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Drinking Imbalance Could Put Marriage on the Rocks

When one spouse imbibes and one doesn't, odds of divorce go up, study finds

Marriage May Cut Heart Attack Risk for Both Spouses

Finding lends support for vow to take 'in sickness and in health'

For Married Men, Does More Housework Mean Less Sex?

Study suggests it's not a sure path from kitchen to bedroom

Happy in Marriage, Heavier on the Scale?

Study found satisfied newlyweds gained more weight than less satisfied ones

Tired Couples May Take Each Other For Granted

Less gratitude seen among those with sleep problems, researchers say

Being 'Boss' at Home May Undermine Women's Ambition at Work: Study

Research suggests that taking charge of a household might curb desire for power in the office

Marriage Might Lengthen Life

Study found those who did not have a spouse in their 40s were more than twice as likely to die early

Married Women More Likely to Have Positive Pregnancies: Study

They were less likely to suffer domestic violence, substance abuse, depression than other moms-to-be

Nearly 50 Million Couples Worldwide Report Infertility

Study found little change in global rates between 1990 and 2010

Legal Unions, Including Marriage, Boost Mental Health for Gay People: Study

Research suggests that everyone benefits from being in a legally recognized relationship

College Students: 25 Is Perfect Age for Marriage

But surveyed parents said kids should stay single longer

Adoption Can Boost Quality of Life for Infertile Couples, Study Finds

Improved well-being reported among those whose in-vitro fertilization therapy was unsuccessful

More Baby Boomers Opting to Cohabit, Not Marry

The partnerships are also long-lasting, researchers find

Spouses of Heart Attack Victims May Face Heightened Depression Risk

And men more susceptible than women to psychological problems, study finds

Tying the Knot Ups Women's Drinking Rate, Lowers Mens'

Study also found that men were more likely to hit the bottle after divorce

Couples Therapy May Help Combat PTSD

Study finds reduction in symptoms, greater relationship satisfaction

When Partner Has Breast Cancer, Men Find Their Own Ways to Cope

Support groups don't meet their emotional needs, study finds

Love Knows No Gender Difference

Small study of married couples found both sexes openly affectionate

'Macho' Men Do Worse in Couples When the Woman Earns More

Small study found men with less-traditional mindset had better-quality relationships

Parents' Fighting May Have Long-Lasting Effect on Kids

But if conflict is handled constructively, children's sense of security stays intact, research suggests

Military Marriages Stay Strong in Face of Challenges: Study

U.S. service members no more likely to divorce than civilians, researchers say

More Unmarried Couples Having Babies: CDC

Many older women also having more than one child, researchers find

Parents of Kids With Cancer No More Likely to Break Up

Danish study found stress of coping with disease did not raise chances of separation

Spouses of Cancer Patients May Have Raised Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke

Stress could take a toll on caregiver's health, researchers say

Fewer Americans Tying the Knot, Survey Shows

Government report also finds people waiting longer to marry

Second-Chance Romance Might Not Bring Happiness

Ex-partners should stay that way, new study suggests

Online Medieval Fantasy Games -- Threat to Marital Bliss?

Study finds gaming 'widows' unhappy, but couples who play together see it as a plus

Handling Divorce May Be Easier Later in Life

Study found those who split at younger ages reported more health problems

College Degree Lowers Marriage Odds for Those From Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Education can bridge the income gap, but not social or cultural differences, study says

More Americans Seeking Love Online: Study

Dating websites offer romance, but 'science' behind claims is called sketchy

Living Together May Be Mentally Healthier Than Marriage: Study

Once the honeymoon's over, wedded couples grow less happy and social, research claims

Surgery Seems Most Effective for Herniated Discs

And married people showed greatest improvement afterwards, study found

Fears of Divorce May Be Keeping Many Young Couples From Marriage: Study

Two-thirds of cohabitating couples said they worried about fallout from a legal split

Multitasking Stresses Out Working Moms More Than Dads

Mothers spend many waking hours doing at least two things at once, study finds

Regular Sex May Be Key to Happy Marriage for Seniors

More-than-monthly sex also linked to happiness with life in general, survey findings suggest

Stress Linked to Higher Mortality Risk Among Men

Even moderate but sustained stress might have deadly effects, study suggests

Wanted: Spouse With Car, Stocks, Bonds

Americans with financial assets and a good education are more likely to get married, study finds

Could Divorce Trigger Hair Loss in Women?

Study shows it's the next strongest predictor of thinning locks after genetics

Women Married Before Age 18 at Higher Risk of Mental Woes: Study

Research sees slight rise in rate of these problems, but can't confirm early marriage as cause

Service Members Twice as Likely to Have Affairs: Study

But it's not clear if serving in the military played a role in infidelity

Couples Who Don't Fight Much Aren't Likely to Start

Low-conflict marriages tend to stay that way over the long haul

Trying to Be 'Supermom' Can Raise Risk for Depression

But study finds that working moms are less depressed than stay-at-home counterparts

Even Living Together Is Too Much Commitment for Today's Couples

Instead, they're shacking up a few nights a week while keeping option of going to their own home

Marriage Might Boost Colon Cancer Survival

Study found patients were 14% less likely to die if they had a spouse

Are Men Who Flaunt Flashy Cars Not the 'Marrying Kind'?

Conspicuous spending often driven by desire to have flings, researchers say

When Wives Can't Sleep, Marriage May Suffer

Study didn't find similar results when husbands were the ones counting sheep

Long Commutes Tough on Couples' Relationships

Risk of separation 40% higher for those with a long trip back and forth to work, Swedish study finds

Capacity for Commitment May Start in Early Childhood

Study found toddlers treated lovingly better at resolving conflicts with romantic partners

Parents' Fighting Can Even Affect Infants: Study

Infants whose parents had more relationship 'instability' slept more poorly at 18 months old

Heart Attack Risk Plagues Post-Katrina New Orleans

Study finds three times the risk, due to stress, among other factors