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Your Income Might Influence Your Risk for Certain Cancers

Lifestyle-related disease, such as lung cancer, is more common among the poor, researchers find

Cheaper Food May Be Fueling U.S. Obesity Epidemic

Americans spend just one-tenth of disposable income on food, an historic low, study finds

Good Grades = Bigger Bucks

Study found higher GPAs in high school were associated with higher incomes as adults

Single Moms' Job Loss May Have Long Term Impact on Kids

Children's education and long-term mental health often seem to suffer, research shows

Wasteful Medicare Spending Topped $1.9 Billion in 1 Year: Study

Analysis using 2009 data looked at 26 common but often unnecessary tests and procedures

Foreclosures May Raise Neighbors' Blood Pressure

The more properties nearby that were foreclosed on by lenders, the higher the blood pressure, study finds

Many Iraq-Afghanistan War Vets Struggle to Find Enough Food: Study

25 percent face food insecurity, which triggers other woes, Minnesota researchers find

Kids With ADHD May Also Suffer Family Troubles

Study found they were more likely to come from homes affected by poverty, divorce, substance abuse

When Older Adults Consider Suicide, Depression May Not Be Main Reason

Study suggests health, money, family problems more likely to trigger troubling thoughts

Free Drug Samples for Doctors Might Prove Costly for Patients

Study of dermatologists found those with access to samples from drug makers more likely to prescribe expensive meds

Too Many Foster Kids With ADHD Treated With Antipsychotic Drugs: Study

Researchers looked at unapproved 'atypical' use of these meds in one state

Fewer Americans Overwhelmed by Medical Bills: Report

Reduced use of medical care, early health care reforms may be easing financial worries, experts say

More Than 1 Million Americans Caring for Injured Veterans: Report

Few public or private programs offer direct support to these caregivers, researchers say

Fewer Americans Would Smoke If Cessation Treatments Were Covered: CDC

Counseling and medication services aren't all included, and barriers to access exist, study shows

Traffic Smog Tied to Hospital Stays for White Kids With Asthma

Among black kids in study, other factors appeared to play bigger role in asthma rehospitalizations

Millions Underinsured in 2012, Reforms Well-Targeted, Report Says

Despite new laws, 15 million poor people have no new coverage options

Many Don't Understand Obamacare or Health Insurance, Survey Finds

'Navigators' can help walk people through enrollment process, experts say

Chronically Ill Americans May Skip Meds to Afford Food

Study finds that people with health issues who don't qualify for assistance often must choose either 'treat or eat'

When a Parent Dies, What Helps a Child Cope?

Study suggests grieving can affect school performance; mental health therapy an effective option

Do Harder Working Husbands Have Healthier Wives?

His long work hours may boost her health, study suggests

Moving Out of Poor Neighborhood May Disrupt Boys' Mental Health: Study

However, girls tend to do better with upward mobility, researchers say

Rising Fresh Produce Prices Tied to Higher Risk of Child Obesity

However, study also found similar effect with cost of fast food

Students' Health Habits Tied to School Success

Fitness, nutrition, proper sleep and TV restrictions appeared to make a difference in study of city kids

Living in Rich Neighborhood May Fuel Materialism

Keeping up with the Joneses hardest on young city dwellers with less money, study finds

Food Price Hikes May Affect Those With Type 2 Diabetes

USDA study finds glucose levels increase as produce, low-fat dairy become more costly

Is Technology Creating a World of Sickly Couch Potatoes?

Study found people in emerging nations with TVs, computers and cars more likely to be obese, have diabetes

Autism Costs Average $17,000 Yearly for Each Child, Study Finds

School systems bear the brunt, not parents, researchers find

Study: Minimum Pricing for Alcohol Would Affect Poorer, High-Risk Drinkers

But the impact on moderate drinkers would be minimal, researchers say

Old Wood Stoves a Costly Way to Keep Warm, Experts Say

Newer heating units use one-third less wood and produce 60 percent less air pollution than older models

Feeling in Control? You Might Live Longer

For people with less education, study suggests attitude makes a difference in lifespan

When Times Are Tough, People Cut Down on Doctor Visits

Participants in five countries said reduced income decreased their health care use, survey found

Boosting Access to Healthier Grocery Stores Might Not Improve Eating Habits

Study suggests putting stores in poor neighborhoods isn't enough; promotional efforts also needed

Many College Students Fear Going Hungry at Some Point: Survey

Factors include rising costs, lack of support even among those with jobs

Health Reform Differs Across States: Report

5 states play no role in federal marketplace, Medicaid expansion or insurance reform

Lower Obesity Rates Due to Better Diets, Not Economy: Study

A decade of urging Americans to embrace healthier food habits appears to be paying off, researchers say

Most Supermarket Coupons Promote Junk Food, Sugary Drinks: Study

Low-income customers left with few healthy choices, expert says

Many Parents Learn Online Skills From Their Tech-Savvy Kids

Small study from Chile found family role reversal when it comes to computers and Internet

Wealthier Women More Likely to Use Fertility Services: CDC

Overall, fewer women are seeking help with getting pregnant than in years past, report shows

Despite New Rules, Injuries Still Costly for NHL, Study Finds

Added safety measures appear necessary to protect hockey players' health

More Prisons Helping Inmates Enroll in Medicaid at Release: Survey

With expanded program eligibility, fresh start could include better health care

Truck Drivers Top List of Overweight Workers

Survey of Washington state residents also found salespeople, office workers prone to weight gain

Experts Urge 'Seismic Shift' in Approach to Better U.S. Health Care

Improving education, social services can help Americans live longer, healthier lives, panel says

Study Spots Growing Disparity in U.S. Teen Obesity Problem

Rates decline among kids in more educated, affluent families, while they rise in lower-income homes

Recession Triggered Wave of Health Worries, Study Finds

Internet searches rose for stress-related conditions such as ulcers and back pain

Books Reflect the Economic Tone of Their Times

Study found thrust of writing was more negative if preceded by a decade of harsh conditions

Big Cigarette Tax Hikes Might Prevent 200 Million Deaths in a Century

Study authors suggest that nations triple tobacco taxes

Curtain Rises Wednesday on 'Obamacare'

New health insurance plans and consumer protections take effect Jan. 1 under the Affordable Care Act

Substance-Abuse Treatment Often Tough to Find for Medicaid Patients

Study found wider access gaps in South and Midwest, and among blacks

U.S. Spends 5 Times More Than U.K. on Antibiotics for Kids: Study

Cost of these prescription drugs a burden on U.S. economy, researchers say

Surgeons' Group Gives Gift of New Hips, Knees to Uninsured

Operation Walk USA providing free joint replacement surgery to 230 patients