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Simple Tests Can Tell Who Can Drive After Stroke: Study

But several stroke experts say the exams may not be dependable

Teens Posting 'Cutting' Videos on YouTube

Researchers warn that watching them may prompt vulnerable kids to injure themselves

Frostnip, Frostbite Can Take the Fun Out of Winter

Simple precautions can help people avoid both

2 Pesticides Linked to Parkinson's in Study

Findings on paraquat, rotenone will further understanding of the disease, researchers say

Some Docs May Use Twitter for 'Unprofessional' Messages: Report

4% of physician 'tweets' said to be sexually explicit, violated patients' privacy or were otherwise inappropriate

Motorcycle Helmets Help Protect Against Spine Injury: Study

Researchers debunk myth that weight of head protection puts neck at risk in crash

Report Blames Speedy FDA Clearance for Medical Device Recalls

But agency notes steps have been taken to strengthen approval system

Number of Mountain Bike Injuries Dropping

Researchers credit better bike design for downward trend

Spate of Hunter Injuries Spurs New Call for Tree Stand Safety

14 falls, 4 deaths in Alabama during recent hunting season leads experts to urge more caution

Helmet Use Encouraged for Downhill Skiers, Snowboarders

Head protection gains attention following high-profile deaths on the slopes

FDA Approves First Pacemaker Deemed Safe During MRIs

But use limited to certain patients, certain body parts and certain scanning parameters, agency notes

Some Tips for Avoiding Injury on Super Bowl Sunday

Drinking, driving -- and what can happen if you forget to go when nature calls

'Black Box' Drug Warning Labels Applied Inconsistently: Study

Uniform standards urged to help prevent consumer confusion about medication risks

Health Tip: Make Sure Your Helmet Fits

Here are some suggestions

Take Safety Precautions in the Snow, Ice

Winter weather may put many at risk for injuries, experts stress

Look-and-Sound-Alike Names Account for Many Painkiller Prescription Errors

Nurses and pharmacists should review every order, researchers say

Hands-On Training May Save Workers in Hazardous Jobs

Lectures, brochures less likely to promote safety in the workplace, study finds

Multiple Concussions Raise Teen Athletes' Health Risks

Two or more head injuries can lead to problems with memory, sleep and headaches, study finds

Will Loss of Lethal Injection Drug Harm Surgical Patients?

Experts note Pentothal safer anesthesia than newer alternatives for some

Widespread Use of Defibrillators in Public Places Saves Lives: Study

They're more effective than CPR for sudden cardiac arrest, one expert says

FDA Panel Recommends Tougher Standards for External Defibrillators

Recalls, failure to fix problems spurred agency to ask for more oversight

HEPA Filter May Improve Air Near Wood-Burning Stoves

Indoor pollution and cardiovascular health risks lower when filter was in use, study finds

Emotions May Sidetrack Use of Safety Devices

Consumers often overreact when learning of a product's potential risks, researchers find

Falls as Serious for Elderly as Stroke, Heart Attack: Experts

New guidelines say exercise, intervention essential to help those at risk maintain balance, strength

Pill-Splitting Potentially Perilous, Study Suggests

Even slight variations in weight can be dangerous with certain meds, researcher says

Flu Season Looks Normal This Year, Experts Say

Getting a shot still worthwhile; seniors most vulnerable to prevalent strain

Bottle Rockets Can Cause Serious Eye Injuries in Kids

Protective eyewear urged, even for bystanders, whenever these fireworks are used

Consumer Genetic Testing May Not Boost Users' Anxiety

But experts note validity, usefulness of direct-to-consumer tests still in question

U.S. Recession Didn't Raise Rates of Child Neglect: Study

Intervention programs may have helped prevent abuse during economic downturn, expert says

Most Guidelines for Infectious Diseases Don't Come From Clinical Trial Findings

Majority grounded in expert opinion, case studies, research shows

Rabid Stray Dog Spurs Shots for Shelter Workers: Report

Case in which 36 dogs were euthanized puts spotlight on need to vaccinate pets, CDC says

Six Out of 7 Drivers Use Seat Belts: CDC

But stronger laws needed in some states to get scofflaws to buckle up, save lives, report suggests

Obama to Sign Bill to Improve U.S. Food Safety

Measure gives FDA new powers to protect public

Snowblowers Can Remove Fingers, Too

Experts urge extra caution when clearing the chute

U.S. Health Care Reform Tops Health News for 2010

Food safety reform and the flu epidemic that fizzled also made headlines this year

Beware the Exploding Champagne Cork

Expert gives safety tips; warns it can reach a speed of 50 mph and cause severe eye damage

Hand-Washing May Have Kept Flu at Bay

Good hygiene is simply the best protection from infectious agents, experts say

How One Company Fought the Flu

Posters, e-mails and plenty of hand-sanitizer can make a difference, executive says

Doctors Urged to Admit Fatigue Before Performing Surgery

Proposed new rules suggest informing patients, requesting consent before procedure

Hearing Loss Rising Among Teen Girls, Study Finds

Increasing, unprotected exposure to loud club and concert music may be to blame, researchers say

Health Tip: Keep Emergency Phone Numbers on Hand

Especially when caring for young children

Carbon Monoxide May Be Greater Threat in Winter

This odorless gas causes 4,000 hospitalizations in U.S. each year, doctors say

Driving a Bad Idea for People Wearing a Cast, Brace: Experts

It takes longer to brake when driver's ankle is immobilized, study finds

U.S. Food-Safety Laws Overhauled

Bill awaiting Obama's signature would give FDA new powers to protect public

Not Just the Newest Toys Hold Risks for Kids

Danger lurks among tricycles as well as battery- and magnet-loaded gadgets, experts warn

FDA Panel Calls for Safety Review of Mercury in Dental Fillings

Committee notes new research that might point to potential problems

'Tainted' Supplement Makers May Face Prosecution: FDA

Move follows reports of injuries or death from synthetic steroids, other products

U.S. Government Bans Drop-Side Cribs

Numerous deaths, product recalls led to decision by Consumer Product Safety Commission