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Study Looks at Health of Hispanic-American Families

Discord more likely in second-generation families than recent immigrants, study finds

Most Relationships Survive Struggles With Infertility

Study finds couples who seek in vitro fertilization are not at added risk of divorce

When a Divorce Turns Bitter, Kids' Immune Systems May Pay a Price

More evidence that family stress in childhood might affect lifelong health

Divorce May Shrink an Older Woman's Waistline…

… while marriage may widen it, study suggests

Sleepovers With Dad Can Be a Win-Win After Divorce

Overnights in infancy and toddlerhood predicted better relationships years later, study finds

Pediatricians Can Help When Parents Divorce: Report

More than 1 million kids a year affected in the U.S., and doctors can ease the transition, group says

Couples At Risk During 'Divorce Season'

Marriages often break up after winter and summer holidays, research reveals

Are Unemployed Husbands Fueling Divorce Rates?

Finding challenges common belief that women entering workforce in greater numbers was to blame

Marriage May Aid Recovery From Heart Surgery, Study Finds

Greater risk of dying or disability seen among divorced, separated, widowed

Divorce May Increase Psychosomatic Symptoms in Teens: Study

Fewest health-related problems occurred in adolescents with two parents living in same home

Study Ties Divorce to Higher Chance of Heart Attack

Remarriage, at least for women, did not lower risk

Divorce May Mean Kids Down More Soft Drinks

Study found children whose parents had split or were separated consumed more sugary beverages

Doctors Less Likely to Divorce, Study Finds

But women physicians 1.5 times more likely to have split from their spouses than male counterparts

Marriage Break-Up Rates Similar for Gay, Straight Couples: Study

Research tracked U.S. national data on marriage and 'marriage-like' unions from 2009-12

Nature Walks With Others May Keep Depression at Bay

Study found they lowered stress levels, lifted spirits after illness, job loss, divorce, death of loved one

Kids' Obesity Risk Rises With Parents' Divorce: Study

Stress, unhealthy coping strategies may be to blame, experts say

Kids With ADHD May Also Suffer Family Troubles

Study found they were more likely to come from homes affected by poverty, divorce, substance abuse

'In Sickness and In Health' Isn't in the Cards for Many Women

When wife is seriously ill, half of marriages end in divorce, study finds

Divorce May Raise Risk of Accidental Death

Rates of preventable deaths, such as in a fire, twice as high for divorced people, study finds

Having More Siblings Might Lower Your Divorce Risk

Past experience with family dynamics may help you navigate marriage, study authors theorize

Marriage Beyond Reach of Many Working-Class Americans: Study

Research suggests insecurity about jobs, finances and future is driving drop in wedded couples

Divorce in Early Childhood May Harm Adult Ties With Parents: Study

If split happened when kids were young, they were less likely to feel secure later, particularly with fathers

Stepdads Must Navigate Tricky Waters

Study shows talking through issues, having shared parenting style help the new family survive the journey

Parents' Divorce May Up Kids' Odds for Smoking as Adults

Study authors suggest habit might be 'coping mechanism' for some

Health Benefits of Marriage Mostly Apply to Those Already Healthy

When sickness arrives, married aren't at lower death risk than unmarried people, study says

Divorce Puts Women at Risk of Losing Health Insurance, Study Finds

Many who were dependent on husbands' plans find it hard to pay for coverage on their own

Some Boys With ADHD May Struggle as Adults

Study found 20% more likely to have trouble with schooling, relationships or jobs

Can Parents' Divorce Boost Son's Risk for Stroke?

Researchers suspect stress hormone may play a role

Bride's Wedding Jitters May Forecast Stormy Marriage

Women hesitant to marry have much higher rate of divorce, study finds

Tying the Knot Ups Women's Drinking Rate, Lowers Mens'

Study also found that men were more likely to hit the bottle after divorce

Money Woes Weaken the Institution of Marriage: Study

Poverty, alcohol and drugs -- not lack of values -- affect whether people get married or divorced

Military Marriages Stay Strong in Face of Challenges: Study

U.S. service members no more likely to divorce than civilians, researchers say

Single 'Boomers' Struggling as They Age: Study

Never-married men, widows appear to be the least well-off

Parents of Kids With Cancer No More Likely to Break Up

Danish study found stress of coping with disease did not raise chances of separation

Handling Divorce May Be Easier Later in Life

Study found those who split at younger ages reported more health problems

Fears of Divorce May Be Keeping Many Young Couples From Marriage: Study

Two-thirds of cohabitating couples said they worried about fallout from a legal split

'Self-Compassion' Can Help Divorced People Heal

Kindness to oneself, recognition of shared humanity promote resilience, study suggests

Could Divorce Trigger Hair Loss in Women?

Study shows it's the next strongest predictor of thinning locks after genetics

Service Members Twice as Likely to Have Affairs: Study

But it's not clear if serving in the military played a role in infidelity

Divorce Can Hurt Kids' Math Scores, Friendships

Study finds children who fall behind in these areas may not catch up for years

Long Commutes Tough on Couples' Relationships

Risk of separation 40% higher for those with a long trip back and forth to work, Swedish study finds

Problem Drinkers Marry Later, Break Up Sooner: Study

Alcohol dependence a strong negative factor in relationships, researchers say

Marital Status May Affect Kidney Transplant Decision

Married or divorced adults have an edge over widowers, study finds

Children of Divorce Face Twice the Lifetime Risk of Stroke: Study

But researchers stress that causal link not certain

An Autistic Child Doesn't Mean Parents Will Divorce

Study debunks conventional wisdom about couples split by condition-related stress

Health Tip: Talking to Your Child About Divorce

Suggestions for how to break the news