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Conjoined Twins Separated in Medically, Ethically Complex Surgery

One child was dependent on her sister and had little chance of survival

Scientists Create Part-Human, Part-Pig Embryo

One goal of this stem cell research is to create organs for transplant

Med Students View Ex-Patients' E-Records to Track Progress

The practice is common and raises privacy issues, but overall is beneficial, researchers say

Scientists, Ethicists Debate Future of Gene Editing

U.S. summit draws attention to a technology with great potential -- and peril

Most Clinical Trial Results Not Reported on Time to Government

Delays in filing findings on new treatments mean patients aren't informed, researcher says

Rise in Use of Animals for Research

Study says 73 percent increase due to using more mice, and fewer cats and dogs

FDA Advisors Not Sold on Lifting Ban on Gay Men Giving Blood

But American Red Cross, other groups urge easing restrictions due to better blood screening

WHO Experts Give Nod to Using Untested Ebola Drugs

Move would be justified in 'particular circumstances' of current outbreak, ethicists say

Ethicists Grapple With Tough Questions Over Release of Ebola Drugs

As West African crisis gathers momentum, pressure is on to bring untested medicine to desperate patients

Lift U.S. Ban on Blood Donations by Gay Men, Experts Say

American Red Cross, other groups also urge easing restrictions due to better blood screening

FDA Explores '3-Person' Embryo Fertilization

Meant to prevent genetic diseases in children, the procedure raises ethical issues

Doctor's View of Hospice Influences Talks With Patients, Study Finds

If physicians are more likely to opt for this type of care for themselves, they're more likely to discuss it

Food Additive Safety Often Determined by Those With Food Industry Ties: Study

Review finds strong conflict-of-interest issues in the approval process; experts call for changes

Online Self-Tests for Alzheimer's Don't Work: Experts

Most are unethical and ineffective, panel finds

Recession May Have Boosted Teens' Social Consciousness

In study, high school seniors were more likely to care about others, environment when economy faltered

Most Docs OK With Medical Marijuana: Survey

Majority would give a prescription to an advanced cancer patient in pain

Doctors Urged to Refrain from Social Media Contacts With Patients

Texting or 'friending' patients on Facebook frowned upon in new professional guidelines

Med School Students Still Get Gifts From Drug Companies: Survey

Continued efforts needed to restrict trainees' exposure to drug industry promotion, researchers say

Medical Marijuana: Voodoo or Legitimate Therapeutic Choice?

Doctors weigh wisdom of prescribing drug in hypothetical case involving woman with advanced breast cancer

Medical School Ethics Policies May Affect How Doctors Prescribe

When drug company gift restrictions are taught, physicians shy away from newly marketed meds, study says

Study Finds Older Male Scientists Likelier to Commit Research Fraud

Violations included fabrication, plagiarism and falsification

Making People Sign Forms at the Top May Keep Them Honest

Signing first triggers people's self-awareness, making it harder for them to cheat, study finds

Flip-Flop? People Can Change Moral Positions and Not Know It

Swedish researchers found individuals unknowingly argue opposing viewpoints

Sense of Fair Play a Human Trait?

Not so for chimpanzees, study finds

Doctors Who 'Self-Refer' to Radiation Clinics Add to Patients' Burden: Study

In Texas, prostate cancer patients had to travel longer distances to use physician-affiliated center

The 'Nocebo' Effect: If You Think You'll Get Sick, You Will

Study author suggests doctors give patients less info on potential drug side effects, but is that ethical?

Dutch Euthanasia Rates Unchanged After Legalization

Deeper examination of process involved is necessary, medical-ethics expert notes

Physician Misconduct Showing Up on the Internet: Survey

New poll of medical boards reports online professional violations by doctors

Are the Rich Really Different From You and Me?

They're likelier to cut you off on the road, be dishonest during negotiations, study claims

Many Doctors May Be Less Than Honest With Their Patients

Survey found one in 10 lied, many painted too rosy a prognosis

Experts Urge Limits on Medical Research on Chimpanzees

U.S. government-mandated report says the animals need only be used in select instances

Docs Who Own MRIs Order Far More Scans

Imaging tests more likely to come back negative, suggesting they were unnecessary, researchers say

Creative Minds More Prone to Cheating

Study shows creative thinkers are more likely to act dishonestly during tests than others

Doctors in a Bind When Parents Want to Delay, Skip Vaccines

Study finds most pediatricians may consider 'alternative schedules,' but within limits

Study Supports Shorter Wait Time for Alcoholics Seeking Liver Transplant

Abandoning controversial 6-month 'dry-out' period could save lives, researchers say

Many on Medical Guideline Panels Have Conflicts of Interest: Study

Drug industry connections a possible influence on recommended treatments for cholesterol, diabetes

End-of-Life Directives Do Not Hasten Death, Study Finds

Patients aren't more likely to die if they talk about end-of-life care