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Heat-Related Illnesses Take the Fun Out of Sun

Using sunscreen, drinking water, covering up are just what the doctor orders

Most Sunscreens Aren't Up to the Task

They offer some protection, but you need to take additional steps to avoid skin cancer

Don't Get Burned by Heat Stroke

Potentially deadly illness can usually be prevented, experts advise

Protect Your Pets From Fireworks

Loud noises, bright objects traumatize animals, so take safety measures

When It Comes to Fireworks, Leave the Shows to the Pros

An estimated 10,800 injuries were treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms in 2005

TB Patient Has Less Dangerous Strain: CDC

But MDR-TB is still potentially lethal, and agency's actions were justified, official says

Amateur Basketball Players Court Disaster

Experts offer 'weekend warriors' tips on preventing injury

TV Program Tripled Calls to Smoking Quitline

Huge response after series following newsman Peter Jennings' death from lung cancer, study finds

Anti-Malaria Drugs Help Africa's Women, Babies

Giving these meds in pregnancy improves birth outcomes, study finds

A Safe Summer Means More Fun for Kids

Experts offer parents common-sense tips to protect children from injury

Bengay Death Highlights OTC Dangers

Just because it's nonprescription doesn't mean it's harmless, experts caution in wake of teen track star's overdose from sports cream

FDA Shouldn't Approve Diet Drug, Panel Says

Concern about suicidal thoughts cited by agency advisers

Health Tip: Keeping Kids Safe

Rid your home of potential hazards

Many Cops Have Troubled Sleep

Problem impairs judgment, increases risk for accidents, experts say

Lack of Sleep Hinders Airport Security Checks

Baggage screeners may be less diligent, alert if overtired, study suggests

Blood Clot Screening Program Is Expanded

Group updates free exams targeting early identification of disabling blockages

Most Guns in Homes With Young Kids Not Stored Safely

70% of parents surveyed say they don't take adequate precautions, researchers report

Life in Segregated Neighborhood May Improve Mexican-Americans' Health

That finding runs counter to studies of other ethnic minorities, reseachers say

U.S. to Probe Role of CDC Expert in TB Saga

CDC investigating actions of one of its own microbiologists, whose son-in-law traveled with dangerous TB.

FDA Bans Toothpaste From China

Agency warns consumers that the products contain a dangerous chemical used in antifreeze and as a solvent

TB Patient Apologizes, But Defends Actions

Atlanta lawyer insists he was told he wasn't a health threat; search continues for fellow airline travelers

TV Ads on Stroke's Warning Signs Can Improve Care

Better education gets people to the hospital more quickly, study finds

TB Patient Enters Denver Hospital for Treatment

He is a 31-year-old Atlanta lawyer whose father-in-law is a U.S. government TB expert; search continues for fellow airline passengers

Experts Disagree on Whether TB Patient Needed to Be Isolated

U.S. health officials still seeking airline passengers who could have been infected

Health Tip: Safe Toys For Your Child

Here's how to help prevent accidents

Driving With Passengers Boosts Accident Risk

Likelihood of a crash doubles with 2 or more riders, Australian study says

Number of Smoke-Free Households on the Increase

CDC report found the proportion went from 43% in 1993 to 72% in 2003

Ladder-Related Accidents Climb in U.S.: Study

Fractures most common injury, sending more than 136,000 people a year to ERs

Gardasil Guards Against Vaginal, Vulval Cancers

Researchers found cervical cancer vaccine reduced risk of lesions by 49%

Air Bags Dangerous for Tall, Small People: Study

A second study finds that women are engaging in increasingly risky driving

Lifestyle Changes Help Older Women's Hearts After HRT

Exercise, better diet cuts cardiovascular risks, study finds

Pool Safety Tips Keep Everyone's Head Above Water

Common-sense measures reduce kids' drowning risk, groups say

Worksite Health Programs Boost the Bottom Line: Study

Better control of diabetes, heart disease means more productive workers

Proposal to Give FDA More Muscle Gets Mixed Reviews

Senate bill seeks to improve agency's ability to protect public from dangerous drugs

Retail Tobacco Ads Boost Likelihood of Teens' Smoking

Price cuts, promotions lure casual users into regular puffing, study finds

Dads' Parenting Style Influences Childhood Obesity

Clear limits, parental follow-through can help curb overweight epidemic

Diesel Exhaust Impairs Blood Flow to Marrow

Elderly most affected by exposure to the pollutant, researchers say

Less Sun a Better Bet Than Sunscreens

Protective clothing also cuts your risk of skin cancer, research finds

Web-Based Asthma Program Helps Kids Manage Symptoms

Multimedia site teaches urban teens to control exacerbating behaviors

Rare Lung Disease Found in Food-Flavoring Workers

Lead contamination also high among women workers in battery plants, CDC report finds

Food Prep May Be as Important as Ingredients Themselves

Frying, grilling can boost hazardous inflammatory toxins, scientists say

A Healthier Planet, a Healthier You

This Earth Day, use an online calculator to gauge your 'carbon footprint'

Ireland's Smoking Ban Cut Pub Toxins Dramatically

Study found pollutants reduced 83%, secondhand smoke exposure by 99 percent

U.S. Approves 1st Bird Flu Vaccine

Called an 'interim' measure, it was effective about half the time in trials

Change of Season Brings Lawn Mower Warning

Pediatric experts remind homeowners that small fingers, large blades don't mix

Rattlesnake Capsules Linked to Salmonella Poisoning

Hispanic folk remedy may contain lethal bacteria, expert warns

Free Asthma Screenings to be Offered Across the U.S.

May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, and tests will be run at 300 locations

90% of Elementary School Kids Are Bullied: Survey

Some experts doubt the problem is that pervasive, but all agree it needs to be eliminated

Teens' 'Competence Skills' Key to Avoiding Drug Abuse: Study

Strong self-image, ability to say 'no' deciding factors in resisting peer pressure

Scientists Frustrated in Search for Genital Herpes Vaccine

Better funding could help defeat the virus, which infects 1 in 5 Americans