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Fishin' in the Rain -- Safely

Avoid hypothermia and lightning

SATURDAY, April 26, 2003 (HealthDayNews) -- You may not want to let a little rain ruin your fishing plans, but be sure to think safety before you head out.

If the weather is cold in addition to being rainy, you run the risk of hypothermia, a serious condition that occurs when the body temperature is lowered. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Service, hypothermia is the leading cause of death for outdoor recreationists. Wet or damp clothing increases the risk. To avoid hypothermia, wear several layers of clothing and make sure you wear rain gear on top. And of course, get back indoors when you start to feel cold. Also, avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Keep a set of dry clothes in your car or cabin, so you can change into dry clothes immediately when you're done fishing.

If you're fishing from a boat rather than the shore, check the weather before you set out. If the forecast calls for a bad storm, do yourself a favor and stay in for the day. Lightning and rough seas can be very dangerous if you're out in the middle of the water on a boat. If you do go out despite the warnings, get back in as soon as the storm begins. If you're fishing when lightning strikes, get rid of your pole -- the metal or carbon used to make it attracts lightning.

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Here are some additional fishing safety tips from Australia's Recfishwest, a recreational fishing association.

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