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Teens, ATVs a Dangerous Combo

Iowa study found three-quarters of kids drove the off-road vehicles, more than half were in accidents

Expert Offers Motorcycle Safety Tips

Protective clothing and preparation are key

One in 25 Reports Falling Asleep at the Wheel: CDC Report

Young adult males and binge drinkers more likely to drive while drowsy, study finds.

Multiple Drug Use Fueling Drugged-Driving Fatalities: Report

Marijuana more common among younger drivers, prescription drugs among older drivers

For Safety's Sake, Don't Leave Kids in Cars

Warmer weather puts them at risk of heat stroke, other dangers, expert says

Stricter Laws Might Reduce Aggressive Driving in Young Males: Study

Speeding-related deaths, injuries dropped after new laws and harsher penalties took effect, researchers say

Health Tip: Consider Air Bag Safety for Children

Seat them in the back of the car

Seat Belts, Air Bags May Save Your Kidneys

Car safety devices reduce risk of serious kidney injury by about one-quarter, study finds

Car Crash Risk May Go Up During Pregnancy

Second trimester increase noted in large Canadian study, but reason remains unclear

Motorcycle Accidents Claiming Fewer American Lives

Statistics show drop in fatalities last year, but poor riding weather, not better safety, may be reason why

Pot-Booze Combo More Dangerous for Teen Drivers Than Alcohol Alone

Kids who did both were more likely to get traffic ticket or be in a wreck, study found

For Teen Drivers, Unruly Passengers May Be Greater Threat Than Phones

Findings underscore importance of license restrictions, researchers say

Hands-Free Cellphones Don't Make Driving Safer, Review Shows

But survey found 80 percent of drivers think they are less dangerous than hand-held versions

Drunk-Driving Deaths Under-reported in U.S., Study Says

Researchers cite lag time between filing of death certificate, return of lab tests

Overdoses, Cellphone-Linked Car Crashes Among Top Causes of Fatal Injury in U.S.

National Safety Council report also cites increasing numbers of falls among elderly

Legal Drinking Age of 21 Saves Lives, Review Finds

Researchers say resist the call to lower the age limit to 18

Health Tip: Driving Down the Highway

Make sure you're awake and alert

Many Stroke Survivors Resume Driving Without Testing: Survey

Less than 6 percent of those getting back behind the wheel got formal review of road readiness

Fatal Car Crashes Involving Pot Use Have Tripled in U.S., Study Finds

Researchers note that increase included men and women, and all age groups

Fewer U.S. Kids Killed in Car Crashes; Safety Restraints Still an Issue

Too many youngsters ride without a car seat, booster seat or seat belt, says CDC

Drivers With ADHD May Be at Higher Risk for Serious Crashes

In large Swedish study, men who took their meds lowered their accident odds

Teen Drivers Become Distracted Quickly

Texting, talking and eating while behind the wheel increases risk of crash, study says

Watch Out for Sleepy Drivers This Thanksgiving Holiday

Fading daylight also can cause drowsiness

Health Tip: Keep a First Aid Kit in the Car

Include an over-the-counter painkiller

DMV-Based Campaign Helped Boost Organ Donations

Illinois offices reached out to reluctant licensees

More Deaths Among Older People During Economic Upswings: Study

Effect seen in both middle age and retirement in analysis of 19 nations

Health Tip: Safe Use of a Car Seat

Make sure it's installed properly

For Teens, Favorite Tunes May Impair Driving

On-road study found they drove more safely with calmer music chosen by others

Health Tip: Why Should I Stop Driving?

If you have trouble remembering or concentrating

Expert Tips for School Bus Safety

Parents can do a lot to keep their kids out of harm's way

ADHD + Texting = Double Trouble for Teen Drivers, Study Finds

One proposed solution: technology that cuts off cellphone when engine is on

ATV Injuries to Kids on Decline for Now: Study

But experts say all-terrain vehicles are still a big problem for young riders

Speed a Factor in One-Third of Deadly Crashes Involving Teen Drivers

Report includes tips for parents to promote safer driving

Music Doesn't Hurt Driving Performance, Study Suggests

Tunes on CD, radio might even boost focus in some situations, researcher says

Even 'Hands-Free' Devices Unsafe While Driving: Report

They cause mental distraction that can lead to crashes, experts warn

Summer Deadliest Time of Year for Teen Drivers

Crashes often linked to distracted driving

Weekend 'Catch-Up' Sleep May Cut Young Drivers' Crash Risk

Study found 21 percent higher chance of accident among those who slept less than 6 hours a night

FDA: Lower Ambien's Dose to Prevent Drowsy Driving

Blood levels from nighttime dose of sleep aid can remain too high the next morning, agency says

Fatal Crashes Involving Cellphone Use May Be Under-Reported

Various factors indicate that phone-related road deaths are underestimated, experts say

Health Tip: Teach Teens to Drive Defensively

Keep them focused on the road

Motorcycle Deaths Continue to Climb: Report

Researchers note that improving economy, better weather mean more riders on the road

Many Parents Text, Phone With Kids in Car: Survey

Work-related calls a priority for nearly one-third polled

Drunk Driving Not the Only Way Alcohol Leads to Teen Deaths: Study

Two-thirds of underage drinking-related fatalities have nothing to do with a car, MADD reports

Common Sleep Disorder May Impair Drivers, Research Suggests

Motorists with sleep apnea were more likely to fall asleep at wheel, fail simulated road tests

American Drivers Phone, Text More Often Than European Motorists

Distracted driving kills more than 3,000 people in U.S. a year, CDC says

ERs Not Doing Enough to Educate Parents on Car-Seat Safety: Study

Treatment after a crash can be a teachable moment on proper use of passenger restraints

Older Motorcyclists More Likely to Be Seriously Hurt in Crashes

Number of bikers over age 65 is climbing, as well