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Future Seems to Be Viewed More Harshly Than Past

People tend to be rational about past events but have strong emotions for predicted events, study finds

Mental Health Issues Differ for U.S. Male, Female Vets

Depression more likely among women, PTSD more common in men, study finds

Women Urged to Reclaim Their Life After Breast Cancer

Tackling the fear of recurrence is a top priority, expert says

Scans Show How Hormone Levels Affect Female Brain

Fluctuations during menstrual cycle may influence processing of emotional information, study finds

Teens, Parents Often Lie About Illicit Drug Use

Doctors can't rely on self-reporting for truth about cocaine, opiates, study finds

Iraq War Vet, Daytime TV Star Turns Scars Into Inspiration

Soldier-turned-actor J.R. Martinez works with other burn-injured vets to boost awareness

Recession May Be Changing Americans' Attitudes Toward Work

In poll, many say job insecurity puts focus on importance of family, friends

Clenching Muscles May Boost Willpower

But it only works if the goal is in line with your values, researchers say

Mom's Suicide May Raise Child's Odds for Later Suicide Attempt

Swedish study found a near-doubling of risk, but no such effect if father had killed himself

People Less Likely to Buy Junk Food When Paying Cash

Credit, debit cards seem to encourage impulsive shopping for unhealthy items, study finds

Fatalistic Attitudes May Keep Hispanic Women From Cancer Tests

Notion that health 'is in God's hands' could help explain low screening rates, study suggests

Animal Study Explores Potential Gene Therapy for Depression

Adequate levels of a certain brain protein may aid prevention, treatment, researchers suggest

Some Adversity in Life Seems to Help Build Resilience

People who grappled with a moderate amount of adversity in their lifetime reported greater well-being: survey

Study Confirms It: Booze Impairs Decision-Making

Slower reaction times, more errors were linked to higher consumption

Violent Media Can Desensitize the Minds of Young Males

Study found repeated exposure dampened their reaction to seeing aggression

Online Gambling Rises Among College Males, High School Girls

1.7 million U.S. males aged 18 to 22 gamble online at least once a month, researchers estimate

Depression, Anxiety May Raise Surgery Risks

Death rate slightly higher in patients with psychiatric illness, study finds

Young Kids Easily Trust What They're Told: Study

Preschoolers believed adults' lie about the location of a hidden sticker even after it was proven wrong 8 times

Winter Runners Reap Physical, Mental Benefits: Expert

Outdoor run on cold days may even help prevent seasonal affective disorder, specialist says

Brain Scans May Help Identify Bipolar, ADHD Kids: Study

Accurate diagnosis could lead to more targeted treatments, researchers say

Magnet Therapy an Option for Tough-to-Treat Depression

Study finds stimulation of the brain shows benefits that last in longer run

Sexually Aggressive Men May Forget a Woman's Cues

But average Joes clearly remember signs of interest, rejection, study finds

Practice Tests Really Do Improve Learning: Study

Exams led people to develop more effective keyword memory cues, researchers find

Rescued Chilean Miners in Good Health

'I think I had extraordinary luck. I was with God and with the devil. And I reached out for God,' one miner said

Rescued Chilean Miners Seem in Good Shape: Reports

Psychological problems may overshadow physical ones, experts say

When It Comes to Math, Females Are as Smart as Males

Study of nearly 1.3 million students finds no difference in abilities

Siblings of Autistic Children May Also Have Subtle Traits

Around 20 percent of siblings affected by language delays and other problems, study finds

This Is Your Brain on 'Friends': Study

Key part of prefrontal cortex lights up when discussing friends, but not strangers, researchers find

Could Excess Computer, TV Time Harm Kids Psychologically?

Study suggests a link, but cause-and-effect relationship unclear, experts say

For Many Gay Youth, Bullying Exacts a Deadly Toll

Recent reports of teens taking their own lives 'the tip of the iceberg,' one expert says

Do Your Genes Tilt You Toward Thrill-Seeking?

Scientists have found a dozen mutations associated with the urge to do exciting things

Her Anatomy Speaks Volumes to Men: Study

For a fling, guys eye bodies; for commitment, faces, researchers say

Drunkenness Up Among Eastern European Teens: Study

But during same time period, declines were noted among kids in the West, researchers say

Heartbreak Puts Brakes on Heart

Social rejection causes the heart rate to slow down temporarily, researchers find

Most Suicidal Teens Seen in ER Receive Follow-up Care

Nearly 95 percent see mental health professional within a month, study shows

Teens' Mental Health Not Harmed by Abortion, Study Contends

A professor of human development counters that the study was too small to be reliable, however

Team Sports Pep Up Middle-School Kids

Those who participate say they feel better mentally and physically, researchers find

Male Partners of Breast Cancer Patients May Suffer Depression

These men were more likely than peers to be hospitalized for mood disorders, study finds

Better Screening Urged for Self-Injury in Teens

Not all kids who intentionally cut or burn themselves meet 'classic profile,' expert says

'OMG!': Why Cell Conversations Are So Annoying

One side of a talk is much harder to tune out than a two-way dialogue, researcher finds

Holocaust Haunts Survivors: Study

Suffering reflected in higher rates of PTSD, mental illness decades after World War II, researchers find

Veterans With PTSD Suffer More Physical Ailments Than Their Peers

Female vets with disorder plagued by more medical illnesses than male counterparts, study shows

'Self-Touch' May Reduce Pain, Study Finds

British researchers' experiment seems to fool the brain

Sexual Problems May Arise After Breast Cancer

Two years after diagnosis, 70 percent of women report decreased desire, less lovemaking

Experimental Leukemia Drug Proves a Slam Dunk

Former basketball player, Ray Johnston, beating long odds with his rock band in Dallas

Diaries May Reduce Post-Traumatic Stress in ICU Patients

Those given a treatment journal less likely to develop the disorder, study finds

Atypical Antipsychotics Linked to Blood Clot Risk in Study

Absolute risk is small, but greater for new users, elderly, researchers find

'Reading' Other People's Emotions Varies by Culture

Dutch pay more attention to facial expressions, while Japanese focus on tone of voice, study finds

Is High Altitude Linked to Suicide Risk?

Researchers find correlation in study of mountainous western states

Cyber Bully Victims Often More Depressed Than Aggressors

U.S. study contradicts previous research on traditional forms of bullying