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Health Tip: Wear Your Seat Belt When Pregnant

It will protect both you and your unborn baby, doctors say

Drivers' Attitudes While Learning May Predict Future Road Performance

Study ties early views on unsafe behaviors to speeding tickets later

Obese Drivers May Be More Likely to Die in Car Crashes

Seat belt positioning could be one reason, study authors say

Top Road Rage Triggers: Cutting In, Weaving

Anger involved in nearly half of all collisions, researchers say

Safer Roads Near Schools May Mean Fewer Kids Struck by Cars

After traffic changes were made at NYC schools, child injuries dropped 44 percent, study found

FDA: Lower Ambien's Dose to Prevent Drowsy Driving

Blood levels from nighttime dose remain too high the next morning, agency says

Many Americans Drive While Drowsy: Report

1 in 25 reports falling asleep at the wheel, CDC says

Males Struck by Cars Die More Often Than Females: Study

Researchers wonder if risky behaviors influence death rates

Mind Wandering Drives Up Crash Rate

Distracting thoughts account for significant proportion of collisions, study says

Texting While Walking May Be as Dangerous as Texting While Driving

Study found many use cell phones when crossing streets, which puts them at risk for accidents

More Americans Buckling Up Than Ever Before: Report

Overall seat belt use hits 86 percent nationwide, most dramatic increases seen in southern states

Identifying Teen Drivers Curbs Crashes in N.J., Study Finds

Decal law also helps police enforce regulations, researchers say

Pain Level After Car Crash Could Depend on Your Genes, Studies Say

Findings might lead to better treatment for people with less obvious injuries

Many Pedestrians Hit By Cars Are Distracted By Mobile Devices

The problem is much more common among children, teens

Drinking, Driving Drops by Half Among Teens: CDC

But almost 1 million a month still do, agency says

Telling Patients When They're Unfit to Drive Cuts Crashes: Study

But people may resent the advice and limit visits with their physician

Suicide Now Kills More Americans Than Car Crashes: Study

Prevention efforts lowered traffic fatalities, more attention needed for suicide, experts say

Psych, Sleep Meds May Affect Driving

Psychotropic drugs alter brain functioning, raise crash risk, researchers say

Put Traffic Safety on Back-to-School 'To-Do' List: Experts

Kids, whether traveling by bus, bike, car or foot, should be taught how to avoid accidents

U.S. Military Seeks to Reduce Humvee Crash Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents, many in Humvees, account for nearly a third of personnel deaths

Few Follow Car Safety Guidelines for Kids, Study Finds

Common problems include lack of proper restraints, youngsters sitting in front seat

Adding More Neurosurgeons Could Cut Traffic Deaths: Study

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death among people aged 34 and younger

Fatal Car Crashes Less Likely in Major Cities, CDC Study Finds

Urban sprawl may be a factor in higher crash death rates in metro areas in the South, researchers say

Drive-Through Flu Shot a Safe Bet: Study

Fears of fainting, car crashes unfounded, researchers found

Some Crash-Avoidance Systems May Work Better Than Others

Autonomous braking and adaptive headlights provide the biggest benefits, study says

State Laws Cut Teen Drinking and Driving, Large Study Shows

Graduated licensing and use-alcohol-and-lose laws have made a big difference

Motorcycle Helmet Laws Save Lives and Dollars: CDC

Yet, states are repealing these laws, experts warn

Sleepy Hospital Workers a Danger on the Road: Study

Working the night shift compromises their driving ability on the way home, researchers say

1 in 3 Teens Admits to Texting While Driving

On the plus side, many more young motorists buckle up, drive sober now than before, CDC says

Lifespan Gap Shrinks Between Whites, Blacks

Still, report shows about a 4 to 5.5 year difference in U.S.

Health Tip: Put the Brakes on Drowsy Driving

If your eyelids are heavy, it's time to pull over

Obese Drivers Less Likely to Buckle Up: Study

Morbidly obese people also are more likely than normal-weight people to die in car crashes

Cellphones, Texting Put Teen Drivers in Danger, Studies Show

One study -- using car simulators -- indicates phone use hazardous no matter where it's held

Stricter Seat Belt Laws Get Teens to Buckle Up, Study Shows

In states where police can stop and ticket unbelted vehicle occupants, more high schoolers 'click it'

Long MP3 Playlists Lead to Distracted Drivers

When searching for songs, drivers in a simulator took their eyes off the road for too long, study finds

Tax Day May Drive Up Fatal Crash Rates

But expert notes study finding doesn't make it clear whether stress causes the spike

Young Women Who Drink and Drive at Higher Risk of Fatal Accident

Risk now matches that for young male drivers who drink, researchers say

Teen Girl Drivers Likelier to Use Electronic Devices: Study

In-car videos showed more girls using cellphones, grooming, eating behind the wheel

Health Tip: Be a Responsible Driver

Follow these safety precautions

U.S. Teen Driving Deaths Up: Report

Fatalities for 16- and 17-year-olds rose 11 percent in 2011, the first increase in years

Pot Use Could Double Risk of Car Crash, Research Shows

No reliable roadside test available to identify drugged drivers, experts say

Health Tip: Talk to Teens About Distracted Driving

Help keep them safe behind the wheel

Teen Driver's Friends Can Be Dangerous Distraction, Studies Find

And certain young drivers are more apt to cruise around in a crowd

Little Known About How Autism Affects Teen Drivers: Researchers

Communication and motor skill impairments may influence driving skills, experts say

States Crack Down on Drunk Drivers This Holiday Season

New Year's Day is among the five deadliest days on U.S. roads, sobering research shows

Driving Isn't An Issue for Most People With Diabetes

American Diabetes Association warns against blanket driving restrictions, recommends individual assessments

Drunk Driving-Related Deaths Surge During the Holidays

Alcohol affects coordination and judgment long before people appear to be intoxicated, experts say

U.S. Safety Board Urges Nationwide Ban on Drivers' Use of Cellphones

Recent texting-linked tragedy in Missouri points to the need for national approach, board says

Health Tip: Should You Still Be Driving?

Older people need to evaluate their skills, experts say