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Men Often Happier With Their 'Bromance' Than Their Romance

In small study, most felt more comfortable sharing emotions, resolving problems with a male buddy

A Man's Health May Rely on Health of His Marriage

Heart risk factors improve when married life is good, decline when it's not, study finds

Caregiving Needs Double as End of Life Nears

Most rely on family members to provide that support, researchers say

He Complains She Shops Too Much -- And Marriage Suffers

Study finds one spouse's views on the other's spending can bring conflict that undermines relationship

'Super Moms' and 'Super Dads': Work-Home Conflicts Affect Both Genders

'We need to bring men into the conversation,' researcher says

The Couple That Lives Together Shares Skin Bacteria Together

Similarities allowed researchers to pinpoint which folks were partners 86 percent of the time

Women Driven to Be Thinner When Husband Is Hot

But study finds the dynamic doesn't work the other way around

Most Relationships Survive Struggles With Infertility

Study finds couples who seek in vitro fertilization are not at added risk of divorce

Happy Marriage, Healthier Spouses

Nurturing each other translates to nurturing your health

Helping Your Kids Cope With Your Divorce

Things Mom and Dad should agree on

'Making the Best of It': Families Face the Heavy Burden of Alzheimer's

With U.S. cases expected to triple to 16 million by 2050, support for caregivers desperately needed

Marriage Could Bring Health Bonus to Older Same-Sex Couples

Survey found those who'd exchanged vows were better off physically and mentally than their single peers

Parents of Kids With Autism May Sacrifice 'Couples Time'

They report less closeness, fewer positive interactions, but no increase in negative behaviors toward one another

Many Talks on End-of-Life Wishes End in Confusion, Study Shows

Just 3 out of 10 accurately understood what their loved one wanted

Helping Cancer Caregivers Help Themselves

Loved ones must find time to address their own needs in order help others, social workers advise

The Secret to a Good Sex Life Is …

Affection: It's the cuddling, whispering secrets afterwards that boost contentedness, study finds

After Wives Suffer Stroke, Husbands Adapt to Caregiving Role

Small study reveals men's day-to-day successes and struggles in caring for disabled spouse

Marriage: A Way to Divorce Yourself From Stress?

New research underscores link between stress hormones and disease

Some Partners Need Extra Loving This Valentine's Day

If your loved one is depressed or stressed, offer some 'invisible support,' researcher suggests

Divorce May Shrink an Older Woman's Waistline…

… while marriage may widen it, study suggests

A Lengthy, Stable Marriage May Boost Stroke Survival

Lifelong singles fared the worst, study finds

Stressed-Out Mate Bad for Your Weight

Spouse's chronic stress takes a toll on partner's health, study suggests

Marriage Stress and Weight

Having a stressed out spouse may not be good for your waistline, study finds.

Nurturing Childhood May Pay Off Decades Later

Strong marriages in their 80s linked to earlier positive family experiences

A Happy Spouse May Keep You Healthy

Your husband or wife can encourage good lifestyle habits, researchers say

Marriage May Help Diabetics Keep Weight Off

Study also found it lowered chances of risk factors for heart disease among men, but not women

Study Finds Links Between Chronic Pain, Depression in Couples

Findings could lead to better diagnostic tests and treatments, researchers say

Are Unemployed Husbands Fueling Divorce Rates?

Finding challenges common belief that women entering workforce in greater numbers was to blame

Shouting? The 'Silent Treatment'? How Spouses Argue Linked to Physical Ills

Study suggests couples' disagreements may spur problems like back pain, heart trouble

Marriage a Boost for Heart Attack Survivors

Post-discharge support is critical, study says

Marriage a Buffer Against Drinking Problems?

Study found protective benefit for both men and women, but didn't prove cause and effect

Marriage May Be a Cancer Fighter

Study suggests patients with spouses have survival advantage over single people battling disease

Happy Marriage May Prompt Men to Get Colonoscopy: Study

Women encourage healthful behaviors in their husbands, but look to others for advice about their own preventive care

Stress of Caring for Sick Spouse May Raise Stroke Risk

Husbands, wives need support to reduce strain, researchers say

Surviving Spouse Still Influenced By the Other

Quality of life remains the same even after one partner dies, researchers report

'Til Weight Loss Do Us Part?

Spouses should be consulted before obesity surgery, researchers suggest

Living Together, Marriage Give Equal Boost to Women's Mental Health: Study

But when it comes to first-time commitments, men's well-being hinges on tying the knot, research shows

Wives Worry, Husbands Get Frustrated When Problems Arise

Over the long term, men report higher levels of emotional support, less marital strain than women

Gratitude May Be Key to Wedded Bliss

How you feel about your marriage hinges on whether you feel appreciated by your spouse, study finds

Marriage May Aid Recovery From Heart Surgery, Study Finds

Greater risk of dying or disability seen among divorced, separated, widowed

Depression Adds to Burden of Alzheimer's Caregivers, Study Finds

For spouses already depressed when their loved one was diagnosed, their stress only grew

Social Factors Affect Leukemia Survival

Uninsured, unmarried, or those with a low income are more likely to die early, study says

Sex Lives Best When Couples Share Child Care Duties, Survey Shows

Relationship suffered when one partner took on all parenting responsibilities

Single and Happy? Your View on Relationships May Be Key

For those who avoid drama, the single life may be more satisfying than having a partner, study suggests

Tying the Knot May Mean Less Drinking for Young Adults

Study suggests heavy alcohol use conflicts with expected marital roles

For Pregnant Military Wives, Risks Rise if Partner Deployed

Odds for preterm birth, postpartum depression triples, Fort Bragg study finds

More Evidence That Kids of Gay Parents Do Just Fine

Studies show children raised by 2 moms or 2 dads consider themselves 'different,' but stigma is lessening