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Chimps, Too, May Use Laughter for Social Gain

Finding expands understanding of apes' expressions and interactions, researchers say

Stigma Often Adds to Burden of Obesity

Health declines were worse in those who felt discriminated against, study found

Even Tiny Tots May Develop Mental Health Problems

Apathy, withdrawal, depression affect the very young, too, experts say

Pot Use in Youth Ups Risk of Psychotic Symptoms in Later Life

Longer the use, the higher the chance of long-lasting symptoms, study finds

Scientists Link 'Sets' of Genetic Abnormalities to Autism Risk

DNA analysis of more than 1,000 kids may one day lead to better treatments, researchers say

Medical Surrogates May Pay Emotional Price for Crisis Decisions

Stress, guilt, doubt greatest for those whose loved ones didn't convey end-of-life requests, study says

Optimism Is Good for Your Heart

A bright outlook helps heart disease patients live longer, study finds

'Heroes' Judged Harshly for Bad Behavior, Study Finds

Unlike do-gooders, victims less likely to be blamed for transgressions, researchers say

Depression May Worsen Over Time in Addiction-Prone Women

Alcoholism, antisocial behavior susceptible to relationship, neighborhood dynamics, study finds

College Kids Often Feel Guilty About Texting in Class: Survey

Half feel bad about messaging when it's banned, but two-thirds do it

People More Likely to Act Morally Than They Imagine

Those able to cheat on a test were less likely to do so than those who said they would given the chance, study finds

Most 'Locked-In Syndrome' Patients Happy, Survey Finds

'Subjective well-being' may help those with inability to move or speak, researchers suggest

Early Childhood Might Affect Love Life in Adult

Infants with secure attachments coped better with conflict later, study finds

Stress Hormone Linked to PTSD Symptoms in Women

Finding may lead to new ways to diagnose, treat disorder, researchers say

Study Unravels Link Between Stress and Chronic Health Issues

Anger, anxiety increase inflammation and disease vulnerability, researchers say

Brain's Electrical Activity May Help Spot Infants at High Risk for Autism

EEGs plus computer analysis detected subtle pattern differences the human eye might miss

Kids' Callousness Associated With Conduct Problems

Lack of empathy, emotion linked to raised risk of antisocial behavior, research suggests

Busy Social Life May Stave Off Disability in Elderly

Seniors who participate in activities are better able to continue self-care, study finds

Teens Posting 'Cutting' Videos on YouTube

Researchers warn that watching them may prompt vulnerable kids to injure themselves

Study Finds Widespread Trauma in Wake of BP Oil Spill

Discovery indicates need for broader outreach to victims of environmental disasters, expert says

Using Cell Phones Might Evoke Emotions, Study Suggests

Typing in certain number sequences triggered feeling of corresponding word in user's mind

Antipsychotic Drugs Raise Heart Risks, Experts Warn

Mental health docs urged to take active role in physical well-being of patients

Study Says 2 Therapies Help Fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Cognitive behavior counseling and exercise program enhanced standard treatment, according to British researchers

Self-Drawings May Reveal Hidden Eating Disorders

Women with anorexia or bulimia tend to sketch their body features differently, researchers say

Placebo Effect May Work in Reverse

With 'nocebo' effect, pain levels rose as patients' belief in painkiller fell, study found

'Resilience Gene' May Save Kids in Troubled Families

Children with the gene have fewer arguments, better relationships with their impaired parents, study finds

'Talk Therapy' Can Alter Brain Activity, Research Shows

Physical changes occur in brains of social anxiety patients receiving psychotherapy

Kids Learn to Work Together Early, Study Finds

3-year-olds have a basic sense of fairness when it comes to sharing, research shows

Fluctuating Hormones Linked to More Severe Bipolar Symptoms

Premenstrual, postpartum, menopausal mood changes may affect women with disorder: study

Nonmilitary More Likely to Return to War Zone After Psych Condition

Researcher suggests more focus on medical issues facing civilian workers

Playing Hard to Get May Get the Girl, Study Finds

The 'pull of delicious uncertainty' increases attraction, research suggests

The Better People Feel About Their Country, the Better They Feel Overall

This is especially true among those who have low incomes, live in poorer countries, study finds

Clues May Reveal When a Person Is Faking Remorse

Study finds telltale signs include emotional swings and hesitation when speaking

Gift-Giving, for Many Men, Means Avoiding Rejection

Steering clear of risky presents (and sales clerks) is the goal, behavior expert says

Recession Strengthens Some Marriages: Survey

Effect of financial problems on marital ties depends on commitment, expert says

Bad Times May Seem Worse If You Expect to Repeat Them

But recollections are less painful if you think the worst is over, researchers say

Males' Drug-Related Suicide Attempts Vary by Month

Boys aged 12 to 17, men over 50 most at risk in December, U.S. researchers find

Study Links Brain Molecule to Risk of Major Depression

Researchers suggest connection between genes and stress response

Bullying May Accompany Drive to Be Popular

Kids engage in teasing, aggression as they struggle to make it to the top, study finds

Schizophrenia Drugs May Spur Subtle Brain Tissue Loss

Doctors should prescribe lowest effective dose of antipsychotic med, experts say

Pot Use Might Speed Onset of Psychosis: Study

Analysis found those with illness who had smoked showed symptoms about 3 years sooner

Too Many Hours on the Job May Put Teens at Risk

Schoolwork, behavior may suffer when high schoolers work more than 20 hours a week, study says

Quality of Family Mealtimes May Affect Kids' Asthma

Keeping dinner conversation free from TV, disruptions linked to better health, study found

U.S. Sees Slowdown in Spending on Mental Health

People who need help still aren't getting it, official says

Video Suggests Mother Chimps May Grieve Death of an Infant

Study may improve understanding of how other primates respond to mortality, researchers say

The More Mom Works, the Heavier Her Kids Get: Study

Changes in eating, sleeping habits might explain the trend, researcher says

Hallucinogens Legally Sold as 'Bath Salts' a New Threat

These products can spur self-destructive 'highs' but are legal in most states, experts warn

Adults With Autism May Not Understand Others' Intentions

They tend to judge other people's mistakes harshly, study finds

Study Examines Reasons Some Black Men Avoid Doctors

Physicians reportedly don't provide practical advice on how to make needed lifestyle changes

Girls Win When They Play Video Games With Parents: Study

Co-playing age-appropriate games can improve behavior, family connections, findings suggest