Health Tip: Protect Yourself From Pesticides

Help reduce exposure

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(HealthDay News) -- Pesticides may help rid your home of unwelcome visitors. But the fact that they're designed to kill specific creatures or germs means that people and pets also should limit exposure to these products.

The U.S. National Safety Council offers these suggestions:

  • When purchasing pesticides, stick to those that are registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Carefully follow the instructions on pesticide packaging. Never use pesticides for anything other than their intended use, or use more of the products than is recommended.
  • Use pesticides designed specifically for the pest you want to eliminate.
  • If you don't use all of the product, make sure you safely store or get rid of the remainder.
  • Only use pesticides in well-ventilated places. Keep the area ventilated long after the product is used.
  • If possible, use pesticide methods that don't include chemicals.


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