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Health Tip: Plane Sense

Suggestions for healthy airplane travel

(HealthDayNews) -- It's the holiday season and people are heading to the airport to visit family and friends.

Here are suggestions to help make plane travel safer and more comfortable, according to

  • Pack a couple of days' supply of medication in your carry-on luggage. Bring along a list of the names and dosages of all of your medicines.
  • If you have diabetes or epilepsy, carry a notification and identification card. Have the name and phone number of your doctor with you in case of emergency.
  • The air in airplanes is dry, so drink nonalcoholic, decaffeinated beverages and water to avoid becoming dehydrated.
  • If your ears hurt when you fly, try taking a decongestant (such as pseudoephedrine) before you get on the plane. You also can swallow often and chew gum during the flight. Babies can suck on a bottle or pacifier.
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