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Could a Blood Test Help Spot Depression?

Small study suggests 'biomarker' levels might help support a diagnosis, but more research needed

Pleasure in Scratching an Itch May Depend on Location

Sensation is especially intense in ankles, researchers say

'People Pleasers' More Prone to Overeating: Study

They often yield to pressure to indulge more in social situations, researchers say

If Your Dining Partner Overeats, So May You

In study, women mimicked eating behavior of new acquaintances, matching them bite for bite

Worrying Too Much Might Raise Your Risk for Stroke

Study found a personality trait called 'harm avoidance' also marked by self-doubt, fatigue

Even Strangers Can Make You Feel Left Out

Eye contact conveys a sense of belonging -- or not, researchers say

Nurturing Moms May Help Their Child's Brain Develop

Study found toddlers with loving mothers had more growth in key brain area

What Would Jesus Do? Maybe Not What I'd Do, Survey of Christians Finds

Liberals and conservatives say they have views on morality, fellowship that might not mesh with teachings

Winter Doldrums Got You Down? Here's How to Bounce Back

Adding lights, exercise can help people battling seasonal affective disorder, doctor says

Discrimination Seems to Harm Health Regardless of Race

Unfair treatment that is race-based linked to reports of poor health in both blacks and whites

Positive Reinforcement May Help Patients Take Their Meds

Upbeat thoughts plus education boosted adherence among blacks with high blood pressure, study found

People May Lie More When Texting: Study

Researchers suggest it's easier to deceive than when in person or during video chat

Working Too Much Can Give You the Blues

Staying on the job 11 hours or more each day doubles the risk for depression, study shows

Living Together May Be Mentally Healthier Than Marriage: Study

Once the honeymoon's over, wedded couples grow less happy and social, research claims

Narcissism Especially Bad for Men's Health, Study Says

Traits such as entitlement, exploitativeness may raise levels of stress hormone

Parents May Hold Key to Treating Kids' Obesity

Heart association identifies successful strategies for helping children to achieve weight loss

Study Shows How Stress Triggers Immune System

Conflict fires up molecules related to inflammation, researchers report

Bosses Have Big Impact on Workplace Well-Being

Treating employees badly can backfire as productivity drops, researchers say

Treating Diabetes, Depression Together May Make Sense

Study found both conditions improved when addressed simultaneously

1 in 5 U.S. Adults Suffers Mental Ills: Report

But, lack of insurance blocks many from treatment, experts say

Gossiping Might Be Good for You

Telling others when you see someone behaving badly makes you feel better, study suggests

Sleep Might Help Deepen Traumatic Memories

Staying awake after disturbing event weakened emotional response upon recall, study found

Do Men Flash Cash to Find a Mate?

Guys may subconsciously flaunt wealth in situations where males outnumber females, study suggests

Weight Gain Often Unrecognized by Young Women

Those on birth control shots and young black women more alert to added pounds, study finds

Bored Workers Often Turn to Chocolate, Booze, Study Finds

These unhealthy treats are common ways of dealing with office ennui, research shows

Work-Life Balance Tougher for Couples With Similar Jobs

They work longer hours, are more committed to their jobs than others, study finds

Music May Ease Anxiety, Pain in Prostate Biopsy Patients

Men who listened to Bach with headphones during procedure seemed less stressed, study says

Missed Naps Could Put Toddlers at Risk for Mood Disorders

Study found lack of sleep hampers ability to express feelings

Need Help? Seek Out the Humble

They're more likely to offer assistance without being pressured, research shows

Most Adults With Facial Disfigurement Adapt Psychologically

Study found some depression, anxiety in those with congenital disfigurement

With Depression, Helping Others May in Turn Help You

Random acts of kindness can snowball into more positive mood overall, experts say

PTSD, Respiratory Problems May Be Linked in 9/11 Responders

Study found connection was stronger in nontraditional responders than police

Music May Help Ease Pain for Anxious People

By engaging the mind, melodies compete with pain pathways, researchers say

Even Today, the Stigma of Mental Illness Won't Fade

And that can cause people to feel isolated, afraid -- and even forgo treatments

Virginia Man Won't Let His Mental Illness Define Him

He overcomes decades-long struggle with paranoid schizophrenia, and is now helping others

Eating Disorders Can Last Well Beyond Teen Years

Experts are finding that adult stresses often trigger lingering problems

In High-Tech Age, the Good Old Letter Still Holds Sway

Soldiers found lasting comfort, solace and a shield against PTSD from such personal notes

Adversity, Trauma May Boost Mental Toughness

Living through difficulty -- up to a point -- can build resiliency, study shows

Poor People May Be Quicker to Be Kind

Study suggests the more affluent face fewer obstacles, slower to recognize suffering of others

A Visit Can Bring Holiday Cheer to Hospitalized Patients

Time with family, friends is the best gift, expert says

Cancer Survivors Should Take Steps to Keep Healthy During Holidays

Avoid stress and try to relax, expert urges

Chorus Gives Voice to Those With Alzheimer's

In New York City, people with dementia and their caregivers come together in song

Widowers Who Stay Single Might Face More Mental Health Woes

But it's unclear why some men find new relationships and others don't, researchers say

Move to Hospital Isolation Unit Linked to Raised Delirium Risk

Mental status can deteriorate after patients moved from regular room, study finds

Study Suggests Most Would Sacrifice One Life to Save Many

When faced with a life or death moral dilemma, few people fail to choose 'the greater good'

Spouse's Reaction May Affect Pain Management

Husbands appear more sensitive than wives, study says

Men Often Misread Women's Sexual Cues: Study

But ignorance might work in favor of males who overestimate their attractiveness

Life After Cigarettes Is Happier: Study

Three years later, quitters report less stress, better mood compared to smokers

Recession Hurt Parent-Child Ties, Survey Finds

Seattle families reported less connectedness, social generosity, researchers say

Legalized Same-Sex Marriage May Boost Gay Men's Health

Gay, bisexual men in Massachusetts had fewer doctor visits after law changed, study says