Suggests

But coaxing participants to think analytically had only a subtle impact on religious belief

Poor Sleep Heightens 'Ringing Ear' Disease Symptoms: Study

Patients with both tinnitus and insomnia have more emotional distress, researchers say

Life Transitions May Trigger Eating Disorders

People with anorexia, bulimia pinpoint break-ups, the death of loved ones as triggers

Many First-Graders Shun Overweight, Obese Kids

In survey, most preferred to play with slimmer classmates, study finds

Impulsive Tots at Risk for Gambling Problems Later: Study

Self-control in preschool years may improve life outcomes in adulthood

Cyberbullying May Call for New Prevention Tactics

Existing anti-bully programs won't get through to online aggressors, researcher says

Wartime Killing May Raise Veterans' Thoughts of Suicide

Impact of deadly combat on mental health receives too little attention, study indicates

Could Your Personality Be Reflected in Your Pooch?

Online study suggests owners prefer breeds that mimic their personal traits

Depression Linked to Higher Odds for Poor Leg Circulation

In study, depressed patients were more apt to develop peripheral artery disease

Talking to Yourself Could Have Mental Benefits

People who name objects as they look for them seem to find them faster, study suggests

'No Regrets' Outlook May Make for Sunnier Old Age

Study suggests letting go of missed opportunities is linked to healthy mental aging