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Health Tip: Detecting False Labor

Signs that it may not be the real thing

(HealthDay News) -- You should speak with your doctor if you're concerned about the possibility that you've gone into labor, or whether you're experiencing a false alarm called "false labor," the American Pregnancy Association says.

The association offers this information that can help you decide whether a trip to the hospital is in order:

  • False labor contractions occur at irregular, unpredictable intervals.
  • False labor contractions are variable in duration and intensity, while true contractions last at least 30 seconds and become progressively longer.
  • False labor contractions often stop no matter what you are doing, while true contractions continue during any activity.
  • True labor pains start high in the abdomen, extend to the lower abdomen and around to the lower back. False labor pains, on the other hand, are usually concentrated in the lower abdomen and groin.
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