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Is Kissing Etiquette 'Hardwired?'

Study finds most people turn their head to the right before they pucker up

Most Murdered U.S. Women Killed By Husbands, Boyfriends, Exes

Federal report on decade of statistics shows over half of deaths were caused by intimate partners

Women Driven to Be Thinner When Husband Is Hot

But study finds the dynamic doesn't work the other way around

After Couples Fight, Making Up Differs for Him and Her

Females prefer sincere apologies while males opt for sex

Laughter May Be a Serious Evolutionary Tool

Chuckling together might have helped humans form social groups, researchers say

For Many, Friends Are Key to Happiness in Old Age

These relationships may even outstrip family when it comes to well-being, study suggests

Happy Marriage, Healthier Spouses

Nurturing each other translates to nurturing your health

Bed Partner Often Fuels Loved One's Insomnia

Well-intentioned tips to encourage better sleep often backfire, study finds

Advocating for a Loved One

The many facets of caregiving

MS-Related Brain Changes May Affect Social Skills

Study might explain why some multiple sclerosis patients stop understanding what others are feeling

Was It Love at First Smell?

Sight isn't the only sense involved in attraction to others, new research says

'Female Viagra' May Lift a Younger Woman's Libido

But a pill might not address all the issues facing women who've lost their sex drive, researcher says

Is Early Puberty in Girls a Risk Factor for Dating Abuse?

Study suggests a link, but those who mature more slowly are also at risk for physical or verbal violence

The Family That Eats Together, Benefits

Fun alternatives can also strengthen family ties

Happy Mom Means Less Colicky Baby

Mothers' support system also seems to have protective effect, study suggests

What to Know About Online Dating Sites

Always proceed with caution when looking for love in cyberspace

These 5 Life Skills Can Boost Your Odds of Well-Being

People with these traits more likely to be healthier, less lonely and more financially stable, study finds

Suicide Often Leaves Mental, Physical Woes in Surviving Spouse

Rates of PTSD and depression are higher, but so too are liver problems and back pain, study finds

The Secret to a Good Sex Life Is …

Affection: It's the cuddling, whispering secrets afterwards that boost contentedness, study finds

More Sleep Time, Less Play Time in America's Bedrooms

Biggest drop in sexual activity seen for those married or living together, survey finds

Your Sex Life May Work Wonders for Your Work Life

Employees in better mood the next day, leading to more work engagement and job satisfaction, study contends

Keep an Eye Out for Eating Disorders in Loved Ones

If you suspect someone has a problem, be careful not to shame or criticize, eating disorder expert says

Spoiler Alert! Most People Don't Want to Know the Future

Part of the concern: worry over pending unpleasant events, study found

After Wives Suffer Stroke, Husbands Adapt to Caregiving Role

Small study reveals men's day-to-day successes and struggles in caring for disabled spouse

Staying Socially Active Nourishes the Aging Brain

Researchers suggest making friends of all ages

'Love Hormone' Helps Dads and Babies Bond

Brain scans show distinct response when fathers gaze at their kids

Your Relationship Status and Your Health

Are married, single or divorced people less stressed out?

Some Partners Need Extra Loving This Valentine's Day

If your loved one is depressed or stressed, offer some 'invisible support,' researcher suggests

The Best Place to Find Your Valentine

Mississippi, Utah and Wisconsin top list of best states for lovers, survey finds

The Motherlode of 'Mother Love' Chemicals

Moms secrete more dopamine when watching their own babies, study finds

Do Older Guys Always Prefer Younger Women? Maybe Not

Although they may 'consider' younger mates, they also focus on women their own age, study finds

Most Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancers Enjoy Good Sexual Health

Study finds especially toxic treatments were tied to later issues, but most rated sex lives as positive

Obese Couples May Take Longer to Conceive

His weight appears to affect pregnancy success, too, study finds

Better Sleep Could Mean Better Sex for Older Women

Study found links between too little shuteye and less sexual satisfaction, especially around menopause

STDs and Fertility

Millions of women have had a condition that increases the risk of infertility, new study finds.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Love Hormone Kisspeptin

Injections of the substance might boost sexual and romantic feelings, researchers say

When Loved One Has Breast Cancer, Partner Suffers, Too

Anxiety is common even several years later, study finds

HPV Infection in Men

More than 45 percent of men are infected with HPV, the most common sexually transmitted disease, new study finds.

Do Genes Steer You to a Partner With Similar Schooling?

British study finds connections more likely when 'educational' DNA is shared

A Lengthy, Stable Marriage May Boost Stroke Survival

Lifelong singles fared the worst, study finds

Loneliness May Sabotage Breast Cancer Survival: Study

Weak social ties linked to higher risk of recurrence, early death, researchers report

Pubic Grooming Tied to Higher STD Rates

Study finds unexpected risk comes from baring all

Pediatricians Can Help When Parents Divorce: Report

More than 1 million kids a year affected in the U.S., and doctors can ease the transition, group says

A Benefit of Back Pain Surgery: Better Sex

Operation often leads to more comfortable lovemaking, study finds

Sexism Could Harm Men's Health: Study

Playboy attitudes and power over women linked to higher risk of mental health woes

Menopause and a Decline in Intimacy

Researchers identify timing, but it can vary by race and ethnicity

Nurturing Childhood May Pay Off Decades Later

Strong marriages in their 80s linked to earlier positive family experiences

Study Questions the No-Sex-Before-Big-Game Advice

Researchers find no proof that it hurts athletic performance, and it may even help

For Many Women, Sex Gets Better at Midlife

Doctors discuss how you and your partner can achieve greater satisfaction

A Happy Spouse May Keep You Healthy

Your husband or wife can encourage good lifestyle habits, researchers say