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Older Adults May Have Some Immunity to Swine Flu

CDC says the strain is related to flu variant that circulated before 1957

Health Tip: Help Protect Young Athletes

Follow the rules of the game

Sicker People More Vulnerable to Swine Flu: CDC

Meanwhile, World Health Organization says potential vaccine delayed

Study Cites Gains in Gall Bladder Cancer Treatment

Early detection, aggressive surgery boosts survival times, researchers say

Health Tip: Choosing Baby's Playpen

Safety suggestions to help avoid injury

Swine Flu Fatality Rate a 'Little Bit' Higher Than That of Seasonal Flu

But U.S. health officials say the disease is no more dangerous than regular flu

Beware of Dog Bites

Experts offer advice on how to avoid being attacked

Swine Flu May Have Infected More Than 100,000 Americans

CDC says confirmed cases, including 2 new deaths, may not reflect true reach of the disease

Nutrient-Rich Diet Lowers Risk of Age-Related Eye Disease

Study finds foods high in vitamins, minerals cut chances of macular degeneration

An Aid to Tailoring Prostate Cancer Treatment

Study identifies factors to help decide how aggressive therapy should be

Human Nose Too Cold for Bird Flu Virus

Finding might explain why this strain isn't spreading, scientists say

More Than 100,000 Americans May Have Swine Flu: CDC

Confirmed cases, including 2 new deaths, may not reflect true reach of infections

Health Experts Plot Strategy for Swine Flu Vaccine

World Health Organization expected to make recommendation next week, report says

Scorpion Anti-Venom Speeds Children's Recovery

Available in Mexico but not in U.S., it could make ICU stays unnecessary, study suggests

Health Tip: Wear Your Seat Belt During Pregnancy

Here are suggestions on what to do

Pregnant Women Should Take Flu Drugs Promptly

CDC says quick use of antivirals such as Tamiflu best for this high-risk group

Swine Flu May Pose Problems for Pregnant Women

But the risk is similar to that posed by other strains of influenza, CDC says

Supportive Weigh-In Program Keeps Pounds Off

Women maintained losses with biweekly checks and counseling, study finds

CDC Shifts Swine Flu Focus to Likely Impact in the Fall

U.S. tally exceeds 2,600, officials say, and most cases remain mild

Ladders, Swings and More Can Cause Peril

Simple precautions are urged to prevent head, neck injuries

Third U.S. Swine Flu Death Reported

Like prior 2 cases, Washington state man had underlying health problems, officials say

Confirmed Swine Flu Cases in U.S. Near 2,300 Mark

CDC says outbreak continues, but infections still mild and recovery is fairly quick

As Swine Flu Cases Mount, CDC Says U.S. Hasn't 'Dodged a Bullet'

But the estimated 2,500 infections continue to be mild and recovery is fairly quick

U.S. Swine Flu Count Nears 1,900; Person-to-Person Transmission Now Common

Officials dismiss 'swine flu parties' as dangerous way to seek immunity

CPAP Therapy Boosts Cardiac Surgery Outcomes

Findings suggest airway pressure treatment prevents complications, cuts readmissions

America's Top Allergy Capitals

Louisville, Ky., is rated most challenging city to live in for springtime sufferers

Less Education May Mean Poorer Health

High school dropouts more than twice as prone to illness as college grads, study finds

Younger Age of More Severe Swine Flu Cases Worries Experts

Average age of those hospitalized in U.S. is 15, CDC says

Program Helps Homeless Cut Use of Emergency Services

Housing, treatment for chronically ill reduce need for hospital care, study finds

U.S. Mental Health Spending Rises, But Many Still Left Out

Access to care improves, studies find, but treatment quality lags for elderly, vets

Obama Administration Might Recommend Three Flu Shots for Americans This Fall

Two would be aimed at the swine flu circulating the globe

Focusing on CPR Improves Survival

Study urges rescuers to add compressions, delay other interventions

Viewing Adult-Themed TV Tied to Earlier Sex for Teens

Study suggests they're less likely to separate reality from fiction

Hospital Volume Imperfect Gauge of Cancer Surgery Outcomes

Review finds inconsistent results, questions validity of numbers

Swine Flu Cases Still Up, But U.S. Officials Are Guardedly Optimistic

The CDC also points to encouraging signs in Mexico, thought to be the outbreak's source

More Kids Being Hurt by Falling Furniture

Researcher calls for parental diligence and new safety regulations

Swine Flu Outbreak Not a Pandemic at This Point

Mexico's health secretary said epidemic in his country seems to be waning

Black Youths With High BP May Face Elevated Heart Risks

They also had raised cholesterol, so study suggests better screening for hypertension

Swine Flu Continues to Spread Across U.S.

H1N1 strain lacks "virulent characteristics" of deadly 1918 virus, CDC notes

Prescription Training Puts Docs in Shoes of Older Patients

Challenges for seniors on multiple meds better understood after taking hands-on approach

Swine Flu Infections Now Top 140 in U.S.

But current H1N1 strain lacks "virulent characteristics" of deadly 1918 virus, CDC notes

Hearing Loss Tops Parents' Concern for Kids

Damage from loud external noises puts 3 million youngsters under 18 at risk, group says

Swine Flu Infections Surpass 100 in U.S.

Mexico prepares for shutdown of many public services to head off infections

Young Women's Breast Tissue Offers Clues to Cancer Risk

Tissue density tied to chances of disease in middle-age and beyond, study suggests

First Swine Flu Death Reported in U.S.

23-month-old boy from Mexico had traveled to Houston for medical treatments, reports say

New Network Connects the Dots Between Diseases

Worldwide mapping furthers understanding of conditions, experts say

More Than Half of Americans Living with Dirty Air

Survey finds many cities have dangerously high levels of pollution

Acrylamide Doesn't Raise Lung Cancer Risk

Controversial food byproduct even showed protection for women, study finds

U.S. Swine Flu Cases Surpass 60

CDC warns that some deaths are likely

Clinics Less Likely to Refer Heart Patients to Cardiologists

Women especially affected if primary care came from community outlet