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FDA Warns Pregnant Women About Migraine Drugs

Medicines containing valproate linked to lower IQs in children, agency says

Can High-Protein, Low-Carb Diet Boost Fertility Treatment?

That's the conclusion of small, early study of women undergoing in vitro fertilization

Extreme Birth Weights Tied to Autism in Swedish Study

Newborns who weigh much more or less than average may be at risk for disorder, researchers say

White House to Challenge Ruling on Unlimited Access to 'Morning-After' Pill

Move follows FDA decision that only women 15 or older could get emergency contraceptive without prescription

Obama Administration to Challenge Judge's Ruling on 'Morning-After' Pill

Move follows FDA ruling that females aged 15 or older could get Plan B drug without a prescription

Keep Beauty Regimen Safe During Pregnancy, Doctor Advises

Helpful tips can reassure expectant mothers about their hair, nail and skin care treatments

Pediatrician Group Issues Home Birth Policy Statement

A caregiver dedicated solely to the baby should be present, organization advises

Ultrasound Best Detector of Dangerous Ectopic Pregnancies, Study Finds

Women with symptoms in early pregnancy shouldn't rely on clinical exam alone, experts say

Teen Births May Increase Risk of Obesity Later in Life

Having a child before age 20 linked to 32 percent greater odds of obesity, study finds

U.S. Infant Mortality Rates Finally Dropping Again: Report

After years of no change, overall rate declined 12 percent from 2005 to 2011

No Tie Between Light Drinking During Pregnancy, Child's Development: Study

No mental deficit for 7-year-olds born to mothers who drank once or twice a week; one doctor urges caution

Babies Born Even Slightly Early May Lag Behind: Study

Women urged to rethink early elective C-sections, inductions unless medically needed

Diclegis Approved for Morning Sickness

Among pregnant women who haven't responded to other treatments

Smog Exposure During Pregnancy Might Raise Child's Cancer Risk: Study

But research needs replication before conclusions are drawn, experts say

FDA Allows Return of Drug for Morning Sickness

Safety issues resolved, experts say Diclegis' return is long overdue

Judge: Make Morning-After Pill Available to All Females

Until now, girls 16 and younger needed a prescription for the emergency contraception

More U.S. Couples Living Together Instead of Marrying, CDC Finds

And more women getting pregnant while cohabiting

Repeat Births by Teen Girls Still Too High: CDC

20 percent are repeat births and these babies face health risks, agency says

Rubella in Pregnancy Rare in U.S., But Can Be Devastating for Baby

'German measles' caused serious birth defects in 3 cases in 3 states in 2012, health officials say

Vitamin D Important During Pregnancy, Study Suggests

Too little may raise risk for complications, researchers find

Working While Pregnant Won't Harm the Baby, Study Finds

Employment didn't raise risk of preterm, low birth-weight baby, researchers report

Flu Season Continues to Wind Down

38 states reported minimal activity last week, CDC says

Women Abused in Childhood at Higher Odds of Having Child With Autism: Study

Researchers speculate that effect on immune system, stress response might explain why

Meth in Pregnancy May Blunt Child's Reaction to Stress: Study

Combination of methamphetamine, troubled home environment muted toddlers' responses

Health Tip: Enjoy Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Follow these safety guidelines and talk to your doctor

Vitamin D Levels in Pregnancy May Not Affect Kids' Future Bone Health

Fewer mothers-to-be need supplementation than currently recommended, U.K. study suggests

More Evidence Whooping Cough Protection Wanes

Vaccine still recommended, although it appears to weaken after fifth dose, study finds

Flu Infections Continue to Decline

33 states experienced minimal activity last week, CDC says

Combo Treatment Might Beat Epidural to Ease Labor: Study

But experts say decision for pain relief still lies with woman and her doctor

C-Section Rates Vary Widely at U.S. Hospitals

Ranged from 7 percent of all births to nearly 70 percent, study finds

Anxiety May Be More Common Than Depression After Pregnancy

Study found nearly 1 in 5 women has postpartum anxiety, but it fades fairly quickly

Pregnancy Boosts Size of Women's Feet, Study Finds

These changes may also increase risk for arthritis, researcher says

Ob-Gyn Group Lists Procedures That May Not Be Needed

As part of the 'Choosing Wisely' campaign, ACOG asks docs, patients to question certain practices

Babies Born to Obese Women Show Thicker Arteries: Study

This could be a very early signal of cardiovascular issues, Australian researchers say

No Risks to Pregnancy Seen With Morning Sickness Drug

Large Danish study of odansetron found no rise in miscarriage, birth defects

U.S. Teen Birth Rates Highest in Rural Areas, Research Shows

Major cities had biggest decline in teen childbearing over the last 2 decades

Teen Pregnancy-Prevention Program Works, Study Says

Youth development is an essential component

Fetal Heart May Develop Later in Pregnancy Than Thought

British study suggests muscle may not be fully formed until 20th week

Brains of Fetuses 'Build a Bridge' Between Regions, Images Show

Research might one day lead to better treatments for disorders such as ADHD, autism, scientists say

Too Much Coffee in Pregnancy Tied to Smaller, Later Newborns, Study Says

Pregnant women should limit the amount of caffeine they take in, experts state

Hemorrhoids Are Common, Preventable and Treatable

They're the U.S. health subject most searched for online, FDA reports

Military Women Exposed to Combat After Childbirth Face Depression

Problem is related to combat exposure, not childbirth, research shows

Flu Levels Continue to Fall, CDC Says

Activity has decreased in many areas, data shows

Open Windows, Lower Risk for Preterm Birth: Study

Increased ventilation reduces exposure to secondhand smoke, chemicals, researchers say

Progesterone Shots May Not Prevent Preterm Birth of Twins: Study

What works for singletons doesn't necessarily work for multiples, researchers find

Obese Black Women at Higher Risk for Having Very Large Babies

Infants weighing more than 8.8 pounds can lead to birth complications, researchers say

Use of Morning-After Pill on the Rise: CDC

Dramatic surge seen in emergency contraception, especially among women between 20 and 24