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Health Tip: Appreciate Your Body Image While Pregnant

Suggestions to help you prepare for the changes

Ecstasy Use During Pregnancy May Harm Fetus: Study

Babies exposed to ecstasy in utero had poorer motor skills, coordination at 4 months

Another Batch of Birth Control Pills Recalled for Faulty Packaging

Dosing directions could limit effectiveness, lead to unintended pregnancies

Stem Cell Finding Could Expand Women's Lifetime Supply of Eggs

Research might lead to new reproductive technologies, older pregnancies, researchers say

Contraceptives Work Well in Obese Women, But Hormone Levels Lower

Expert panel also outline new research on weight gain, birth control

Blood Test Detects Down Syndrome During Pregnancy

Second company develops noninvasive screen for condition

Health Tip: Exercising During Pregnancy

A look at potential benefits

Exercise in Pregnancy Safe for Baby, Study Finds

Moderate to vigorous activity is recommended, but check with your doctor first

Flu Shots for Pregnant Moms May Protect Babies

Vaccinated moms-to-be in Bangladesh were less likely to deliver 'too-small-for-age' newborns

Pregnancy Complications May Predict Heart Trouble Later

Mom-to-be's high blood pressure, diabetes boost risk for cardiovascular disease, study says

Dogs Can Boost Exercise Rates for Moms-to-Be

Walking pooch encourages recommended level of daily exercise, study finds

Age Doesn't Raise Complication Risk for Pregnancies With Donor Eggs

Study found diabetes, hypertension, other risks comparable in women 42 and under, 50 and up

Illicit Drug Use May Be Driving Rise in Ectopic Pregnancies in Florida

CDC says cases indicate need for earlier access to prenatal care, drug awareness

Weekend Delivery Doesn't Hurt Babies With Birth Defects: Study

Moms should give birth when their body is ready, researchers say

Lead, Cadmium Levels in Blood Linked to Reduced Fertility

Avoiding exposure to cigarettes, lead-based paints may improve odds of conceiving, study suggests

Mom's Vitamin D Levels Linked to Language Problems in Kids

Study finds association between low levels in pregnancy and development at ages 5 & 10

Health Tip: If You're Diabetic and Pregnant

Enlist medical professionals to help care for you and your baby

Repeat C-Section Best Scheduled at 39 Weeks, Study Says

Operating sooner, later worse for babies, preliminary research finds

Chemo During Pregnancy Doesn't Seem to Harm Baby

Study suggests treatment of expectant mothers is feasible after first trimester

C-Sections Might Put Preemies at Risk for Breathing Problems

Study found respiratory distress syndrome more likely in small, premature infants born by cesarean

Risk of Preterm Birth Rises for Hispanic Women the Longer They're in U.S.

Rate among U.S.-born Hispanic women nearly triple that of women here less than a decade, study says

Screening Moms-to-Be for Thyroid Trouble May Not Help Offspring

Study finds intervening early in pregnancy had no effect on children's mental function later

Pfizer Recalls 1 Million Packets of Birth Control Pills

Errors in packaging could cause accidental pregnancies, company warns

Fatty Diet Before Pregnancy Linked to Gestational Diabetes

This type of diabetes can raise risk of obstetric complications, researchers add

When Mom-to-Be's Overweight and Smokes, Risk for Birth Defects Rises

This combination more than doubled odds of heart damage in newborn, study finds

Study Looks at Possible HIV Drugs-Birth Defect Link

More research needed into unconfirmed association between antiretrovirals and cleft lip/palate

Acupuncture May Boost Pregnancy Success Rates

Centuries-old therapy can help men and women alike with fertility issues, experts say

Health Tip: Manage Pain During Childbirth

Suggestions to ease pain without medication

Asthma Meds Likely Safe During Pregnancy: Study

Slight increase in rare birth defects, but cause not clear

Smoking During Pregnancy Not Linked to Autism

But there are many other reasons to avoid cigarettes while pregnant

Rapid Infant Growth Linked to Asthma in Study

First three months might be critical window, researchers say

More Than Half of Teens Who Gave Birth Weren't Using Contraception: CDC

A third of them thought they couldn't get pregnant at the time, researchers report

Drinking Late in First Trimester May Be Most Hazardous

But no alcohol use is safe during pregnancy, study finds

Surgeons Offer Advice on Avoiding Varicose Veins

Tips include maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, elevating legs when resting

Normal Pregnancies May Be Misdiagnosed as Ectopic

Better diagnostic tools needed to avoid medical errors leading to fetal loss, researchers say

Antidepressants While Pregnant Linked to Slight Risk of Lung Problem in Babies

Study found women who took SSRIs a bit more likely to have infants with high blood pressure in the lungs

Health Tip: Help Control Constipation During Pregnancy

Eat more fiber and drink more fluids

Three Embryos Are Too Many for IVF: Study

The ideal number is one or two for the assisted reproduction technique, researchers say

Blood Test May Reveal Child's Sex Soon After Conception

More work is needed, but blood draw could reduce invasive procedures, researchers say

Antibiotics in Pregnancy May Shield Newborns From Strep B

Developing countries should adopt this practice for at-risk moms-to-be, researchers say

Mom's Poverty, Diabetes Might Raise ADHD Risk in Kids

Study found combo increased chances of disorder 14-fold

Health Tip: Eat Right During Pregnancy

Here are some diet essentials

Limit Cold Medications During Pregnancy, Experts Advise

Some over-the-counter drug ingredients have not been well-studied for use by pregnant women

Uterine Fibroids Cost Billions in U.S. Health Care, Lost Work: Report

Common women's condition takes up to $35 billion toll each year

Asthma Drugs in Pregnancy Might Pose Risk for Kids

Mothers' use of steroid inhalers could lead to some disorders in children, large study suggests

Health Tip: Dealing With Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Suggestions to help end discomfort

Health Tip: How to Ease Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Suggestions include exercise, calcium-rich foods

Psych Episode Near Childbirth May Presage Bipolar Disorder

Women with mental health issue within 30 days of delivery most likely to get diagnosis, study contends