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Many U.S. Cities Lack Health Insurance Competition

Patients harmed by higher premiums in these places, leading doctors' group says

Obamacare Widened Access to Cancer Care

ACA boosted coverage for people with various malignancies, study says

Most Americans Shouldn't See Big Rise in Obamacare Premiums

8 in 10 qualify for tax credits that help lower their costs, experts say

Bipartisan Deal Could Give Temporary Protection to Obamacare

Would cover cost of subsidies to insurers for 2 years, but passage in Congress uncertain

With Skin Cancer Surgery, Insurance Matters

Wait could be more than 6 weeks longer than those with private insurance, study says

Need Cancer Screening? Where You Work Matters

Americans employed in smaller businesses often lack insurance coverage, study finds

Trump Says He'll Cut Federal Subsidies for Obamacare

Move could cripple the program, follows a similar executive order signed Thursday

Trump Signs Executive Order That Could Undermine Obamacare

Move allows younger, healthier workers to find cheaper-but-skimpier plans elsewhere, experts say

White House to Roll Back Birth Control Mandate in Employers' Health Care Plans

Expected move could affect access to contraception for millions of women

Teens Mixed Up With the Law May Fall Through Medicaid Cracks

Fewer important primary care appointments, more ER visits, study finds

Many Patients Denied Costly New Cholesterol Drugs

Insurers and high copays limit use of PCSK9 inhibitors, study says

McCain Says No to Latest Effort to Replace Obamacare

The bill, which would give states more flexibility in health care spending, is now in jeopardy

Premature Births Cost Health Plans Billions

Employer-based insurance forked over the money for special care, treatment of birth defects, study says

Hidden Gems in Your Health Insurance Plan

Take advantage of wellness programs

Nearly 25 Million U.S. Workers Now Have High-Deductible Health Plans

Employees can expect to spend more in the future, expert says

Republicans Take Another Run at Obamacare Overhaul

Sponsors say bill would give states more flexibility; critics contend it would leave many uninsured

Many May Get Hospice Care Too Late

Study suggests that most end-of-life care occurs in final 2 weeks

Obamacare Paid Off for Poorer Cancer Patients

Health coverage surged in states that expanded Medicaid, research finds

More Than Half of Americans Will Need Nursing Home Care: Study

More short-term stays the biggest factor fueling the increase

Cancer Takes Financial Toll, Even With Insurance

1 in 6 insured patients spends one-third of their income on bills related to treatment, U.S. study finds

Most People Not Bargain Hunters When It Comes to Health Care

While they believe in price shopping, they don't follow through, researchers report

Treatment Costs Can Be Another Blow to Cancer Patients

Obamacare has improved access to therapies, but finances are still a big concern, researchers say

$100 Sweetens the Pot for a Colonoscopy

Study found those who were offered cash to get cancer screening were twice as likely to do so

What's Ahead for Health Care Reform in 2018?

Higher premiums, fewer choices, less time could confront consumers shopping for insurance, analysts say

Insured, But Still Barred From Top-Tier Cancer Centers

Cheaper policies may not cover U.S. National Cancer Institute-affiliated doctors

More Patients OK'd for Cancer Trials Under Obamacare: Study

Affordable Care Act changed rules for private insurers

Losing Medicaid Tough on People Battling Depression: Study

Breaks in coverage result in more ER visits and longer hospital stays, research finds

As Efforts to Repeal Obamacare Fail, Future of Health Care Reform in Limbo

3 Republican senators tank effort to dismantle health law without an immediate replacement

Revised Senate Bill Would Allow Bare-Bones Health Plans

Fate of the GOP measure remains uncertain amid party discord

Easier Colon Exam Boosts Screening, But Insurers May Not Pay

People with coverage for virtual colonoscopy are more likely to get tested for colon cancer, study finds

Most Medicaid Recipients Happy With Their Health Care: Survey

Findings come as Senate Republicans try to slash spending for the government health insurance program

More Research Shows Big Surge in U.S. Opioid Use, Addictions

Report from major insurer shows more than 20 percent received a painkiller prescription in 2015

Lack of Health Insurance Can Shorten Lives: Study

Review of U.S. data shows more illness and death when adults are uninsured

Obamacare May Have Slashed Cardiac Arrest Rate in Oregon

'Extraordinary reduction' seen among middle-aged adults after enactment of health care law

Senate GOP Leaders Delay Vote on Health Reform Bill

Proposal to replace Obamacare would leave 22 million more uninsured by 2026: CBO

Michigan's Expanded Medicaid Plan a Boon for Workers

Survey finds them in better health and doing better work or getting a better job

Some GOP Senators Balk at Health Reform Bill

Proposal to replace Obamacare would leave 22 million more uninsured by 2026: CBO

Senate Health Bill Would Leave 22 Million More Uninsured by 2026: CBO

Premiums would decline over long term, but so would coverage; Medicaid would take a 26 percent cut, analysis says

Medicaid Cuts Tied to Delayed Breast Cancer Diagnoses

Tennessee's 2005 Medicaid rollback could forecast what might happen if GOP health plans become law, some say

Some Republicans Voice Concerns About Senate Replacement for Obamacare

Conservatives say it doesn't go far enough, moderates say it goes too far

Senate Republicans Reveal Their Replacement for Obamacare

Bill would rein in Medicaid budget more slowly, preserve preexisting condition safeguards, change tax credits

Many Doctors Silent on Cost of Cancer Care

Topic is often ignored, even though 'financial toxicity' is a growing concern, researcher says

Why Patients Leave the Hospital Against Doctor's Orders

It's a growing problem, and patient age and insurance status is often key to this unhealthy decision, study finds

Leading Medical Groups Mobilize Against Obamacare Repeal

GOP-sponsored legislation would impose added costs and risks on millions of Americans, groups contend

Uncertainty for Obamacare Plans as Filing Deadline Approaches

Early indications suggest some consumers will face fewer choices, higher rates in 2018

Nearly 10 Million U.S. Adults Suffer From Mental Illness

More than a third aren't getting help, federal study says

4 in 10 Job-Based Health Plans in U.S. Are Now 'High-Deductible'

These employees are more likely to face financial barriers to care, researchers find

CBO: 23 Million Would Lose Health Insurance Under House Health Care Bill

While premiums may lower over the long-term, many Americans would face much higher out-of-pocket costs

People With Pre-Existing Health Issues Fear Repeal-and-Replace Bill

Older, sicker Americans worry they may bear brunt of GOP efforts to curtail a popular Obamacare protection