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Painkillers in Pregnancy May Harm Son's Fertility, Study Suggests

European research links analgesic use to undescended testicles, but U.S. expert says findings are 'weak'

Teens of Epileptic Mothers May Lag Academically: Study

Taking more than one anti-seizure drug in pregnancy should be avoided if possible, researchers say

Anorexia Linked With Unplanned Pregnancies

Patients may mistakenly assume they can't conceive, researchers say

Eating Peanuts While Pregnant May Raise Child's Allergy Risks

Link found between moms-to-be who consumed them and nut sensitivity in infants

Egg Donors Happy They Helped Out: Study

But they profess less 'belief in human goodness' than surrogate moms, researchers say

Stillbirth Can Be Devastating, Unpredictable

Doctor whose wife suffered one says more needs to be done to prevent it

Dietary Fats Seem to Affect Sperm Quality

Harvard researchers found downside to saturated and monounsaturated fats

Weight May Affect a Woman's Fertility

Obesity, underweight linked to poorer outcomes in studies

Teen Birth-Rate Disparities Persist Among States

Overall birth rate for U.S. teens aged 15 to 19 was 41.5 per 1,000 in 2008, CDC says

Pregnancy During Spring May Boost Kid's Risk of Food Allergies

But whether the effect is causal isn't known, experts say

Fish Oil Pills Don't Affect Postpartum Depression: Study

Also no link to improvements in children's development, Australian study found

Hurricanes Linked to Raised 'Fetal Distress' Risk

Rates spiked after Andrew battered South Florida, researchers say

Study Sees Link Between Epilepsy, Infertility

Drugs used to control the disorder may play a role, experts say

Low Vitality Score at Birth Associated with Cerebral Palsy Risk

But 90 percent with low scores did not develop the disease, researchers said

Drink or Two a Week While Pregnant Might Not Harm Baby: Study

But U.S. experts strongly disagree with British finding

Mom's Flu Shot May Protect Baby After Birth

Infants exposed to influenza vaccine had less illness, increased antibodies, finds study

Video May Help Predict Which Embryos Will Survive IVF

Researchers say method could improve odds of getting pregnant with in vitro fertilization

Lack of Sleep During Pregnancy Ups Risk of High Blood Pressure

Odds of preeclampsia increased ninefold when sleep was regularly less than five hours, study finds

IUD Proposed to Treat Uterine Cancer

Device releases progestin hormone and helps younger women delay hysterectomy, preserve fertility, researchers say

Teens' Mental Health Not Harmed by Abortion, Study Contends

A professor of human development counters that the study was too small to be reliable, however

Pregnant Women Urged to Get Flu Shot

Public health organizations ask care providers to recommend vaccination for moms-to-be

Brain Anomalies Found in Moms With Postpartum Depression

Differences make it hard for them to connect with their own emotions and their babies, study shows

Maternal Deaths Worldwide Decline by One-Third

But 1,000 such deaths still occur each day, report says

Health Tip: Traveling By Air During Pregnancy

Suggestions for comfortable flying

In Vitro Fertilization Success Rate Higher in Spring, Study Suggests

Reproductive expert cautions against waiting for "prime" season, however

Fast-Freeze May Help Sperm Survive Storage, Study Finds

Method might pave way for HIV-positive men to donate sperm safely, researchers say

Test Might Spot Women at High Risk for Pregnancy Complication

Preeclampsia leads to dangerous spikes in blood pressure, but 'biomarker' test might detect it early, researchers say

Health Tip: Control Blood Pressure Before Pregnancy

And monitor it closely while you're pregnant

Male Partners May Be Key Influence on Birth Control Use

Young women twice as likely to use contraception if their mate strongly favors its use, study finds

Study Finds Bariatric Surgery Lowers Gestational Diabetes Risk

But weight loss procedure has its own set of risks, experts note

New Tool Aims to Predict Problems in Preemies

Method allows early assessment of babies' health risks based on available data, study says

Smoking Could Harm Sperm, Study Finds

Other research suggests women who smoke while pregnant impair sons' fertility

Almost 1 in 3 First-Time Deliveries Now Via C-Section

More must be done to curb the use of the procedure, which comes with risks, experts say

Health Tip: Understanding PCOS

Symptoms often vary

Herpes Drugs Won't Raise Birth Defect Risk, Study Finds

Danish analysis of over 800,000 births shows no link

Study Suggests Link Between Diet Sodas, Preterm Delivery

Danish analysis can't prove cause and effect, but experts say moderate consumption 'prudent'

'The Pill' Works for Women of all Weights

For obese women, low-dose oral contraceptives are just as effective as high doses, study shows

FDA Approves Emergency Contraceptive

Called 'ella,' drug delays ovulation, but opponents say it's another abortion pill

Stress Might Interfere With Conception

In study, higher levels of anxiety-related compound was tied to lower pregnancy rate

Women Can Safely Get Pregnant Right After Miscarriage, Study Shows

Expert says this suggests it's safe to 'try again' immediately afterwards

More Weight Gain in Pregnancy May Mean Heavier Baby: Study

It's another reason for moms-to-be to maintain a healthy weight, researchers say

Health Tip: Confined to Bed While Pregnant

Ask your doctor what's permissible

Mom's Weight Before Pregnancy May Affect Weight of Child

Women overweight/obese before conceiving more likely to have overweight/obese kids: study

For Some Female Birds, Infidelity Boosts Offspring's Survival

Seychelles warblers pair up for life, but females often go elsewhere to sire their young, research shows

Delivering Babies Even a Few Weeks Early Ups Respiratory Risks

Study finds greatly raised odds, but rates of planned, preterm C-sections remain high, experts note

HIV-Positive Women Who Want to Conceive Feel Stigma: Survey

Many felt health-care providers judged them negatively, results showed

Signs of Thyroid Trouble Tied to Raised Pregnancy Complication

Placental separation 3 times more likely if antibodies linked to gland disease are high, study shows

Moderate Caffeine Intake Safe During Pregnancy, Experts Say

A cup a day not linked to miscarriage or preterm birth, new guidelines suggest

Vaginal Delivery May Be OK After C-Section

Many women should be offered a 'trial of labor,' new guidelines say

Prenatal Vitamin Levels a Concern After Weight Loss Surgery

Child born blind because of vitamin A deficiency, study says