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Fetal Exposure to Substance Abuse Changes Brain Structure

Mom's use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs may affect kids into early adolescence, study shows

When It Comes to Pregnancy, Timing Is Everything

Too little -- or too much -- time between births can be risky, research suggests

Women Veterinarians Face Higher Miscarriage Risk

Study points to anesthetic gases, radiation and pesticides as probable causes

Obesity During Pregnancy Carries Bigger Price Tag

Study finds the extra health-care costs strain the system

Seat Belt Use by Pregnant Women Could Save 200 Fetuses a Year

Those in car crashes where baby is injured or dies are unbelted 62% of the time

Very Premature Babies Show Raised Risk for Autism

Second study finds having autistic child shrinks family income by 14%

Premature Delivery Linked to High Cholesterol in Moms Later

Finding may explain reasons for higher risk of heart disease in these mothers

Breech Birth May Be Determined by Genes

'Bottom first' delivery more likely if either parent was born that way, study says

Cervix Length at Mid-Pregnancy May Predict C-Section Risk

Finding won't change practice, but could help illuminate labor process, experts say

Premature Birth Has Long-Lasting Effects

Survival, reproduction rates are decreased in those born early, study finds

Moms-to-Be Who Quit Smoking Boost Chances for 'Easygoing' Child

Their children had lowest chances for unpredictable behavior, dealt better with stress

Viral Infections Tied to Pregnancy Complications

Exposure, especially to herpes, linked to high blood pressure, preterm births, study finds

Birth Problems Linked to Teenage Fathers

Risky behaviors may damage sperm, experts say

Eye Blinks May ID Fetal Alcohol Exposure

Study links a brain area to later learning deficits

Very Premature Babies Don't Get Follow-Up Care

The problem is particularly widespread among Medicaid families, study finds

Pregnant Women With Asthma Should Stay on Low Dose of Meds

Group sets guidelines on monitoring for fetal growth restriction, preterm birth

Epsom Salt Cut Cerebral Palsy Rate in Half Among Preemies

Researchers note most hospitals already stocked with simple, inexpensive solution

Folic Acid May Help Prevent Premature Birth

Women took the B vitamin for one year before conception, study reports

Once Again, Caffeine Linked to Miscarriage

Drinking more than 200 milligrams daily doubles risk, study finds

U.S. Abortion Rate Falls to Lowest Level in Decades

New report does find medical abortions on the increase

Elective Caesareans Raise Risk of Breathing Problems in Newborns

Chance of trouble was 2 to 4 times greater than with vaginal delivery, emergency C-sections

Extra Doses of Vitamins C, E Don't Guard Against Preeclampsia

Study adds to evidence that supplementation during pregnancy makes little difference

Fetal Exposure to Arsenic Affects Genes

Contaminated water could boost child's cancer risk, study finds

Preeclampsia Linked to Heart Disease Risk

Women need to be aware of their heart disease risk before and after pregnancy

Fish Safe for Pregnant Women to Eat

Too many aren't consuming recommended levels, experts say

15% of Women Struggle With Pregnancy-Related Depression

Doctors need to be more proactive in diagnosing the condition, study says

Mother's Blood Could Offer Insights Into Fetal Health

Non-invasive test for fetal RNA offers possible advance over invasive tests

Steroids Seem Safe for Babies at Risk of Early Birth

But one study raises the possibility of risk of cerebral palsy

Study Questions Genetic Screening for Treatable Diseases

In some cases, parents opt for abortion when symptoms may be mild, study finds

Group B Strep: A Threat to Newborns That Doesn't Have to Be

Antibiotics during delivery protect against potentially deadly infection

Treating Diabetes During Pregnancy Could Lead to Thinner Kids

Increased chances of being overweight, obese by age 7 were virtually erased, study finds

Another Reason Not to Smoke While Pregnant: Birth Defects

Research finds a much greater risk of finger and toe deformities

Medical Abortion Won't Affect Future Pregnancies

Risk of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy didn't increase when compared to surgical abortion, study finds

Maternal Obesity Heightens Risk of Birth Defects

Problems range from heart defects to missing limbs, study finds

Progesterone Prevents Preterm Birth for Some Women

Studies found hormone helped those with short cervix, but not those carrying twins, triplets

Folic Acid Fortification a Success in Canada

Decrease in neural tube birth defects even more than seen in the U.S., study finds

Screening IVF Embryos Ineffective for Older Moms

European study finds procedure results in lower live birth rates

Moms, Dads With MS Equal Transmitters of Disease

Finding contradicts earlier report that men twice as likely to pass on genetic risk

Lower Premiums Can Cost More in Long Run With Maternity Care

Consumer-driven plans not always the best deal, report finds

Preemies Do Best at Experienced Medical Centers

Study suggests hospitals should pool resources to create top neonatal centers

Premature Babies Face Future Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure Problems

But the threats can be managed through proper diet and exercise, study says

Race Plays Role in Women's Folic Acid Intake

Those of childbearing age risk neural tube defects in babies without it, study says

Simple Workout Urged for Pregnant Women on Bed Rest

Too much inactivity can atrophy muscles, physical therapists warn

Doctors Should Test for Down Syndrome

But association of obstetricians and gynecologists says final choice should rest with the mother

U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Twice as High for Blacks

But overall rate down by 10% since 1995, study finds

Migraines During Pregnancy Linked to Heart Disease, Stroke

Study advises women to control risk factors such as diabetes and obesity

Supreme Court Abortion Ban Ruling Draws Mixed Reaction

Upheld law still allows some late-term abortions; medical experts see minimal impact except for women who need them

Emotions Play Major Role in Teen Condom Use

Managing stress associated with birth control key to promoting safe sex, study finds

Mother's Beef Consumption May Affect Son's Fertility

The more meat eaten, the lower the sperm count, study suggests