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Discrimination Can Hurt Teens, Body and Soul

Study finds minority kids especially vulnerable, with effects both physical and mental

Aggressive Kids With ADHD May Not Need Antipsychotic Meds

Study suggests judicious tweaking of stimulant drugs, plus psychotherapy, may be enough

Multitasking Either Makes or Breaks Job Satisfaction: Study

New tool aims to help employers determine if worker will suffer burnout, researcher says

Feeling Introspective? Your Brain Structure May Be Key

Those good at 'thinking about thinking' have more gray matter in certain area of the brain, scans show

Brain Anomalies Found in Moms With Postpartum Depression

Differences make it hard for them to connect with their own emotions and their babies, study shows

Severe Acne May Increase Suicidal Thoughts in Teens

Researchers in Norway say depression seems to stem from skin problem itself, not acne meds

Depression, Heart Disease Combo May Up Odds of Death

Together, they quadruple risk of dying from heart attack, stroke, study finds

Mental Illness Stigma Hard to Shake, Survey Finds

Awareness campaigns have helped educate public, but discrimination continues, experts say

'Type D' Personality Linked to Increased Risk for Heart Problems

Negative traits including pessimism, social inhibition appear to threaten long-term health, study finds

Notions of Personal 'Sacrifice' Help Docs Take Gifts From Industry

Study suggests drug/device companies can play to physicians' need for 'appreciation'

Action-Packed Video Games May Be Good for You After All

Decision-making improves with frequent shoot-'em-up play, study finds

Dying at Home Often Easier on Cancer Patients, Caregivers

Those left behind more likely to develop psychiatric problems if loved one dies in hospital, study finds

Gossiping May Do a Gossiper Good

Talking positively about others gives short-lived boost to self-esteem, study finds

Heavy Drinking Part of Social Acceptance for Young: Study

This process needs to be considered when creating anti-drinking campaigns, researcher says

Brain Scans Could Spot Developmental Problems in Kids

Researcher suggests tests may give warning if child's brain growth is behind schedule

Repeat DUI Offenders Have Reasoning Deficits: Study

Subtle decision-making problems may not show up on conventional tests, researchers say

In Cities, Weak Social Ties May Boost Mental Illness

Swedish study finds urban dwellers more prone to disorders such as schizophrenia

'Self-Embedding' Takes Teen Self-Injury to the Extreme

Radiologists recommend minimally invasive procedure to remove staples, paper clips and more

Autistic Toddlers Prefer to Gaze at Geometric Patterns: Study

Finding could help spot the disorder early, when treatments are most effective, researchers say

After $75,000, Money Can't Buy Day-to-Day Happiness

But the more people make, the better they feel about their lives overall, study found

Life's Key Moments Occur Within Relationships, Study Finds

Personal highs, lows less important than events shared with others, researchers say

Seniors Get Boost From Bad News About the Young

Study found older people preferred negative stories about younger folks

Study Identifies Risks for Painkiller Addiction

Greater odds if you're younger than 65, have a history of drug abuse and depression, and use psychiatric meds

Vets With Stress Disorder More Likely to Develop Dementia

Those with PTSD at greater risk than peers with combat injuries but no stress disorder, study found

Elective Surgery Patients Often Report Poor Recovery

1 year after procedure, 17% have more pain and 24% have less vitality than before, study finds

Dementia Patients, Caregivers May Benefit From Home-Based Program

Professional evaluation, education over 4 months seems especially helpful for caregivers, study finds

Casual Sex Can Lead to Long-Term Relationships: Study

It depends mostly on whether couple is open to a serious relationship, study shows

New College Students Urged to Confront Their Social Anxiety

Understanding fears is the first step in conquering them, expert advises

Oxytocin Increases Trust, Not Gullibility

Those with higher levels not more naive about people, researchers find

Preexisting Health Issues Add to Problems for Disaster Survivors

People with disabilities, mental woes have toughest time recovering from hurricanes, bombings: analysis

Does Hope Have a Dark Side?

Some see yearning for a cure for a chronic illness as counterproductive

Cognitive Therapy Helps Adults With ADHD

Study found adding it to medications lessened symptoms

Parents Who Clash More Likely to Spank Kids

Corporal punishment of 3-years-old twice as likely in these homes, study says

Parenting 101: How to Let Go as Your Child Heads Off to College

Keep in touch, but give them independence and privacy, expert recommends

Judging When Alcohol's Effects Wear Off Not Easy, Study Finds

Driving skills still impaired after drinkers think they're sober, research shows

Out of Work May Mean Out of Sorts

Mental health takes a beating with economic downturn

Jobless and Stressed but Holding Out Hope

People struggle to cope with unemployment

Kids Seem More Likely to Reject Those Whose Eyes Cross

Study suggests children over 6 with misaligned eye may be at social disadvantage

Palliative Care May Boost Mood, Survival

Lung cancer patients had better quality of life, longer survival, study finds

Stressful Social Situations May Be Physically Harmful in Some

If immune system reacts with inflammation, repeated stress can lead to chronic disease, study finds

Many Depressed People Have Mild, Brief Episodes of Mania

Researchers say these individuals might be at raised risk for bipolar disorder

Cosmetic Surgery Not a Help for Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Psychiatric condition drives desire for procedures but patients often remain unsatisfied, study finds

Hostile, Competitive Types May Be Harming Their Hearts

Italian study finds personality linked to a thickening of neck artery wall

Fido's Family Status May Depend on Where You Live

People who view pets as 'children' tend to have city background, study finds

Being an Only Child Won't Harm Social Skills: Study

Kids without siblings just as popular as others, U.S. research shows

Tough Childhoods May Contribute to Adult Heart Disease

Abuse, poverty or social isolation can have longer-term consequences for health, expert says

Culture a Big Influence on Suicidal Behavior: Expert

Efforts at prevention should take societal patterns into account, research suggests

Anger Focuses Attention on Rewards, Not Threats: Study

How a person's emotions motivate them seems to influence behavior, researchers say

Bond With Dad May Play Role in Whether Men 'Stress Out'

Daily annoyances more apt to irk those who didn't get along with father, researchers say

One Troubled Adult Child a Drag on Parents' Mental Health

And other children's successes don't outweigh the negative, study finds