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CPAP Therapy Boosts Cardiac Surgery Outcomes

Findings suggest airway pressure treatment prevents complications, cuts readmissions

Less Education May Mean Poorer Health

High school dropouts more than twice as prone to illness as college grads, study finds

Younger Age of More Severe Swine Flu Cases Worries Experts

Average age of those hospitalized in U.S. is 15, CDC says

Program Helps Homeless Cut Use of Emergency Services

Housing, treatment for chronically ill reduce need for hospital care, study finds

U.S. Mental Health Spending Rises, But Many Still Left Out

Access to care improves, studies find, but treatment quality lags for elderly, vets

Obama Administration Might Recommend Three Flu Shots for Americans This Fall

Two would be aimed at the swine flu circulating the globe

Focusing on CPR Improves Survival

Study urges rescuers to add compressions, delay other interventions

Viewing Adult-Themed TV Tied to Earlier Sex for Teens

Study suggests they're less likely to separate reality from fiction

Hospital Volume Imperfect Gauge of Cancer Surgery Outcomes

Review finds inconsistent results, questions validity of numbers

Swine Flu Cases Still Up, But U.S. Officials Are Guardedly Optimistic

The CDC also points to encouraging signs in Mexico, thought to be the outbreak's source

More Kids Being Hurt by Falling Furniture

Researcher calls for parental diligence and new safety regulations

Swine Flu Outbreak Not a Pandemic at This Point

Mexico's health secretary said epidemic in his country seems to be waning

Black Youths With High BP May Face Elevated Heart Risks

They also had raised cholesterol, so study suggests better screening for hypertension

Swine Flu Continues to Spread Across U.S.

H1N1 strain lacks "virulent characteristics" of deadly 1918 virus, CDC notes

Prescription Training Puts Docs in Shoes of Older Patients

Challenges for seniors on multiple meds better understood after taking hands-on approach

Swine Flu Infections Now Top 140 in U.S.

But current H1N1 strain lacks "virulent characteristics" of deadly 1918 virus, CDC notes

Hearing Loss Tops Parents' Concern for Kids

Damage from loud external noises puts 3 million youngsters under 18 at risk, group says

Swine Flu Infections Surpass 100 in U.S.

Mexico prepares for shutdown of many public services to head off infections

Young Women's Breast Tissue Offers Clues to Cancer Risk

Tissue density tied to chances of disease in middle-age and beyond, study suggests

First Swine Flu Death Reported in U.S.

23-month-old boy from Mexico had traveled to Houston for medical treatments, reports say

New Network Connects the Dots Between Diseases

Worldwide mapping furthers understanding of conditions, experts say

More Than Half of Americans Living with Dirty Air

Survey finds many cities have dangerously high levels of pollution

Acrylamide Doesn't Raise Lung Cancer Risk

Controversial food byproduct even showed protection for women, study finds

U.S. Swine Flu Cases Surpass 60

CDC warns that some deaths are likely

Clinics Less Likely to Refer Heart Patients to Cardiologists

Women especially affected if primary care came from community outlet

Lifestyle Factors Tied to Older Adults' Diabetes Risk

As population ages, even small changes affect incidence, study finds

40 Swine Flu Cases Now Reported in U.S.

Health officials checking persons entering the country for signs of sickness

Medication Errors Could Be Cut: Experts

Two reports show promise of computers, pharmacists for proper prescribing

U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency in Response to Swine Flu

A precautionary measure, the move allows federal and state governments easier access to flu tests and medications

WHO Warns of Possible Pandemic as Mexico Seeks to Contain Swine Flu

3 new cases reported in United States, health officials say

At Least 20 Dead, Hundreds Ill in Swine Flu Outbreak in Mexico

Officials find links between Mexican virus and strain that sickened 8 people in California, Texas

Swine Flu Cases Now Total 7: CDC

All patients, in California and Texas, have recovered from unique virus

Medicare Change May Impact Black Kidney Patients

Single payment plan for dialysis and meds could put many at disadvantage, study suggests

Agent Orange Exposure Tied to Prostate Cancer Return

Study finds vets at higher risk of aggressive recurrence only 8 months after surgery

Safety Measures Urged for Tree-Care Workers

CDC report finds an average of 80 die each year while trimming trees

Kids Given Photos of Sunburn Damage Covered Up Better

Study says every preteen should get UV snapshot of what exposure can do to their skin

Staying Slim Is Good for the Environment

Sustaining heavier people produces more greenhouse gases, researchers say

Fatty Fish May Cut Heart Failure Risk in Men

Study finds benefit from consuming just one serving a week

Charring Meat May Boost Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Increases production of carcinogens thought to invite disease, study finds

Compound in Berries May Lessen Sun Damage

Study in mice finds ellagic acid, also in nuts, limits wrinkling

Fructose-Sweetened Drinks Up Metabolic Syndrome Risk

But glucose-based beverages may not have same impact, study finds

Doctor-Patient Talks Key to Blacks Getting Cancer Screens

Poor communication a major problem in low screening rates but one that can be fixed, study suggests

Group Urges Public to Take Free Asthma Tests in May

It's National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

Secondhand Smoke Quickly Affects Blood Vessels

As little as 10 minutes of exposure changes cardiovascular function, researchers say

Study Reveals How Salmonella 'Hijacks' Cells

Researchers spot mechanism that may be applicable to other pathogens

Former Inmates at Increased Risk for High Blood Pressure

And they're more likely to lack treatment for it years after freedom, study finds

How Much Fish to Eat While Pregnant?

Experts debate pros, cons of consumption and mercury exposure

Safety Tips That Will Earn Barbecuers a 'Well Done'

Putting common sense on menu is best way to avoid grill burns and accidents, experts say

Cleaning Concoctions Best Left to Experts

Industry group says, 'Think twice before mixing once' to avoid harm