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3 Million Americans Say They Carry Handguns Every Day

And many keep them concealed, review finds

Handgun Waiting Periods

Handgun waiting periods associated with fewer gun homicides, study finds

States That Make You Wait to Buy Guns Have Fewer Deaths: Study

Time to 'cool off' may prevent some homicides and suicides

Homicides Devastate Black Communities, But Prevention Gets Little Funding

Discrepancy hurts black Americans more than whites, researchers say

U.S. Gun Injuries Nearing $3 Billion in ER, Hospital Costs

Nine out of 10 injured were male, study reports

Reassuring Kids After Another Senseless Tragedy

Psychiatrists urge parents to stress to young concertgoers that events like Las Vegas shooting remain rare

State Policies Can Reduce Alcohol-Related Murders

Up to 50 percent of homicides in the United States involve drinking, researchers say

Movies and Guns

Does watching a movie with gun violence influence a child's interest in weapons?

Gun Violence in Movies a Trigger for Teens?

Parents need to keep weapons locked up, limit exposure to media violence, experts say

Gun Surrender Laws Help Women Threatened by Domestic Violence

Fewer are killed in states that mandate that firearms be removed when restraining orders filed

Gun Injuries Add Millions of Dollars to Hospital Costs

Younger, minority Americans are most often affected, research shows

State Laws Have Big Impact on Kids' Gun Injuries

Locale matters too, with firearm violence affeting urban, rural teens differently, studies find

Gun Access May Drive Higher Suicide Rates in Rural Areas

Study findings are based on 12-year review of deaths in Maryland

Most Murdered U.S. Women Killed By Husbands, Boyfriends, Exes

Federal report on decade of statistics shows over half of deaths were caused by intimate partners

Firearms and Children

Guns are now the fourth leading cause of death overall among U.S. children, study reveals

Guns Kill or Wound 7,000 U.S. Kids a Year: Report

It's a 'uniquely American problem,' one pediatrician says

Guns Send About 16 U.S. Kids to the Hospital Every Day

Many of those injuries are accidental, study finds

California Handgun Sales Spiked After 2 Mass Shootings

Researchers say some people respond with 'acquisition' while others 'revulsion'

Cleaning, Greening Vacant Lots May Help Fight Crime

Fighting urban blight sends message that residents are paying close attention to the neighborhood

Shooting Ranges Pose Hidden Risks: Study

Exposure to lead residue from firing guns can bring health harms, researchers say

Self-Harm Can Be a Harbinger of Suicide

Risk highest when patients used violent method to hurt themselves

Gunshot Wounds Cost U.S. Hospitals Nearly $7 Billion Over 9 Years

Total price tag may be much higher, research suggests

Drinking, Drug Abuse Doubles Veterans' Suicide Risk: Study

Rate 5 times higher for female vets who abuse alcohol, drugs than for female vets who don't

1 in 5 U.S. Gun Owners Avoided Background Check: Study

In most cases, firearms were bought privately or online, transactions that more than 30 states don't regulate

PG-13 Movies Show More Gun Violence Than R-Rated Films: Study

Though scenes are less bloody and more cartoon-like, the effect on young viewers needs scrutiny, researchers say

Research on U.S. Gun Violence Still a Low Priority, Study Finds

Other leading causes of death receive a far greater share of federal science dollars

Gun Violence May Be 'Contagious,' Study Suggests

Those at highest risk for being shot had most friends who had recently been shot

Teen Violence Can Be Contagious, Study Contends

Preventive programs could help stop copycat behavior, researchers say

Tighter Gun Control Laws Linked to Fewer School Shootings in U.S.

Study also found that states that spent more money on mental health care, education saw less violence

New Tool Gauges Likely Survival After Gunshot to the Head

One possible factor: how well a patient's pupils respond to light, study suggests

U.S. Life Expectancy Lags Behind Other Wealthy Nations

Diabetes, drugs and guns contribute to disappointing statistics in new global report

Some Doctors Swayed by Political Beliefs

Voting issues may affect advice on abortion, guns, marijuana, study finds

Health Tip: Limit Kids' Exposure to 'Virtual Violence'

Shows and games don't have to be violent

2 of 3 Americans OK With Doctors Discussing Gun Safety

But 54 percent of gun owners say talking about firearms with patients is appropriate, survey finds