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Think You Have a Perfect Partner? That's a Good Sign

Study shows those who are idealistic about their spouses are happier in marriage

Insecurity in Relationships Binds People to Possessions

Those supported in close relationships don't place as much value on material goods, study finds

More Young People Delay Sex, Try Oral Sex First, CDC Says

U.S. report also finds same-sex encounters more common for women than men

Sexual Issues Often Unaddressed in Women Who Survive Cancer

Doctors discuss sex with prostate cancer survivors, but not women who have cancer, researchers say

Playing Hard to Get May Get the Girl, Study Finds

The 'pull of delicious uncertainty' increases attraction, research suggests

Recession Strengthens Some Marriages: Survey

Effect of financial problems on marital ties depends on commitment, expert says

Boyfriend More Forgiving When Her Affair Is With a Woman

But study finds girlfriends more likely to forgive cheating with a woman than with a man

Young Couples Often Disagree About Monogamy, Study Finds

Taking vows, having kids doesn't seem to make a difference, findings show

Parents' Divorce May Contribute to Suicidal Thoughts Years Later

For men, other childhood stressors increase risk even more, study finds

Your Genes Help You Choose Your Friends, Study Says

Biology drives people to find others with similar or complementary traits

Brain Scans Show Married Love Can Last

Imaging finds brains of longtime passionate couples light up just like newly in-love pairs

Matching Language, True Love?

Similar speaking styles spark romance, research finds

Women's Tears Tell Men to Back Off

Study finds they dampen sexual desire, lower testosterone levels

Delaying Sex Might Strengthen Marriage

Study finds waiting on intimacy linked to better communication, stability

Size of Key Brain Region Linked to Size of Your Social Network

Study found that the amygdala, involved with emotions, may predict number, richness of relationships

Maybe Scrooge Couldn't Help Being Hard-Hearted

The affluent have harder time reading the emotions of others, study contends

Demanding Relatives May Raise Heart Risks in Middle Age

Worrisome partners, children linked to increased reports of angina symptoms, study finds

Holidays With Clan Ideal for Investigating Family Health History

Your doctor can use your detailed notes to see whether you need certain evaluations

Coping When Tough Economic Times Taint Holiday Cheer

Experts suggest ways to prepare your family for lowered expectations

It's True: Money Can't Buy Happiness, Study Finds

Research based on 37 countries finds no link between economic growth and greater life satisfaction

More Sex May Help Neurotic Newlyweds

Frequent lovemaking eliminates 'happiness deficit,' study says

Teen Dating Violence is Common, Study Finds

It occurs in almost 1 in 5 couples, and perpetrators also often assault family, friends

Gay Teens Punished More Harshly Than Straight Peers: Analysis

Research points to double standard in schools, justice system

Dramatic Decline Seen in AIDS News Coverage

Since 1990, number of newspaper articles about HIV/AIDS has dropped in richer nations

Infidelity Might Be in the Genes

Study found dopamine receptor variant plays major role in sexual behavior

Worldwide HIV-Prevention Services Lacking, Survey Finds

For most gay men, access to free condoms and lubricant, testing, counseling still limited or unavailable

Spread Cheer, Not Germs, at Holiday Gatherings

Expert suggests keeping some distance while making merry with family and friends

Did Ex-Girlfriend's Facebook Page Trigger Man's Asthma?

Italian doctors say every time jilted beau logged on, breathing troubles began

When Romance and Allergies Don't Mix

Reaction-spurring allergens can linger for hours in a partner's mouth, experts note

Family Members Caring for Veterans Sacrifice Their Own Health, Jobs

Study urges friends, relatives, neighbors to offer caregivers urgently needed respite care

Teens Waiting Longer for Sex, But Still Taking Risks: Analysis

Early sex ed may teach kids to take precautions against disease, researcher suggests

For Many Teens, Oral Sex Leads to Riskier Activity

Most move on to vaginal intercourse within six months, study finds

Good Attitude Boosts Health As Much As Formal Education

Meaningful relationships, sense of purpose linked to lower disease risk in people with less schooling

Good Marriages May Help Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

But troubled unions don't provide same benefits, study finds

Survey Reveals Alzheimer's Caregivers' Top Concerns

Expert urges loved ones to discuss patient's disease progression during regular doctor visits

Sexually Aggressive Men May Forget a Woman's Cues

But average Joes clearly remember signs of interest, rejection, study finds

Romantic Love: Nature's Painkiller?

In study of lovesick undergrads, it seemed to squelch pain as much as being distracted

Her Anatomy Speaks Volumes to Men: Study

For a fling, guys eye bodies; for commitment, faces, researchers say

Heartbreak Puts Brakes on Heart

Social rejection causes the heart rate to slow down temporarily, researchers find

Family, Friends Seem Best at Spotting Early Dementia

Study finds quick survey of those closest to the person more accurate than doctor's screening

Sexual Problems May Arise After Breast Cancer

Two years after diagnosis, 70 percent of women report decreased desire, less lovemaking

Male Partners May Be Key Influence on Birth Control Use

Young women twice as likely to use contraception if their mate strongly favors its use, study finds

Life's Key Moments Occur Within Relationships, Study Finds

Personal highs, lows less important than events shared with others, researchers say

Casual Sex Can Lead to Long-Term Relationships: Study

It depends mostly on whether couple is open to a serious relationship, study shows

Older Diabetes Patients Still Sexually Active, Study Finds

But many have unaddressed sexual problems that may impair their quality of life, expert says

Web Connection Raises Chances of Romance

Study found having Internet access helps those having tough time finding a mate

How Teen Sex Affects Education

In romantic relationships it's academically harmless but less so in casual pairings, study finds

Transplant Patients Can Benefit From Loved Ones' Care

Caregiving by those with emotional connection lessens anxiety, depression after surgery, study found

Narcissistic Men Typically Direct Their Rage at Straight Women

Self-centered, entitled men see women as gold diggers, teases, experts claim

Women More Attracted When Men Wear Red: Study

It's the color of power, status, researchers say