If You Feel Like an Imposter ...

You may be stressed out

(HealthDayNews) -- The "imposter syndrome" is the feeling that some successful people have that their success isn't real, a sort of "what's a nice kid like me doing in a place like this?" feeling.

It seems nice to believe that people who have made lots of money, or become famous, are modest about their achievements. But it's really a sign of psychological stress, and it affects lots more people than you might expect.

When the journal Medical Education, surveyed 477 medical, dental, nursing and pharmacy students, they found that almost 28 percent of them had a feeling of not belonging -- the imposter syndrome -- the sense that they really aren't bright enough to train for a health profession.

So, here's a tip: If you meet a health professional who seems self-centered and arrogant, he's OK. It's the doctors and dentists who are modest and self-effacing who are really stressed out.

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