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Even Kids With Known Allergies Can Be Safely Vaccinated

Experts develop sequence of instructions they say could help doctors evaluate risks

FDA Demands Tougher Warnings on Immunosuppressive Drugs

Officials want stronger labeling about fungal infection risk

Doctors Could Play a Part in Preventing Suicides

Study suggests restricting access to firearms for at-risk patients saves lives

Youth Suicides Continue to Rise in U.S.

One reason may be reluctance to prescribe antidepressants, study suggests

Exercise May Help Prevent Age-Related Memory Loss

Moderate weekly activity showed benefits even a year after routine was stopped, study says

Health Tip: Buy a Safe Bathtub for Baby

Make sure it has safety features

Antioxidant-Rich Diet May Protect Against Eye Disease

Compounds likely extend life of retinal cells that fight age-related macular degeneration

Most Youths Tried as Adults Had Psychiatric Disorders

Chicago study finds more than two-thirds of them needed help with at least one illness

Cataracts World's Leading Cause of Vision Loss

Age a key factor, but group cites other risks during August disease awareness month

Alcohol in Early Pregnancy May Prompt Fetal Cell Death

Even a few glasses of wine enough to disrupt normal development, mouse study finds

Some Hiroshima Survivors at Thyroid Cancer Risk

Radiation may have caused chromosomal change that raises odds for malignancy, study finds

Leave That Ear Wax Alone

New guidelines say most people don't need to remove it

Study Questions Flu Shot's Mortality Protection for Elderly

Canadian study found benefit to be statistically insignificant

Mom's Smoking During Pregnancy Ups Preemie's SIDS Risk

Fetal exposure to cigarette smoke appears to lower breathing recovery, study finds

Older Caregivers Prone to Worse Sleep Patterns

Overnight stays with person with dementia led to daytime tiredness, symptoms of depression

13% of Seniors Report Being Mistreated

Abuse is verbal, financial and physical, especially for the impaired, study says

Most Patients With Irregular Heartbeat Take Inadequate Blood Thinner Dose

Warfarin could cut stroke risk by 67%, but patients and doctors say drug is hard to manage

Salmonella Outbreak Over, U.S. Says

FDA lifts advisory against eating raw Mexican jalapeno and serrano peppers

Cadmium Exposure Tied to Lung Disease

Found in cigarette smoke, fertilizers, even low levels of the metal can double risk

Health Tip: Prepare a Fire Safety Plan

Protect your home and family

Angioplasty Scoring System Predicts Risk of Death

Clinicians use 7 simple variables to gauge in-hospital mortality after coronary intervention

Study Links Spanking to Physical Abuse

Those who paddled were 3 times likelier to use harsher punishments

Mistaken Beliefs About Cancer Abound

Global survey says many inflate environmental risks, downplay behaviors that count

Findings Challenge Tight Glucose Control for Critically Ill Patients

Analysis of 29 previous studies found no significant difference in hospital death rates

Single Rooms Becoming the Norm in New Hospitals

Trend could reduce spread of infections, medication errors, report says

Tobacco Control Program Saved Billions in Health Costs

Rapid benefits in California tied to fact program was directed at adults, not youth, study finds

Antipsychotic Drug Use Up in Elderly Despite Warnings

Canadian study suggests cautions fail to alert docs to effectiveness of alternative therapies

LDL Cholesterol Tied to Increased Cancer Risk in Diabetics

Using these levels as markers could help clinicians better treat patients, Chinese study finds

One-Third of Schools Built in Air Pollution Danger Zones

Unhealthy proximity to major roads is public health concern future planners should address

Food Allergy Action Plan Can Keep Kids From Harm

Allergists recommend consulting with school staff on avoidance strategies

Climate Change Linked to Longer Pollen Seasons

Increasing temperatures, carbon dioxide levels add to discomfort of ragweed allergies

Cheerleading Causes Majority of Female Athlete Injuries

Catastrophic damage blamed on gymnastic-type stunts now common in routines, study says

Long-Term Exposure to Incense Raises Cancer Risk

Rates of respiratory tract cancers increase, lung cancer incidence does not, study finds

Healthy Lunches Help Kids' Concentration in School

Parents should go light on fats and remember their example is best teacher, expert says

Lung Association Urges Back-to-School Asthma Checklist

Since almost 11% of school-age kids have the disease, parents should take precautions

DEET Works Because Mosquitoes Hate the Smell

Research upends theory that repellant masks person's odor and interferes with bugs' senses

Gastric Band Weight-Loss Surgery Can Boost Reflux

Obese patients with GERD may choose gastric bypass instead, experts say

Marinades Help Keep Grilled Meat Safe

Study found they reduce the amount of cancer-causing compounds

Molecule Keeps Bacteria Like Salmonella in Check

Finding could also fight other pathogens before they develop resistance to antibiotics

3.4 Million Seniors Hit Medicare 'Doughnut Hole'

In many cases, enrollees stop taking meds as they reach this coverage gap, study finds

Dietary Supplements May Pose Risk to Older Cancer Survivors

It's unclear if pills help keep them healthier or put them in danger of disease recurrence

Text-Messaging Injuries Blamed on Distraction

Inattentiveness contacting others can lead to injuries, death while walking or driving

Abstinence-Only Programs Fall Short of Teens' Needs

It means different things to youngsters, so sex ed should be added to lineup, study says

Measles Cases Highest Since 1996

Parents' philosophical, religious fear of vaccination leading to increase, CDC report says

Health Tip: Monitor the Mercury in Your Food

Pregnant women and young children should be especially cautious

Calcium Might Have Taste Humans Can Detect

Tweaking tongue receptors could encourage people to consume more of the vital nutrient

79 Million Americans Struggle to Pay Medical Bills

New numbers show the problem is getting worse, not better, even for middle class

Silver-Coated Ventilator Tubes Cut Risk of Pneumonia

Antimicrobial properties blocked bacteria formation, delayed onset of lung inflammation

Epilepsy Raises Drowning Risk

Seizures could boost the danger in tubs, pools, experts say