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Chimps Shed Light on How Humans Learned to Share

Their behavior seems to be affected by their environment, research suggests

Risk for Dementia Rises When Diabetes, Depression Meet: Study

The good news is that lifestyle changes may lower your risk for all three conditions, experts say

Police at No Greater PTSD Risk Than General Public: Study

Yet they can struggle with feelings of powerlessness, guilt after traumatic events, researchers say

Pressure to Be Perfect Parent Can Discourage New Moms, Dads

Study found it eroded confidence for mothers, created stress for fathers

Abusive Boss May Harm Workers' Home Life, Too

But long-term partners, more kids may boost family satisfaction

Optimism May Help Female Undergrads With Their Grades

But positive thinking seems to backfire for male students, study says

Circle of Friends Key to Adopting Healthy Habits: Study

When people of similar age, sex, size buddied up online, they made gains, researchers say

Multitasking Stresses Out Working Moms More Than Dads

Mothers spend many waking hours doing at least two things at once, study finds

Scans Reveal Differences in Psychopathic Brains

Findings could explain their anti-social tendencies, researchers say

Creative Minds More Prone to Cheating

Study shows creative thinkers are more likely to act dishonestly during tests than others

Do Men Think About Sex All the Time? Maybe Not

Study debunks notion that males focus on the subject far more often than females do

Patches, Counseling, Persistence Can Help Smokers Quit

'Keep working at it' could be key to success, studies suggest

Racism's Mental Toll May Explain Some Health Disparities

Psychological responses to racism among U.S. blacks similar to those associated with trauma, study finds

How to Extend Holiday Cheer

Schedule events all year to preserve the sense of fun and excitement, expert suggests

Black Friday Is About More Than Bargains, Expert Says

For many, the big shopping day can be a psychological adventure, expert advises

Doctor, Take a Cue From Shakespeare

Mind-body links frequent in the Bard's plays and poems, researcher says

Little Social Life for Autistic Teens, Researchers Say

About half never get called by friends or get invited out, study finds

Study Looks at Nude Images' Effect on the Brain

Human mind more readily processes photos of naked vs. clothed people

Passing Through Doorways Might Spur Forgetfulness

A doorway can act as an 'event boundary,' study suggests

Siblings Deeply Affected By Child's Cancer Death

Many kids reported feeling more mature, compassionate

Regular Sex May Be Key to Happy Marriage for Seniors

More-than-monthly sex also linked to happiness with life in general, survey findings suggest

Think 'It's Not Me, It's You,' When Dealing With Angry Person

Study participants felt better when they 'reappraised' images of angry faces

U.S. Voters May Prefer Low-Pitched Male Voice

People perceive sense of leadership, dominance, researchers say

Mom-to-Be's Mental State May Affect Child's Development

Emotional consistency before and after birth seems best for baby, study suggests

Antisocial Personalities May Find Social Niche in Gangs

Gang members seek a place to 'fit in' with others like themselves, study says

Does a Gene Make People Seem Kinder?

Specific DNA might alter personality, or ways of expressing feelings, small study suggests

Can Facial Flaws Cost You the Job?

Scars, birthmarks may draw interviewer's attention away from conversation, study finds

Negative Anti-Smoking Ads Turn Off Anxious Viewers

Neurotic smokers more likely to avoid messages about health threats, study says

Watch Scary Movie, Sell Your Stocks?

Study found people projected fear from film onto financial decisions

Aggressive Drivers Often Identify With Their Vehicles

Seeing your car as an extension of yourself may raise your risk for accidents, research shows

Suicide Checklist Spots People at Highest Risk

Every doctor's office visit should include the assessment, researcher says

People Seem More Likely to Follow Rules They Can't Beat

But if restrictions aren't absolute, rebellion more likely, study finds

Mentoring Works Best When Adults, Kids Share Common Interests

Most programs aren't effective when the kids have really serious problems, researchers say

College Students Still Vulnerable to Bullying

Harassment, especially cyberbullying, can continue beyond high school

Sports Fans Remember Victories Better Than Defeats: Study

Years later, devotees of Red Sox, Yankees recalled triumphs, not losses

Loneliness Linked to Sleepless Nights

People who felt more isolated tended to wake frequently, study found

Could Happy Lives Be Longer Lives?

Study shows an association, but cause-and-effect isn't clear

Practice Doesn't Always Make Perfect, Study Suggests

With chess players, other variables -- like memory, high IQ -- might separate the good from the great

Experts Design 'Toolkit' to Help Spot Teens With Mental Health Issues

Many adolescents with problems are never diagnosed or treated, they say

Will Eating Sweets Make You Sweeter?

Researchers find link between food preferences and personality

Links to Mental Illness Seen in Fetal Brains: Study

Genes involved in autism, schizophrenia may be activated in womb

Larger Food Portions May Be Seen as Status Symbols

People might eat more to feel like big shots, researchers find

More Than 1 in 4 U.S. Kids Witness Violence Between Parents: Study

Children also see parents physically abuse their siblings and other relatives, researchers say

Music Aimed at Teens Often Promotes Drinking: Study

Lyrics commonly associate alcohol brand names with luxury lifestyle, partying, research shows

Care for Mentally Ill Vets at VA Centers May Differ Across U.S.

More research urged to explore why discrepancies exist and how they should be addressed

Teens' IQ May Fluctuate Over Time: Study

Changes in test scores were reflected in changes in certain brain areas, scientists say

Long-Term Unemployment Can Tax Mental Health

Even in resilient people, six months' unemployment has psychological impact, research shows

Parents, Doctors Often Differ on Chemo for Incurable Kids

Health professionals would usually opt for supportive care alone, study shows

Katrina's Aftermath: Failed Pregnancies for IVF Moms Nationwide

Stress linked to the disaster is probable culprit, researchers say

Social Phobia in Teens Goes Beyond Shyness

Survey results negate common beliefs about this disabling condition