Health Tip: Stay Safe With a Space Heater

Make sure experts have tested your model

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(HealthDay News) -- A space heater provides comforting warmth during the cold days of winter, but it can also pose a significant fire hazard.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security offers these space-heater safety tips:

  • Look for a heater that's tested by Underwriters Laboratories or similar.
  • Place your heater at least 3 feet from any furniture, drapes or other flammable items.
  • Make sure the heater is on a level surface and in a safe place where no one is likely to bump into it.
  • Avoid using an extension cord. If you must use one, make sure it is heavy duty and has a power rating that is a compatible with the rating on the heater.
  • Carefully supervise any pets or children near a heater.
  • Only use a heater for temporary heating, and never leave it running while you are not home or while sleeping.


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