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Link Between Vaccine and MS Unproven

Majority of children vaccinated against hepatitis B not at risk for the condition, study says

Scientists ID Gene Pathway Triggering Melanoma Spread

Finding could lead to therapeutic applications for tumor progression in other cancers

FDA Faulted for Lack of Produce Oversight

Congressional report cites insufficient funding and resources

Fall Sports Peak Time for Lower Leg Damage

Sprains, fractures, turf toe most common injuries, but warm-ups, proper gear cut risks

3M Injected Drug Users Worldwide Could Be HIV-Positive

In some countries, prevalence of infection may be as high as 40%, study suggests

Migraines More Frequent, Intense in Overweight Kids

But weight loss can ease the pain, study shows

Active Social Life May Reduce Men's Alzheimer's Risk

Home, family, club activities appear to enhance creation of new brain cells, study finds

Patient Harm From Problem 'Handoffs' Is Common: Report

Hospital residents say poor transfers of care as serious as medication-related errors

Moderate Aerobic Exercise Lowers Diabetics' Liver Fat

Study cites benefits for type 2 patients seeking to avoid cardiovascular problems

Casual Smokers at Greater Risk for Alcohol-Use Disorders

Even non-daily puffers 16 times more likely to be hazardous drinkers, study says

Alert Issued on Use of Blood Thinners

Latest warning follows high-profile dosing errors

Regular Hand-Washing Can Prevent Against Colds, Flu

But group's survey finds fewer Americans taking this simple precaution

Flu Vaccine Should Be More Effective: CDC

And officials are urging more Americans than ever before to get a shot this season

Boomers Should Add Muscle Before It's Too Late

Resitance training in 60s, 70s wards off loss that weakens posture, balance, study says

Wine Compound May Protect Against Radiation Exposure

Rat study finding could lead to human treatments that are effective, non-toxic

Researchers ID Ovarian Cancer Biomarker

Finding could advance new drugs targeting blood cells surrounding tumors, study says

Bone Loss Stable on Restricted Calorie Diet

Gradual weight loss over 6 months showed no apparent harm, study finds

Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates Vary Widely

Fivefold difference in 10 North American sites

Blacks at Greater Risk of Precancerous Colon Polyps

Difference is most pronounced among black women, study finds

Stroke Prevalence Higher, Deadlier Among American Indians

More smoking, hypertension, diabetes may explain statistics, study says

Nasal Insulin Won't Shield At-Risk Kids From Diabetes

The treatment had no effect in keeping the disease at bay, researchers say

U.S. Abortion Rate at 30-Year Low

Many abortions are among older mothers and minority women, report says

Family History Key Player in Brain Cancer Risk

Having immediate relatives with tumors boosts one's risk for same, study says

Cholesterol Drugs May Raise Post-Op Delirium Risk

Patients on statin medications 30% more likely to experience trouble, study finds

Women's Peripheral Artery Disease Tied to Secondhand Smoke

They face 69% increased risk for heart disease, 56% risk of ischemic stroke, study finds

Fall Cleanup Is a Prime Time for Accidents

Whether it's raking leaves or climbing ladders for repairs, work safe

Sports Eye Injuries Leading Cause of Blindness in Youths

But safety glasses can cut injury risk by 90%, vision expert says

'Healthy Fat' Chemical Aids Body's Metabolism

Mouse study uncovers new class of hormones that could reverse obesity-related disease

Parental Involvement in School Has Its Limits

Overprotective moms and dads need to learn when to let go, expert says

FDA Proposes Regulations for Genetically Engineered Animals

Producers must provide safety and efficacy data before market approval

Mom's Diet Can Alter Genes to Raise Babies' Asthma Risk

Supplement use may be behind doubling of respiratory disease in last 25 years, study suggests

Girls From Poorer Areas More Likely to Have Sex Earlier

Partners are usually older boys with conduct problems, study says

Drug Combo Fights Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Cell Growth

Researchers say trabectedin showed promise in Phase III trial, hope for FDA approval

School-Based Efforts Boost Kids' Fruit, Vegetable Intake

Biggest difference maker was repeated exposure through taste testing, study says

Daycare Infants Less Likely to Develop Asthma

Finding backs 'hygiene hypothesis' that early exposure to germs confers protective effect

Premixed Insulin May Offer Better Blood Sugar Control

Study compared these formulations to long-acting insulin and other medications

Medicare Advantage Plans Get Lion's Share of Insurers' Ad Dollars

Analysis finds comprehensive packages touted 3 times as often as stand-alone drug offerings

Stress Disorder Affects 20% of Intensive Care Patients

Prior history of mental health problems, sedative use contribute to risk, study says

Health Tip: Booster Seat Safety

When your child outgrows the car seat

3-D MRI Helps Detect Patients at High Risk for Stroke

Technique accurately found bleeding within walls of diseased carotid arteries

Survival Rate Little Changed With Aortic Valve Disorder

Young adults with the common congenital heart defect don't have worse outcomes, study says

Lifestyle Changes Boost Enzyme Regulating Cell Aging

Adjustments to diet, exercise increased telomerase levels 29%, cut 'bad' cholesterol

Plastic Chemical Tied to Heart Disease and Diabetes

Bisphenol A previously associated with developmental problems in fetuses

Researchers Suppress 'Hunger Hormone'

Minimally invasive procedure in pigs produced effect similar to bariatric surgery

Immune System Biomarkers May Predict Early Lung Cancer

Method could prove effective in identifying other common types of disease, study says

Drug Treatment for Osteoporosis Patients Urged

Bisphosphonates can be first-line therapy, particularly for those with hip fracture risk, physicians' group says

Safety Gear a Must to Prevent Kids' Sports Injuries

Concussion most common danger, expert says, so head, face gear should take priority

Too Few People Know Symptoms of Heart Trouble

And that lack of knowledge could cost you your life

Changes in Seniors' Sleep Patterns Need Attention

Disrupted rest lasting more than 2 weeks should be brought up with doctor, expert says

Ordinary Chores Cause Half of All Eye Injuries

September is vision safety awareness month, and group offers tips to prevent accidents