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Stigma, Shame Can Worsen Depression in Lung Cancer Patients

They may believe -- rightly or not -- that others blame them for diagnosis

U.S. Autism Rate Rises to 1 in 88 Children, CDC Reports

Boys have even higher risk; experts say part of increase may be due to better diagnosis

911 Dispatchers May Suffer From Post-Traumatic Stress

Indirect exposure to disturbing events can cause psychological disorders, study says

Talking About Weight Tied to Poor Self-Image, Depression: Study

'Fat talk' involves repeat comments on diet, exercise, fears of weight gain, researchers say

Living Alone Linked to Greater Risk of Depression: Study

Other factors such as low income and education may also play a role

Could Two Words Help You Resist Temptation?

Refusing food by saying 'I don't' can increase feelings of control, study suggests

Antidepressants May Raise Risk for Pregnancy Complication

Use tied to maternal high blood pressure, study finds, but benefits may still outweigh risks

Foods' Aromas Might Help You Lose Weight

Stronger smells led to smaller bites, research found

Many Americans Ambivalent Over Laws Aimed at Healthy Living

Poll finds most accept rules for safety, smoking, eating, but also worry about a 'nanny state'

Exercise May Trigger Orgasm in Some Women

Survey results suggest phenomenon is not rare, but causes remain unclear

Kids Willing to Fail May Perform Better Academically

Children who were told learning can be difficult did better on tests, researchers found

Depression Tied to Earlier Death in Heart Patients

Study found a greater risk of death within 7 years of receiving stent implant

Stressed Parents May Affect Preemie Behavior Later

Aggression, distraction more likely at 3 if mom, dad seemed troubled when child turns 2, researchers report

Many Alcoholics Suffered Childhood Trauma: Study

Physical, sexual, emotional abuse reported by many people in detox

Deeper Voices Win Over Voters, Study Finds

It may not be what candidates say, but how they sound when they say it that matters

Could Trans Fats Make You Cranky?

The more of the unhealthy dietary fat people ate, the greater their irritability, aggression, study shows

Watching Movie Stars Light Up May Spur Kids to Smoke

Kids who saw more tobacco use on film from ages 9 to 14 tended to become regular smokers

Married Heart Surgery Patients Live Longer

Single patients' odds of dying are twice as high over five years, study says

Kids Who Bully May Be More Likely to Smoke, Drink

Bullying behavior more common in middle school, substance use greater in high school, study finds

U.S. Army Suicides Rising Sharply, Study Finds

Service in Iraq and Afghanistan appears to be the cause of increasing mental-health problems

Hope and Optimism May Cloud Judgment in ICUs

Family members tend to put good spin on bad news, which may lead to poor decisions, researchers say

Narcotic Painkillers Another Threat to Traumatized War Vets: Study

Those with mental health issues more likely to be prescribed highly addictive meds, research shows

Severe PMS May Last Longer Than Thought

Psychiatric changes persist after period starts for women with condition known as PMDD, study says

Moms' Antidepressants May Affect Babies' Head Size: Study

Pregnant women may want to try alternatives to treat depression, experts say

Bullying May Raise Risk of Suicidal Thoughts: Study

Both victims, bullies more likely to consider taking own life by age 11

Job Loss Fears Sow Unhappiness in Work, Family Life

Blue-collar workers take unemployment worries the hardest, research finds

Are the Rich Really Different From You and Me?

They're likelier to cut you off on the road, be dishonest during negotiations, study claims

Video Games, Impulsivity Seem to Go Hand-in-Hand

Attention problems and more time spent gaming occur in both directions, study suggests

Young Blacks Less Likely to Seek Mental Health Care: Study

Practitioners need to address their concerns, researchers say

Phobia Makes Spiders Appear Larger Than They Are: Study

Warped perception of size of feared objects may foster avoidance

Migraines May Raise a Woman's Odds of Depression

Link seen with any history of the debilitating headaches, study says

Booze in Movies May Fuel Teenage Drinking

Watching films featuring alcohol seems to lead to drinking, then binge-drinking in kids, study finds

National Guard Deployment May Sometimes Trigger Alcohol Abuse

Soldiers with post-traumatic stress, depression might self-medicate, research suggests

Gender Identity Issues Can Harm Kids' Mental Health: Study

Feeling they're the wrong sex may lead to depression, abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder

Disabled Elderly Say They Want Dignity, Control

For most, quality of life rates fair to very good, small study finds

Parents' Strict Rules Could Curb Kids' Drinking

Researchers say this is the first study to look at how tight parental control helps teens avoid booze

Stop-Smoking Drug May Also Curb Problem Drinking

Small study found Chantix heightened alcohol's unpleasant aspects

Psychotherapy May Ease Hot Flashes After Breast Cancer

'Talk therapy' cut symptoms by 52 percent in small British study

Lost Love Often the Biggest Source of Regret, Study Shows

Work choices had less impact in study than love gone wrong

John, Mary, Joe: Simpler Names May Help You Get Ahead

Study suggests easy moniker can help people win promotions, make friends

Most Teens Who Self-Harm Are Not Evaluated for Mental Health in ER

Researchers say suicide risk is highest soon after such an incident

HIV Severity, Treatment Unrelated to Kids' Mental Woes: Study

No evidence found to link antiretroviral therapy with severity of psychiatric symptoms

Obesity Linked to Worse Fibromyalgia Symptoms

As weight increases, so do patient reports of greater pain, poor quality of life, researchers say

Depressed Kids May Be Targets for Bullying, Study Suggests

New research challenges notion that bullying leads to mental health woes

Moving Homes Often in Childhood Might Affect Long-Term Health

Frequently uprooted kids were more likely to drink heavily, smoke as adults, study says

Does Abortion in First Trimester Raise Risk of Mental Ills' Return?

Danish study found women who gave birth were more likely to be readmitted in the month afterwards

Antidepressants May Not Raise Suicide Risk in Youth: Study

Despite 'black box warning' for drugs such as Prozac, no increase -- or decrease -- was found

College Degree Lowers Marriage Odds for Those From Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Education can bridge the income gap, but not social or cultural differences, study says

Smaller Plate Won't Help Your Diet, Research Shows

People eat until full regardless of the dinnerware, researcher says

Questionnaire Could Help Predict Alzheimer's: Study

21 simple questions may help docs determine which patients need more testing, researchers say