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Will Eating Sweets Make You Sweeter?

Researchers find link between food preferences and personality

Links to Mental Illness Seen in Fetal Brains: Study

Genes involved in autism, schizophrenia may be activated in womb

Larger Food Portions May Be Seen as Status Symbols

People might eat more to feel like big shots, researchers find

More Than 1 in 4 U.S. Kids Witness Violence Between Parents: Study

Children also see parents physically abuse their siblings and other relatives, researchers say

Music Aimed at Teens Often Promotes Drinking: Study

Lyrics commonly associate alcohol brand names with luxury lifestyle, partying, research shows

Care for Mentally Ill Vets at VA Centers May Differ Across U.S.

More research urged to explore why discrepancies exist and how they should be addressed

Teens' IQ May Fluctuate Over Time: Study

Changes in test scores were reflected in changes in certain brain areas, scientists say

Long-Term Unemployment Can Tax Mental Health

Even in resilient people, six months' unemployment has psychological impact, research shows

Parents, Doctors Often Differ on Chemo for Incurable Kids

Health professionals would usually opt for supportive care alone, study shows

Katrina's Aftermath: Failed Pregnancies for IVF Moms Nationwide

Stress linked to the disaster is probable culprit, researchers say

Social Phobia in Teens Goes Beyond Shyness

Survey results negate common beliefs about this disabling condition

More Children Visiting ERs for Psychiatric Care

Lack of mental health resources might drive the increase, study says

Could Discrimination Help Trigger Illness in Blacks?

Stress tied to bias might explain race-based disparities in disease rates, researchers say

People With Mental Health Issues More Likely to Be Uninsured

Study cites less access to recommended care, poorer quality care

Couples Can Pay a Price for Materialism

Money often a significant source of conflict for those who have it, study shows

Women Say Mammograms Give Them Sense of Control: Survey

Mammography is currently the best tool available to screen for breast cancer, expert contends

When Others Dislike You, Your Pain Doesn't Matter

People are more sympathetic to the pain of patients who seem honest or friendly, study shows

Washing the Body 'Cleanses' the Mind

People can rid themselves of bad feelings and self-doubt by washing with soap, research contends

Everyday Stigma May Take Toll on Lesbians, Gays

Stress results from daily exposure to inequality, not just traumatic crimes or abuse, study shows

Dull Tasks Tougher on the Entitled

People who feel they're 'owed' special treatment may find the mundane more of a burden, study suggests

Kids May Develop a Sense of Fairness Earlier Than Thought

Toddlers who are quick to share toys act surprised when food isn't divided equally, study finds

Even Football Players Say It's OK to Cry, Sometimes

But study finds they draw the line at sobbing

Winning May Take All Your Brain Power

All areas of brain activate when playing games, study finds

Health Tip: Managing an Anxiety Disorder

Suggestions for getting needed help

Researchers Assess What Works Best to Prevent PTSD

Psychotherapies may outperform an antidepressant, experts say

MRI Study Unfolds Clues to Memory

Those lacking structural fold in front of the brain were more likely to have faulty recollections

Facebook Pages May Offer Clues to Underage Drinking

For college students, risks rose as online references to boozing went up, study found

Why It's Good If You're Easily Embarrassed

Experiments show you're more trustworthy and generous

Laughter Might Be Good Medicine for Alzheimer's Patients

Humor therapy eased agitation as much as drugs, without the side effects, in Australian study

Doctors Consider Nonverbal Cues in Medical Decisions

Patient's body language, physical appearance and tone of voice affect doctor's decisions, study shows

Campus Smoking Bans May Help College Students Quit

Tobacco use, support for smoking dropped even when ban was weakly enforced, study finds

Twitter Reflects World's Changing Moods

Global truths: people are happier on weekends, grumpier as workday drags

'Magic Mushroom' Compound Triggered Positive Personality Change in Study

Sixty percent of volunteers became more 'open' -- and stayed that way for more than a year

Number of U.S. Kids on ADHD Meds Keeps Rising

But the rate of increase has slowed considerably since 1990s, study authors note

Mixed Results Seen With 'Off-Label' Use of Antipsychotics

Non-FDA-approved use of drugs showed limited benefits and some harm in large review

Fatalism Keeps Many From Colon Cancer Screening

'What-difference-will-it-make' mindset linked to low rates of testing among poor

Mental Health Disabilities in U.S. on the Rise: Study

Findings reflect need for improved psychological services, researcher says

With Rude Workers, Customers Walk but Don't Talk

One-third of consumers experience frequent employee rudeness, especially in retail and restaurants

'Self-Compassion' Can Help Divorced People Heal

Kindness to oneself, recognition of shared humanity promote resilience, study suggests

Depression After Cancer Keeps Some From Follow-Up Care

Depressed Hispanic breast cancer survivors less likely to get checked for ovarian tumors, study finds

Adding Psychotherapy to Meds Helps Kids With OCD

But the therapy can be hard to find in many communities, researchers note

Cash, Luxury Goods Really Do Get People Salivating: Study

Brain's reward system may prompt folks to drool over more than food, researchers say

ADHD Drug Delays Puberty in Male Monkeys, Study Finds

Much more research needed before finding on Ritalin can have implications for humans, experts say

'Journaling' Might Ease Depression in Testicular Cancer Patients

Keeping a positive daily journal can aid in men's recovery and quality of life, study shows

Obese Kids May Face Social, Emotional Woes

Study finds higher risk for 'peer problems' at age 8 and 9

Are Sports Obsessions Damaging Your Relationships?

Fans' fixation is a problem when it interferes with real-world obligations, expert explains

Few Suicidal Teens Get the Help They Need

More than 70% don't obtain mental health services, study shows

Quitting Smoking May Improve Personality, Study Suggests

Smoking linked to neuroticism and impulsivity in younger adults, researchers say

Fear of Antidepressants Keep Many From Disclosing Depression

Study finds nearly 25% hide symptoms from doctor for fear of being prescribed such medications

When a Parent Dies Suddenly, Child's Grief May Persist

Prolonged mourning can lead to depression, impaired functioning, study says