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After Stroke, Spouse May Also Need Care

If couple disagrees about recovery rate, partner can become depressed, study finds

Daughters Drink More Than Their Moms Did -- in Australia, at Least

It's possible findings would apply to U.S., experts say

Marriage, But Not Cohabitation, Pays Health Dividends -- for Him

Commitment to lifelong relationship appears to be key, study says

Saying 'I Do' Because of Similar DNA?

Married couples tend to have genetic traits in common, study states

Can Doing the Dishes Save a Young Marriage?

Newlyweds who share expectations about household chores will have happier unions, researchers say

Frequent Arguments Might Be the Death of You

Social stress seems to increase the risk for an early demise

A Fake Laugh Fools Few

Slight changes in breathing give away phony laughs, researcher finds

HPV-Linked Oral Cancers May Not Be 'Contagious'

Kissing doesn't seem to raise rate of viral infection between committed partners, study finds

Spouse's Sunny Outlook May Be Good for Your Health

Physical well-being seems to get a boost from having an optimistic partner, study finds

Guys, Don't Bother Trying to Sound Sexy

Study says this is something only women can accomplish

Happy Couples Nestle Together at Night, Survey Finds

Respondents were unhappier with relationship as sleeping distance grew

Feed a Spouse, Starve an Argument?

Study using voodoo dolls suggests irritable partners should grab a snack before speaking

Pelvic Exercises May Help His Sex Life

Premature ejaculation significantly improved after 12-week regimen, study finds

Don't Bother 'Faking It' in the Bedroom

Study says partners can gauge each other's sexual satisfaction

Many Young Males Report Unwanted Sex

Female acquaintance was the aggressor in majority of cases, U.S. study finds

HIV Transmission Between Women Rare, But Possible: CDC

Case report shows uninfected woman was infected with the virus by her female partner

Who's a Hunk Depends on Time of the Month

Study found more masculine looks were preferred during ovulation

Want to Rekindle Romance? Try Double Dating

Interaction between couples might help partners value each other more, study suggests

Sizing Up a Guy by the Width of His Face

Broad facial structure appeals to women -- but only for short-term romances, study finds

Supportive Mate a Good Match for Your Heart

Small study of couples found helpfulness seems associated with lower levels of calcium build-up in arteries

For a Sugar-Free Valentine's Day...

Here are some alternative gifts for a loved one with diabetes

Women Do Prefer Taller Guys, Study Finds

Difference in height makes women feel protected and safe, researchers say

Abused Women Vulnerable to Unsafe Sex Practices

Request for condom can often be met with violent reaction, study says

Baby May Help Keep Couples With Fertility Problems Together

Higher risk of breakup seen after infertility treatment fails, Danish study finds

Experts Lay Out Options for Menopause Symptoms

Evidence grows that antidepressants can help, new guidelines say

Teens Who 'Sext' Don't Dwell on Consequences

Peer pressure seems stronger than parental warnings, study suggests

Exercise Might Lift Libido in Women on Antidepressants

Regular workouts seem to counter the sexual dysfunction that is a side effect of these drugs

Kids Who See Movie Violence Also See Smoking, Drinking, Sex: Study

But it's not clear what this means for young viewers

Expert Tips for Those Grieving During Holiday Season

Keep in touch with family and friends, but don't overcommit yourself

Good Body Image Goes Hand in Hand With Happier Relationship

Survey finds that women who diet are less satisfied with themselves

Male Birth Control Shows Promise in Mice

Preliminary results suggest effects are safe, reversible

Brain Scans May Support Venus/Mars Divide Between Sexes

Study analyzed brain 'wiring' of kids, teens and young adults

Heavy Drinking Can Dry Up a Marriage If One Spouse Abstains

But divorce rate no higher when both overindulge, study finds

Gut Feelings Might Be Best Predictors of Marital Bliss

Study found newlyweds' semi-conscious attitudes determined future bliss more than conscious thoughts

Giving Thanks Could Be Good for You

Gratitude is more than just a gesture, research says

Talking Openly With Partner Linked to HIV Testing in Teens

Education about how AIDS virus is transmitted may not be enough to spur testing, study suggests

How the 'Love Hormone' Works Its Magic

A whiff of oxytocin lit up reward center in men's brains when they looked at their partner's face

Bone Doctors May Miss Signs of Domestic Abuse, Survey Finds

Most orthopedic surgeons not trained to recognize broken bones caused by intimate-partner violence

Bullies More Likely to Engage in Risky Sex, Study Finds

Poor coping strategies might apply in both cases, researcher says

Divorce May Raise Risk of Accidental Death

Rates of preventable deaths, such as in a fire, twice as high for divorced people, study finds

Earlier Onset of Periods May Not Mean Earlier Sex

Girls who start menstruating before age 12 no more sexual than later bloomers, study finds

Calm After a Marital Storm? Look to the Wife, Study Suggests

Happiness more common in couples in which the wife cools off quicker after arguments, researchers say

Talking to Partners About STDs Often Awkward: Survey

But conversations about sexual histories and protection are important for couples, experts say

Is Texting Helping or Hurting Your Relationship?

Young women text to connect; guys text to distance themselves, study author says

Fewer Pounds May Lead to Better Sex, Researchers Say

Women who had weight-loss surgery reported improved sexual satisfaction, study finds

Romance Can Sour When Only One Partner Slims Down

Study of couples probes the 'dark side' of weight loss

Surprise: Guys and Girls Both Check Out Breasts

But study finds women do it more to compare than stare

Men May Stroll a Little Slower Down Lovers' Lane

Study found males decreased their speed when walking beside a romantic partner

Men With Deep Voices Attract More Women, Study Finds

But these husky-toned males are often viewed as flings, not long-term mates

Could Your Genes Help Bring You Wedded Bliss?

A particular genetic variation may make it harder to weather marital turbulence, study suggests