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Study Shows Just How Big a Role Cellphones Play in Car Crashes

In-vehicle videos highlight other distractions, such as reading, writing and touchscreen menus on dashboards

Why Americans Have Shorter Lifespans Than People in Similar Nations

Study finds shootings, crashes and drug overdoses contribute to a 2-year gap in life expectancy

Night-Shift Workers May Be Prone to Car Crashes

More than one-third had near misses during driving test after work, small study finds

Death and Disability From Injuries Down Worldwide: Study

Rate has dropped by nearly one-third since 1990

Buckle Up in the Backseat, Experts Advise

About 400 deaths a year might be prevented if more people wore rear seatbelts

Motorized Wheelchair Users at Raised Risk for Traffic Deaths: Study

Over 500 wheelchair-using Americans died in such accidents over 6 years, researchers report

Health Tip: Is Your Child Ready for a Booster Seat?

Suggestions for a safer transition

Child Safety Seats Often Incompatible With Cars: Study

Parents should take measurements to ensure seats fit properly inside vehicle, researchers advise

Expert Offers Car Seat Safety Tips

Most devices aren't used properly

Many Parents Overlook Booster Seat Safety

Used properly, they can reduce risk of serious injuries by 45 percent, researchers say

'Mud Bogging' Motor Sport Tied to Carbon Monoxide Poisonings, Deaths

Experts recommend getting out of stuck vehicles, and having portable CO detectors

Teens Not the Only Ones Using Cellphones While Driving

Many adults are calling, texting when behind the wheel, survey finds

Health Tip: Make Sure Children Use ATVs Safely

Protective gear and training are essential

Alcohol, Pot Combo Impairs Driving More Than Either Alone

But study finds effect isn't doubled, and alcohol still more dangerous than pot

Many New Teen Drivers 'Crash' in Simulated Driving Task

Study suggests despite getting licenses, adolescents lacked key skills to stay safe

Tougher Night Driving Rules for Teens May Lower Crash Rates

Massachusetts study found 40 percent drop in serious accidents among teens once new laws passed

Health Tip: Check for Children in the Driveway

Walk a lap around the car before you drive

Teen Drivers a Danger to Others on the Road, Report Warns

More than two-thirds of those injured, killed in crashes with teen drivers are other people

Fewer Motorcyclists Dying in Crashes: Report

But U.S. death toll still higher than a decade ago, researchers say

Brain Injury Linked to Raised Risk of Road Rage

Understanding how head trauma affects driving behavior could help improve traffic safety, study says

Fall-Related Deaths Nearly Doubled for U.S. Seniors Since 2000

Researchers also report that car crashes cause 1 in 7 unintentional deaths in older Americans

Self-Driving Cars Will Still Need Limits for Teens, Survey Finds

Most favor restrictions on speed and passengers

Drop in Drunk Driving Crashes May Have Boosted U.S. Economy

Study tallied savings from fewer medical bills, lower legal costs, lost productivity and property damage

Higher Alcohol Taxes May Lead to Fewer Drunk-Driving Deaths: Study

Researchers believe thousands of fatalities could be avoided each year

Texting Bans Tied to Drop in Car Crash Injuries

Hospitalizations from auto accidents down 7 percent in states with restrictions

School Dismissal a Dangerous Time for Kids Getting Hit By Cars

Study authors and expert say better supervision, less smartphone use might cut the risk

Traffic Deaths Increase in Spring Break Hot Spots

No similar rise seen in areas of same states that aren't considered spring break destinations

Could In-Car Breathalyzers Slash Rate of Booze-Linked Crashes?

Study says yes, but experts say the technology must first be refined and gain wider acceptance

Crashes Cause Majority of Deaths for Truck Drivers

U.S. government report finds 1 in 3 who died weren't wearing seat belts

U.S. Pedestrian Death Rate Leveling Off, But Still Too High

Governors' safety group reports more than 2,100 killed in early 2014

Driving Soon After Stroke May Be Risky, Studies Suggest

Recent survivors more likely to make errors and have collisions in simulated tests

Teens, Young Adults Most Likely to Go to ER After Car Accidents: Report

Race also played a role, with blacks more likely to visit ER after crashes than whites, Hispanics

Many Parents Too Quick to Switch Child Car Seats, Study Finds

Front-facing models unsafe before age 2, experts say

Alcohol, Pot Fuel Half of Young Driver Deaths, Report Finds

Study of nine states found victims were under the influence when they crashed

Stay Sober or Be Pulled Over This Holiday Season

State highway officials renew their warnings about drunk driving

Older Cars a Bad Choice for Younger Drivers

Study found nearly half of teen crashes involved cars more than a decade old

When Gas Prices Go Up, So Do Motorcycle Accidents, Study Finds

Shift to lower-cost transportation carries a hefty price

Young Guys in Large Vehicles Most Likely to Survive Crash

Study found that in head-on collisions, lowest death rate was seen among those aged 15-24

Adult-Sized ATVs Deadly for Kids, Report Shows

Study highlights risks associated with all-terrain vehicles

Undiagnosed Sleep Problems May Be Common Among Firefighters

These disorders linked to risk for car accidents and poor health, study suggests

Health Tip: Teach Children Never to Play in the Car

And lock the car when not in use

Health Tip: Driving Safely at Night

Suggestions for nighttime travel

Health Tip: Watch the Road on Halloween

Be careful of trick-or-treaters

U.S. Traffic Accidents Send 2.5 Million to ERs Each Year, CDC Says

Medical costs of those collisions top $18 billion, U.S. government estimates

Health Tip: Keeping Your Child Safe in a Car Seat

Babies should ride in a rear-facing device

Young Driver's Gender May Play Role in Timing, Type of Crash

When, where crash happened affected by whether male or female was behind the wheel, study finds

Distracted Teen Drivers Often on Cellphone With Parent: Study

Survey also finds that many text mom and dad from behind the wheel

Expert Offers School Bus Safety Tips

Almost 140 children and adults die every year in school transportation accidents

Keep Your Teens Safe on the Road This Summer

Parents should limit car use, point out unsafe driving behaviors, be a good role model, set 'carfews'