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Mother-Child Death Rates Down But Still Short of 2015 Goal

Few countries will meet deadline, study finds

Why Many With Breast Implants Fail at Breast-Feeding

Women who think it will make their breasts look worse unlikely to nurse successfully, study says

Pregnant Women Reminded to Get Flu Vaccine

Expectant mothers are more vulnerable to the dangerous effects of flu infection, experts warn

New Approach to Treating Asthma in Pregnancy

Direct measurement of airway inflammation cut flare-ups by roughly 50 percent, study shows

NSAIDs May Raise Miscarriage Risk: Study

Taking the painkillers in early stages of pregnancy more than doubled chances, researchers say

Health Tip: Risk Factors for Ectopic Pregnancy

When a fetus begins developing outside the womb

Flame Retardants Tied to Lower Birth Weights

Phased out in 2004, the chemicals remain in older furnishings and household items, study says

Health Tip: Feel More Rested During Pregnancy

Suggestions to battle fatigue

C-Sections Linked to Doubled Risk for Blood Clots

Steps should be taken to prevent and monitor for clots in women at risk, experts say

Only 1 in 7 Ob/Gyns Now Performs Abortions, Survey Finds

But experts on both sides of debate say may not be accurate reflection of reality

Unintended Pregnancies Rising Among Poorer U.S. Women: Study

By 2006, the rate of unplanned pregnancy for low-income women was 5 times that of the well-off

Flu Shot Rates Low for Health Workers, Moms-to-Be: CDC

Making vaccination readily available improves compliance with guidelines, researchers say

Obesity Before Pregnancy May Raise Child's Asthma Risk

Study found teens were up to 30 percent more likely to wheeze if moms were obese

Poorly Controlled Asthma Can Boost Chances of Pregnancy Complications

Those included high blood pressure during pregnancy and premature delivery

Women Born After Great Depression Had More Children, Study Finds

They had more babies than generation before, after

No Proof That Aspirin Aids Conception, Review Shows

Data on women undergoing in vitro fertilization finds no evidence supporting aspirin use

Factors Before Birth Can Determine Child's Risk of Allergies: Study

Exposure to pets during pregnancy, method of delivery and race all play a part

Eating Disorders Can Harm Women's Fertility

Anorexic and bulimic patients twice as likely as other women to seek help getting pregnant: study

High Dose of Yeast Infection Drug Linked to Birth Defects, FDA Says

Pregnant women can safely use fluconazole for one-time, low-dose care of vaginal infection, agency says

Fetal Exposure to Magnetic Fields From Appliances, Power Lines May Up Kids' Asthma Risk

Experts call for further research into possible effect of high levels of exposure

Study Tracks Masturbation Trends Among U.S. Teens

Data from nationwide survey finds boys starting earlier, doing more often than girls

Prenatal Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements May Cut Babies' Colds

DHA supplements are safe, but benefits not 'dramatic,' researcher says

Pregnancy-Related Strokes Jump 54 Percent

Heavier moms, chronic illnesses likely play a role in increase, study says

Kids From Unplanned Pregnancies Tend to Lag Behind Intellectually

But British study pins the blame on children's socioeconomic status

Poor Health Linked to Very Preemie Birth Stabilizes by Adolescence

One exception was rising rate of obesity in these initially underweight kids, finds study

Americans Show Rising Support for Abortion Rights: Poll

Results of Harris Interactive/HealthDay survey run counter to states' recent efforts to curb access

C-Section Rate in U.S. Climbs to All-Time High: Report

Cesareans should not be performed for the convenience of a woman or her doctor, expert says

Exposure to Common Chemicals May Affect Thyroid Function

Greater exposure to BPA, phthalates leads to lower levels of important thyroid hormones, researchers say

Anxiety, Depression in Pregnancy May Raise Kids' Asthma Risk

Study supports belief that children are highly susceptible during prenatal period

Breast-Feeding May Not Protect Moms Against MS Relapse

Research conflicts with previous findings suggesting fewer flare-ups while nursing

Fetal Exposure to Common Epilepsy Drugs May Harm Kids' IQ: FDA

Women of childbearing age need to know of risk from meds such as Depakote, agency says

Flu Shots for Pregnant Women Also Protect Newborns, Study Finds

Babies whose moms received vaccine nearly 50% less likely to be hospitalized with flu

Flexible Schedule Helps Keep New Moms in the Workplace

Leeway in working hours helps women meet demands of home, job, study found

Pregnancy Safe for Most Women With MS: Study

But researchers advise losing any excess weight before conceiving

Study Finds 'Inconsistent' Care for Pregnant Women With Depression

These patients often have longer hospital stays than non-depressed moms-to-be

Effects of Premature Birth May Stretch Into Adulthood: Study

21-year study found physical, psychological differences compared to those born full-term

Eating Disorders May Raise Risk of Depression in Pregnancy

Screening for mental health problems, abuse should be routine part of prenatal care, researchers say

Smoking During Pregnancy May Predispose Kids to Heart Trouble

Children of mothers who smoked had lower levels of 'good' cholesterol, study says

IUDs Officially Recommended for Healthy Women, Teens

New guidelines say research shows this form of birth control is safe and effective

Adding Folate to Tortilla Flour Might Cut Birth Defects Among Hispanics

This group has higher rate of neural tube defects than general population, experts say

Can Weight-Loss Surgery Reverse Common Cause of Infertility?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome affects up to 10 percent of women, many of them overweight or obese

Could Sleeping on Left Side Help Prevent Stillbirth?

Study finds higher rates of this tragic outcome when women slept on back or right side

Too Much Weight Gain in Pregnancy Linked to Chubby Babies

Babies with more body fat may have a higher risk of childhood obesity, researchers say

Health Tip: Pregnancy Requires More Iron

Expecting women may be at risk for anemia

Epilepsy Drugs' Risk of Birth Defects May Be Dose-Dependent

The higher the dosage, the greater the risk from four common medications, study finds

Male Heart Disease May Be Linked to Mom's Lifetime Nutrition

Risk associated, in part, with mother's body size, placenta size and shape at birth, researchers say