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Nation's Teachers Battle Sleep Problems

Many say lack of rest impairs lessons, study finds

Inactive Teens at Risk for More Behavioral Problems

Exercise reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety in adults, too, study says

Early Treatment Benefits Newfound Brain Disorder

Anti-NMDA-receptor encephalitis with tumor causes psychosis, memory problems, study says

Older Diabetics With Depression Face Higher Death Rate

Study suggests poor self-care partly to blame

Gene Variation Found in Boys With Delinquent Peers

High-risk homes with disengaged moms defined pattern, but not for young girls, study finds

People With Social Phobia Have Different Self-Image

MRI reveals altered brain response to negative comments

Bipolar Disorder in Children Lingers

Study finds 44% still suffer bouts of mania, depression as young adults

Mental Barriers Block Obese Women From Exercise

But tailored programs could ease fears, overcome self consciousness, study suggests

Children as Young as 4 Can Develop OCD

Full-blown obsessive symptoms seen in both younger, older children, study finds

Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law May Overlook Depressed Patients

Study finds 1 in 4 terminally ill not getting treatment that could influence decision

Patients Benefit From End-of-Life Discussions With a Doctor

Less likely to feel distress, more likely to enjoy better quality of life, study finds

Form IDs Spinal Patients Likely to Stick With Therapy

13-item questionnaire predicts who will be more active in post-surgery rehab

Extended Work Absences May Signal Risk of Death

Problems tied to surgery or circulatory or psychiatric troubles a red flag, study suggests

Group Urges Depression Screening for Heart Patients

They face twice the risk of second cardiac event 1 to 2 years later

Hard Decisions for the Littlest Lives

Study finds poor communication between doctors, parents of gravely ill newborns

Psychotherapy Works Best Over the Long Term

Study finds real benefit to continued treatment, but insurance companies often balk at cost

Common Gene Mutation Lowers Risk for Bipolar Disorder

Study found missing section protected against psychiatric illness

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Best for Traumatized Youths

But study also finds too many clinicians still using unproven treatments

Older Problem Gamblers Face Increased Suicide Risk

Over-55 bettors more likely to ask casinos to bar them, fearing self harm if they can't stop

Active Social Life May Reduce Men's Alzheimer's Risk

Home, family, club activities appear to enhance creation of new brain cells, study finds

Moderate Aerobic Exercise Lowers Diabetics' Liver Fat

Study cites benefits for type 2 patients seeking to avoid cardiovascular problems

Hypnosis Cuts Hot Flashes for Breast Cancer Survivors

Patients using the technique saw episodes diminish by 68%, study finds

'Fear of Losing' Key Emotion in Economic Decisions

Brain imaging reveals why some people can't resist paying too much at auctions

Voice Problems in Seniors Undertreated

Many believe it's normal part of aging, so they don't get necessary help, study says

U.S. Kids Take More Psychotropic Drugs Than Europeans

Cultural differences, regulatory practices may explain difference, researchers say

Whole Brain Radiation Not Best for Cancer That Has Spread

Study finds shorter survival time, reduction in learning, memory

For Some Doctors, Empathy Is in Short Supply

Study finds they miss patients' cues about fears of well-being, even death

Caregivers Face Multiple Strains Tending Older Parents

Study confirms health decline in middle-aged adults juggling chores for 2 lives

To Sleep, Perchance to Smell?

Odors can affect the emotional tone of dreams, study finds

Breast Cancer Survivors Report High Quality of Life After Treatment

Even 15 years after lumpectomy, radiation, less than 5% complain of pain, survey finds

Boys as Socially Aggressive as Girls: Study

Indirect hostility by spreading rumors, gossiping, excluding others, a guy thing as well

Parental Involvement in School Has Its Limits

Overprotective moms and dads need to learn when to let go, expert says

Social Exclusion May Literally Leave People Frozen Out

Findings hint frosty reception from others could generate physical feelings of coldness

Girls From Poorer Areas More Likely to Have Sex Earlier

Partners are usually older boys with conduct problems, study says

Patient-Reported Health Scores May Predict Head, Neck Cancer Outcomes

Study finds perception of well-being during first year related to long-term survival

Stress Disorder Affects 20% of Intensive Care Patients

Prior history of mental health problems, sedative use contribute to risk, study says

Changes in Seniors' Sleep Patterns Need Attention

Disrupted rest lasting more than 2 weeks should be brought up with doctor, expert says

Spiritual Beliefs Part of Health Care for Some

Most are happy to discuss subject with eye docs, says researcher

Bullying Top Concern of Parents With Overweight Child

They view intimidation as even greater problem than obesity itself, study says

9/11's Psychological Scars Slowly Healing

7 years later, a 'natural recovery' is taking place, experts say

Chromosome Tests Help Study of Kids' Mental Anomalies

New technology offers better diagnostic model for complex developmental abnormalities

9/11's Health Effects Lingered for Years

Injured, workers and passersby developed psychological, respiratory woes, latest NYC report finds

Music Therapy Improves Well-Being of Very Ill Patients

Study finds even family members appear to benefit

Study Probes Why Smokers Find It Hard to Quit

When not in a state of craving, they may underestimate intensity of future urge to light up

Job Loss Has Long-Term Impact on Social Lives

Those displaced more likely to withdraw from clubs, but older workers fare better, study finds

Serotonin Transporter Levels May Explain Winter Blues

More of brain chemical removed in fall and winter, when there's less sunlight, study finds

Buyers Spend More With Non-Cash Purchases

Researchers say it's the 'pain of paying' that drives consumer choices

Fewer College Kids Smoking, But Industry Tactics a Threat

Tobacco firms spend $1M a day sponsoring campus events, giveaways, lung association says

Walking Styles a Quick Cue to Gender

Looking at joint movements alone, people could spot males vs. females, study found

Doctors Could Play a Part in Preventing Suicides

Study suggests restricting access to firearms for at-risk patients saves lives