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Women Experience More Chronic Pain Than Men, Research Finds

Also more likely to have multiple painful conditions at the same time, expert says

College Campuses See Rise in Cases of Severe Mental Illness

More students arriving with preexisting conditions, more willing to seek help, researchers say

Many Patients Say 'No' to Chocolate As Medicine

Study found people preferred pills to the antioxidant-rich sweet to lower blood pressure

Brain Research May Help Predict Anxiety, Depression in Young

Study in monkeys could lead to treatments for vulnerable kids

Transplant Patients Can Benefit From Loved Ones' Care

Caregiving by those with emotional connection lessens anxiety, depression after surgery, study found

Competing For a Mate May Shorten Men's Lives, Study Suggests

Growing up in environments where males outnumber females linked to 3 months less life span

War Damages Future Work Prospects of Many U.S. Vets: Data

Soldiers exposed to combat more likely to be disabled, unemployed throughout life, study shows

For College Freshmen, Leaving Home May Bring Mixed Emotions

University offers helpful advice to ease transition for students and their parents

How Parents Come to Accept Down Syndrome Diagnosis

Grief usually turns into joy, resilience, experts say

Narcissistic Men Typically Direct Their Rage at Straight Women

Self-centered, entitled men see women as gold diggers, teases, experts claim

Depression Linked to Slow Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Improving patients' coping skills may speed recovery, researchers suggest

Foster Kids Gain From Mentoring, Relationship Skills

Quality programs can boost their mental health, study finds

Women More Attracted When Men Wear Red: Study

It's the color of power, status, researchers say

Addictive Internet Use Tied to Depression in Teens

Even healthy ones can run into trouble with too much use, researchers say

Hand Gestures Seem to Give Politicians' True Feelings Away

Motions used while speaking may reveal what the person is really thinking, research shows

Health Tip: Does Your Child Have a Behavior Disorder?

When behavior goes beyond typical mischief or rebellion

Many Leaders Actually Want to Help Others: Study

European researchers challenge the common belief that most leaders are selfish, egoistic and exploitative

Increased Risk of Violence Among Unsupervised Teen Groups

Hanging out with no adult presence a recipe for violence even in 'good' neighborhoods, study finds

Kids Adopted By Same-Sex Couples 'Thriving': Researcher

No reason to prevent gay, lesbian prospective parents from adopting, study says

In Young Girls, Obesity Linked to Early Puberty, Analysis Reveals

Unanswered questions remain, including psychological impact, researcher says

Level of Parent-Child Conflict Seems to Differ Among Nations

Study finds higher rates of disharmony in U.S. families

Does a Foreign Accent Hurt Credibility?

Study contends finding significant as more people find work in foreign lands

Witness Testimony May Be Affected By Negative Feelings

In 'emotional memory' test, kids' accuracy was poor, but better than adults: study

Study Explores Links Between Obesity, Chronic Pain

Finding suggests connection to family history and frame of mind

Americans Seem More Prone to Depression Than Russians

'Negative' cultural tendency may insulate people against distress, research indicates

Relationship Insecurity May Undermine Your Health

People who feel anxious and needy at higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic pain and stroke, researchers find

In Adolescence, Happier Often Means Healthier

Study finds close ties between positive emotions, physical well-being

'Working Memory Capacity' May Determine Music's Virtuosos

It's not just 'practice makes perfect,' research suggests

Taking to the Stage to Battle Mental Illness

Theater as therapy can work for many patients, experts say, enlightening audiences along the way

Meditation Appears to Boost Attention Span

Ability to make fine visual distinctions, sustain focus improved in study participants

Damage From Binge-Drinking in Pregnancy Worsens With Age

Children of women 30 or older suffered greater harm from prenatal exposure to alcohol, researchers find

People With Drinking Problems May Turn to Clergy for Help

Nearly 15 percent sought advice from trusted religious leaders, study found

PTSD Peaks at Different Ages in Men, Women

Men most at risk a decade before women, study finds

Risky Behavior, Drug Use Among Some Gay Men Linked to Childhood Abuse

Gay, bisexual men shamed or assaulted as kids more likely to exhibit high-risk behavior, study says

Mom's Alcoholism Especially Tough on Daughter's Mental Health

Study finds that outcomes are worse for daughters of affected women, vs. other parent-child pairings

Consumers Overestimate Ability to Master New Products: Study

Once they realize it's tougher than they thought, many give up, researchers say

Autistic Kids Often Fussier Eaters, but Nutrition OK

Slower, pickier eating can arise in infancy, but growth tends to be unimpaired, study finds

Researchers Use Ecstasy to Treat PTSD

Small study finds the psychedelic drug may help, but safety issues remain

Good Luck Charms Might Just Work

Superstitions may boost confidence, performance, researchers find

Mom's Mental State Influenced Kids' Well-Being After 9/11: Study

Children fared worse when mothers struggled with PTSD, depression, researchers say

Gay Couples Vulnerable to HIV When Monogamy Is Unsure

Survey finds that for 8 percent of couples, one partner believes bond is monogamous, but other does not

Too Many Tots Watching Too Much TV: Study

Oregon study finds 1 in 5 young kids exposed to more than the recommended 2 hours a day

No-Shame Programs May Appeal to Obese

But tactics should emphasize lifestyle change, not weight loss, survey suggests

Mood Disorders Going Undetected in U.S. Children

Without treatment, anxiety and depression can plague kids through adult years, experts warn

Alzheimer's Caregivers' Outlook May Vary by Race, Ethnicity

Whites, blacks and Hispanics report different reactions to death of loved one, study finds

Method of Failed Suicide May Predict Successful Attempt

Those who first try hanging, suffocation tend to eventually kill themselves, research shows

Word Games May Predict Life of Relationship

Partners who linked lover's name with negative words were more likely to split, study found

Health Tip: Dealing With Grief

Suggestions for coping with a major loss

Can Self-Hypnosis Help Tourette Patients Control Tics?

Small study finds benefit for young people, but another expert says the research is too preliminary

Survey Links Puberty to Violent Behavior

U.S.-Australian study finds mid-stage puberty a time for trouble