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For Teenage Girls, Competition Cuts Both Ways: Study

But teens of both sexes win when their goal is self-improvement, researchers suggest

Brain Changes in MS May Spur Depression

Scans showed shrinkage in areas related to mood, memory, researchers say

Understanding Back Pain May Improve Management, Study Suggests

Attitudes, beliefs and knowledge appear to influence pain control, study finds

Mental Health Woes Plague 'Cyberbullies' and Their Victims

Harassment of vulnerable teens via cell phone, Web is a growing problem, experts say

Effects of Mom's Favoritism May Last Into Adulthood

Perception of unequal treatment hurts all siblings, researchers say

Prison Games Hint at Psychopathy, Brain Damage: Study

Playing style of diagnosed inmates similar to those with certain type of brain damage, study found

Love in Her Eyes? You're Likely a He-Man, Study Says

Researchers see evolutionary advantage to sizing up a choice mate fast

Errands Tomorrow? Sleep May Help You Remember

Good night's shut-eye helps solidify 'prospective memory,' study finds

Eating Disorders, Addictions Tough to Treat in Teens

What works in adult patients may not help younger people, experts say

Money Can't Buy You Joy

But study says a higher income tends to improve your satisfaction with life

Where Do Pets Go When They Dream?

Lab research indicates that they often replay past experiences

Chronic Pain Often Follows U.S. Soldiers Home: Study

Many return from Iraq, Afghanistan with complex conditions, experts say

What You Touch May Make You a 'Softie' or Play 'Hard Ball'

In experiments, holding hard, heavy objects tied to tougher attitudes, scientists say

For Migraine Sufferers, Stigma Adds to Burden

Many onlookers downplay the pain of those battling recurrent headaches, researchers say

Brand 'Personality' May Affect How Consumers See Themselves

For some, sporting a popular logo improves self-image, research suggests

Scientists Suggest Links Between Personality, Size of Brain Regions

But openness and intellect didn't correspond to any particular brain structure, researchers found

Health Tip: Living With Arthritis Pain

A positive outlook often helps

Study Shows Courage Sparks Certain Parts of Brain

Finding could lead to treatment for fear, researchers say

Chimps Kill Neighbors to Gain New Territory

A decade of observation of one large community finds they take over land after attack

Pro-Eating Disorder Sites Abound on the Internet

Online 'thinspiration' is a mouse click away for vulnerable youth, study finds

Shared Opinions Light Up Brain's 'Reward Center'

Finding your thoughts validated by others brings mental satisfaction, study finds

Playtime with Parents May Shape Gender Roles

Fathers more assertive, moms more helpful when playing with tots, study shows

World Cup Matches Might Boost Your Mental Health

Rooting for your favorite team creates sense of connectedness, research shows

Obesity Can Take Toll on Sex Life

Stigma may lead to fewer sexual encounters, poorer sexual health, study finds

Study Probes Causes of Anger in Returning U.S. Soldiers

PTSD, combat experience and family history can all play roles, study finds

Honesty Helps Young Girls Build Better Relationships

Those inclined to speak their mind had less depression, more self-esteem, researcher found

Biofeedback May Help Combat Stage Fright

Following training, musicians' anxiety decreased and their performance improved, researchers say

Men May Be More Vulnerable to Roller Coaster Ride of Romance

Study found young males felt ups and downs of relationships more deeply than young women

Health Tip: Coping With Stress

Steps toward a less-pressured lifestyle

Preschoolers' Skills Get Boost From Confident Teachers

Emotional support in classroom enhances gains in language, literacy, study finds

Depression Can Make Pain Worse

Brain imaging shows healthy people who feel sad find pain more unpleasant, researchers say

Violence on the Rise at U.S. Health Care Centers

Frustration with overburdened health care system may be one cause, experts say

When Mom Is Abused, Child's Obesity Risk May Rise

Kids exposed to domestic violence were more likely to be obese by age 5, study found

Stress-Relief Program Helped Those Facing Breast Cancer Twice

Intervention boosted quality of life, longevity after disease returned, study found

Dating Preferences Often Determined by Strangers

Study found attraction was higher if others viewed person as attractive

Genetics Linked to Gambling Problems in Both Genders

More research needed to find specific genes, study authors say

Post-Combat Stress Disrupting Daily Lives of Returning Vets

Nearly 14 percent admit mental problems, which actually increase for Guardsmen over time, study finds

Secondhand Smoke a Mental Health Hazard?

Study finds association with psychiatric woes, but experts say cause-and-effect isn't proven

Military Deployment May Affect Kids' Health Care

Children of single parents saw the doctor less frequently, study found

Kids With Lesbian Parents Do Just Fine

Study shows they might even be better adjusted than kids from traditional families

Anger Spurs Surprising Changes in the Body

It boosts testosterone and heart rate, but decreases stress hormone levels, researchers find

Belly-Baring Cheerleaders at Raised Risk of Eating Disorders

Body-image issues more likely when college team uniform reveals midriff, researcher says

Low IQ Among Males Raises Suicide Risk

They're almost 9 times more likely to try it than highest scorers, study found

Brain Volume Lost to Anorexia Reversible

Gray matter can rebound after treatment and weight gain, researchers say

Impulsive Behavior, Drinking Decline in Early Adulthood

Biggest improvement occurs between 18 and 25, researchers say

Grandpa's Decision-Making Skills May Be Just Fine

Risk aversion isn't inevitable part of aging, researchers find

Today's College Students More Likely to Lack Empathy

'Generation Me' tends to be self-centered, competitive, U.S. research shows

Immune System Troubles Could Spark Behavior Woes

Fixing gene connected to immune system cured 'hair-pulling' disorder in mice, study found

Showing Gratitude for Partner's Generosity Strengthens Bonds

Solid romantic relationships built on mutual appreciation, researchers say

Germs in Soil Might Give Learning a Boost

Mice exposed to the bacteria got through mazes twice as fast, researchers report