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For Some Animals, There's No Place at Home

Exotic pets like rodents, reptiles and monkeys can carry disease, report warns

Pneumonia Vaccine Lowers Chances of Heart Attack

50% reduction in risk seen 2 years later in Canadian study

Kids' Flu Shot Largely Ineffective Over Past Few Years

Study finds it didn't keep them from hospitals, doctors' offices

Hospital Fixes Cut Opiate Errors in Kids

Simple adjustments also save money, since side effects can affect length of stay, study says

Vending Machines Found in Most Middle Schools

Snacks, drinks sold not helping fight against childhood obesity, researcher notes

Teens May Be Missing Out on Needed Vaccines

Not getting preventive care biggest reason for immunization shortfall, study finds

Health Tip: Biking Safely

Suggestions for when your child pedals

Obesity, Insulin Level Impact Prostate Cancer Survival

Heavy men with high output of the hormone had quadruple the death risk, study found

Spiriva Safe, Effective for COPD Patients

However, treatment does not slow disease progression, researchers say

FDA Rules How Much Melamine Is Too Much

In wake of China food scare, agency says any amount is too much for infants

Gestational Diabetes Risk Higher for Asian-White Couples

Pelvic size may also play role in further chance of Caesarean delivery, study finds

Extended Work Absences May Signal Risk of Death

Problems tied to surgery or circulatory or psychiatric troubles a red flag, study suggests

Vision Test for Young Children Called Unreliable

Researchers found standard way of measuring acuity in preschoolers missed problems

Behavioral Management Plans Help Kids Lose Weight

Most effective programs include techniques to improve diet, exercise habits, study says

Drinking Before 15 Boosts Risk of Later Alcohol Abuse

Study suggests delaying imbibing as late as possible, until 18 or older, is best

Body Fat, Muscle Distribution Linked to RA Disability

More fat on arms, legs tied to more inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis, study says

New Class of Drugs Might Cause Congenital Heart Defects

Lithium is only such drug on market, but more powerful versions are in development, researcher warns

Kids Who Wheeze With Rhinovirus at Higher Asthma Risk

But study can't say whether germs cause condition or just identify those who may get it

Program Seeks to Reduce ICU Infections

An estimated 250,000 such illnesses occur each year, CDC says

Group Urges Depression Screening for Heart Patients

They face twice the risk of second cardiac event 1 to 2 years later

HIV Outbreak Began Decades Earlier Than Thought

Rise of cities, risky behavior in west central Africa between 1884 and 1924 at root, study says

Beta Blockers May Cut Mortality in COPD Patients After Surgery

Preoperative use was well-tolerated without adverse respiratory effects, study finds

Dieting History Tied to Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Restricted eaters gained too much or too little, study finds

Team Sniffs Out Process That Could Make 'Artificial Nose'

Lab-made smell receptors could replace drug- and explosive-sniffing dogs, have medical uses

Fewer Doses, Intramuscular Injection Cut Anthrax Shot Side Effects

3 vaccinations just as effective as current 6 in forming antibodies, study finds

Occupational Therapy Plus Exercise Benefits Osteoarthritis

Taking more active role in their health helps patients stave off decline, study finds

Link Between Vaccine and MS Unproven

Majority of children vaccinated against hepatitis B not at risk for the condition, study says

Birth Size Linked to Breast Cancer Risk

Heavier, longer infants more likely to develop disease as adults, study finds

Scientists ID Gene Pathway Triggering Melanoma Spread

Finding could lead to therapeutic applications for tumor progression in other cancers

FDA Faulted for Lack of Produce Oversight

Congressional report cites insufficient funding and resources

Fall Sports Peak Time for Lower Leg Damage

Sprains, fractures, turf toe most common injuries, but warm-ups, proper gear cut risks

3M Injected Drug Users Worldwide Could Be HIV-Positive

In some countries, prevalence of infection may be as high as 40%, study suggests

Migraines More Frequent, Intense in Overweight Kids

But weight loss can ease the pain, study shows

Active Social Life May Reduce Men's Alzheimer's Risk

Home, family, club activities appear to enhance creation of new brain cells, study finds

Patient Harm From Problem 'Handoffs' Is Common: Report

Hospital residents say poor transfers of care as serious as medication-related errors

Moderate Aerobic Exercise Lowers Diabetics' Liver Fat

Study cites benefits for type 2 patients seeking to avoid cardiovascular problems

Casual Smokers at Greater Risk for Alcohol-Use Disorders

Even non-daily puffers 16 times more likely to be hazardous drinkers, study says

Alert Issued on Use of Blood Thinners

Latest warning follows high-profile dosing errors

Regular Hand-Washing Can Prevent Against Colds, Flu

But group's survey finds fewer Americans taking this simple precaution

Flu Vaccine Should Be More Effective: CDC

And officials are urging more Americans than ever before to get a shot this season

Boomers Should Add Muscle Before It's Too Late

Resitance training in 60s, 70s wards off loss that weakens posture, balance, study says

Wine Compound May Protect Against Radiation Exposure

Rat study finding could lead to human treatments that are effective, non-toxic

Researchers ID Ovarian Cancer Biomarker

Finding could advance new drugs targeting blood cells surrounding tumors, study says

Bone Loss Stable on Restricted Calorie Diet

Gradual weight loss over 6 months showed no apparent harm, study finds

Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates Vary Widely

Fivefold difference in 10 North American sites

Blacks at Greater Risk of Precancerous Colon Polyps

Difference is most pronounced among black women, study finds

Stroke Prevalence Higher, Deadlier Among American Indians

More smoking, hypertension, diabetes may explain statistics, study says

Nasal Insulin Won't Shield At-Risk Kids From Diabetes

The treatment had no effect in keeping the disease at bay, researchers say

U.S. Abortion Rate at 30-Year Low

Many abortions are among older mothers and minority women, report says

Cholesterol Drugs May Raise Post-Op Delirium Risk

Patients on statin medications 30% more likely to experience trouble, study finds