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Newly Released Inmates Account for 1 in 10 Fatal ODs

Many may not realize their tolerance for drugs has dropped while in prison, researcher says

FDA Approves Implant to Battle Opioid Addiction

Experts say steady dosing eliminates need to take medication daily to combat heroin, powerful painkillers

Anti-Addiction Drug May Help Curb Painkiller, Heroin Dependence

Study finds lower relapse rate associated with naltrexone, but long-term use recommended

Obama Administration Steps Up Efforts to Beat Painkiller, Heroin Epidemic

Additional funding would make medication-based treatment one of several priorities

Did Painkiller Crackdown Cause Heroin Epidemic?

New commentary says no, but others disagree

New Rules for Mammograms, Tanning Beds Top Health News of 2015

Female libido pill, measles outbreaks and vaccine controversy also made headlines

Florida 'Pill Mill' Crackdown May Have Curbed Painkiller ODs

Tougher prescription laws might have also reduced heroin deaths, researchers suggest

Drug Overdoses Hit Record High: CDC

Narcotic prescription painkillers, heroin fueling the increase, researchers say

Not Enough Needle Exchange Programs Outside Cities: Study

Half of all injection drug users live in rural, suburban areas

More Americans Seek Treatment for Painkiller, Heroin Abuse

Report reflects changing patterns of substance abuse

Drug Overdose Rates Soaring Among U.S. Youth

Report finds prescription painkillers, heroin largely to blame, with some states hit especially hard

Why More Painkiller Addicts Are Using Heroin, Too

Interviews confirm desire for cheaper, more plentiful substitute

Obama Administration Takes Aim at Epidemic of Heroin, Painkiller Abuse

New initiative involves government, medical groups, media, drug store chains and more

Needle-Exchange Program Curbed HIV Spread, Study Finds

Washington, D.C.-based effort also saved $44 million in potential disease treatment costs over 2 years

Heroin Use on the Rise Among Women, Wealthier People, CDC Finds

Prescription painkiller addiction often precedes use of street drug

Inmates Denied Methadone Less Likely to Choose Treatment When Released

But nearly all given the drug-addiction medication stayed on it once freed, study finds

Heroin Use Surges Among Whites Who Abuse Prescription Painkillers

Efforts to curb illicit drug use should target this population, researchers say

Heroin Use Levels Off in U.S., But Still High: Report

Number of people needing treatment also rose in recent years

Heroin Overdose Deaths Quadrupled Since 2000

Lethal poisonings from prescription painkillers down slightly, U.S. report says

U.S. Painkiller Abuse 'Epidemic' May Be Declining, Study Says

But some people have switched to heroin

Heroin Overdose Deaths Doubled in Much of U.S.: CDC Study

Heroin addiction linked to initial use of prescription painkillers, experts say

10 Percent of Americans Admit to Illicit Drug Use

Marijuana tops list of substances, federal report says

Today's Heroin Abusers Often Middle-Class Suburbanites: Study

Problem often starts after prescription painkiller use, researchers say

Young Americans' Prescription Med Abuse Still Down: Report

2012 national survey also found teens' drinking, tobacco use dropped over decade

Abuse of Painkillers Raises Risk of Heroin Use: Study

People who used prescription drugs illegally were 19 times more likely to move to heroin

Vaccine to Fight Heroin Addiction Shows Promise in Rats

Also doesn't interfere with opioid treatments for addicts, researchers say

Drop in Illicit Drug Use in Cities, Uptick in Prescription Drug Abuse

ER visits from street drugs declined 8 percent in 3-year period, study found

Prescription Drug Abuse Drops Among U.S. Young Adults

Marijuana use on the rise, however, survey finds

'Abuse-Resistant' Oxycontin May Be Driving Addicts to Heroin

Since its release, more users have turned to heroin and other opioids, study finds

Methadone for Pain Relief Leading Cause of Fatal Overdoses: CDC

Drug is complex, overprescribed, CDC director says

Heroin Addicts Have Higher Pain Sensitivity, Even During Treatment

Those taking methadone continue to have heightened pain responses, study finds

Drug-Free Housing Helps Heroin, Oxycontin Addicts Recover

Study found higher abstinence rates with housing, day treatment

Global Study Finds Drug Abuse Highest in Richer Nations

The U.S. can do its part to reduce the damage of addiction, experts say