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To Sleep, Perchance to Smell?

Odors can affect the emotional tone of dreams, study finds

Breast Cancer Survivors Report High Quality of Life After Treatment

Even 15 years after lumpectomy, radiation, less than 5% complain of pain, survey finds

Boys as Socially Aggressive as Girls: Study

Indirect hostility by spreading rumors, gossiping, excluding others, a guy thing as well

Parental Involvement in School Has Its Limits

Overprotective moms and dads need to learn when to let go, expert says

Social Exclusion May Literally Leave People Frozen Out

Findings hint frosty reception from others could generate physical feelings of coldness

Girls From Poorer Areas More Likely to Have Sex Earlier

Partners are usually older boys with conduct problems, study says

Patient-Reported Health Scores May Predict Head, Neck Cancer Outcomes

Study finds perception of well-being during first year related to long-term survival

Stress Disorder Affects 20% of Intensive Care Patients

Prior history of mental health problems, sedative use contribute to risk, study says

Changes in Seniors' Sleep Patterns Need Attention

Disrupted rest lasting more than 2 weeks should be brought up with doctor, expert says

Spiritual Beliefs Part of Health Care for Some

Most are happy to discuss subject with eye docs, says researcher

Bullying Top Concern of Parents With Overweight Child

They view intimidation as even greater problem than obesity itself, study says

9/11's Psychological Scars Slowly Healing

7 years later, a 'natural recovery' is taking place, experts say

Chromosome Tests Help Study of Kids' Mental Anomalies

New technology offers better diagnostic model for complex developmental abnormalities

9/11's Health Effects Lingered for Years

Injured, workers and passersby developed psychological, respiratory woes, latest NYC report finds

Music Therapy Improves Well-Being of Very Ill Patients

Study finds even family members appear to benefit

Study Probes Why Smokers Find It Hard to Quit

When not in a state of craving, they may underestimate intensity of future urge to light up

Job Loss Has Long-Term Impact on Social Lives

Those displaced more likely to withdraw from clubs, but older workers fare better, study finds

Serotonin Transporter Levels May Explain Winter Blues

More of brain chemical removed in fall and winter, when there's less sunlight, study finds

Buyers Spend More With Non-Cash Purchases

Researchers say it's the 'pain of paying' that drives consumer choices

Fewer College Kids Smoking, But Industry Tactics a Threat

Tobacco firms spend $1M a day sponsoring campus events, giveaways, lung association says

Walking Styles a Quick Cue to Gender

Looking at joint movements alone, people could spot males vs. females, study found

Doctors Could Play a Part in Preventing Suicides

Study suggests restricting access to firearms for at-risk patients saves lives

Kids of Stressed, Low-Income Moms Prone to Weight Problems

Anxiety may prompt the children to eat unhealthy foods, study suggests

Paid Family Leave Program Goes Mostly Unused

Study finds only 5% of Californians took benefit of nation's 1st such law, passed in 2004

Brain's Serotonin May Explain Seasonal Mood Changes

Higher binding potential in winter could clarify why people feel down when sun shines less

Extremely Preemie Babies Prone to Behavior Woes Later On

Children born at or before 25 weeks were 4 times more likely to have problems at age 6, study found

Brain 'Master Switch' May Control Appetite, Fertility

Mouse study shows genetic link to signals telling body when it's full, safe to mate

Most Youths Tried as Adults Had Psychiatric Disorders

Chicago study finds more than two-thirds of them needed help with at least one illness

Older Caregivers Prone to Worse Sleep Patterns

Overnight stays with person with dementia led to daytime tiredness, symptoms of depression

13% of Seniors Report Being Mistreated

Abuse is verbal, financial and physical, especially for the impaired, study says

Scientists ID Pathway That Makes Antipsychotic Drugs Work

Finding could aid drug manufacturers in development of new therapies

Antipsychotic Drug Use Up in Elderly Despite Warnings

Canadian study suggests cautions fail to alert docs to effectiveness of alternative therapies

Healthy Lunches Help Kids' Concentration in School

Parents should go light on fats and remember their example is best teacher, expert says

HRT After Menopause Reduces Symptoms

It reduced problems with sleep, sexual functioning and hot flashes, study finds

Face Transplants Show Promising Results

2 cases demonstrate efficacy of surgery, but tissue rejection must be monitored, reports say

Abstinence-Only Programs Fall Short of Teens' Needs

It means different things to youngsters, so sex ed should be added to lineup, study says

Undecided Voters Not So Undecided After All

Study finds unconscious preferences can predict final outcome

Measles Cases Highest Since 1996

Parents' philosophical, religious fear of vaccination leading to increase, CDC report says

Women's Alcohol Use Tied to Delayed Childbearing

Abuse postponed reproductive onset in teen, adult females, but not in men, study finds

Study Lets Teens Sound Off on Acne Therapies

Most would pay hundreds of dollars to get rid of the problem

Money Matters

Studies suggest why some people save while others spend

Older Adults Reluctant to Question Surgical Treatment

They only raised about half their concerns, so doctors should listen carefully, study says

Refs May Be Blinded by Red Uniforms

Study of the martial art tae kwondo suggests color can influence decisions

Lack of Energy in Old Age May Foretell Illness

Anergia not just a part of advancing years but could be tied to severe problems, death

Healthy Sex Life Can Extend Into 80s

But past STDs, med use and relationship issues can derail intimacy, study says

Drinking Problems Greater Among Returning Combat Veterans

Mental health issues also more common after war, studies show

Health Tip: Prepare Yourself for Surgery

Be mentally and physically ready

Older Patients With Cancer at Heightened Suicide Risk

3 studies urge better management of patients' emotional distress to improve quality of life

Athletes' Study Shows Pride, Shame Universal Behaviors

Whether sighted or blind, Olympic competitors displayed innate responses to winning, losing

Gene Variant May Predispose Some to Anxiety

Shown unpleasant pictures, they had exaggerated 'startle' response that was hard to turn off