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Health Tip: Cell Phone Safety

Be careful on the road

(HealthDay News) - Cell phone use is a common cause of accidents while driving. In some states, it's illegal for a driver to use a cell phone without a hands-free device.

The University of Texas at San Antonio Police Department offers these safety suggestions to help reduce accidents caused by cell phone use:

  • Use a hands-free accessory whenever possible.
  • Don't risk an accident trying to reach your phone. Store it in an accessible place, but don't answer it if you can't reach for it safely.
  • Memorize your keypad, speed dial and other functions so that you can pay attention to the road while using your phone.
  • Don't talk on your phone while driving through construction zones, heavy traffic, bad weather or other situations that require your full attention.
  • Plan your calls around your trip. Call once you're safely in your lane on the interstate, rather than making a call as you're trying to merge into traffic.
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