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Firefighters Exposed to Carcinogens Through the Skin

Immediate decontamination might help reduce harms of contact with hazardous chemicals, study suggests

Need Cancer Screening? Where You Work Matters

Americans employed in smaller businesses often lack insurance coverage, study finds

Are Women Surgeons Better Than Men?

Actually, there's little difference in patient outcomes, study finds

Remaining 'In the Closet' at Work Stresses Gay Couples

Men had more negative consequences by staying quiet

Another Downside to College Boozing: Poorer Job Prospects

In study, binge drinking 6 times a month lowered chances of full-time employment later

Double Mastectomy May Mean a Hit to the Paycheck

Aggressive surgery for breast cancer might cause women to miss over a month of work

Working Night Shifts May Widen Your Waistline

Disturbing normal sleep patterns is the main culprit, nutritionists say

Surviving Heart Attack Often Means Leaving Job Behind

Danish research suggests more support needed for workers

After Deepwater Oil Cleanup in Gulf, Ill Effects Persist

Dispersant chemicals may have triggered symptoms among workers, study says

Many With Work-Related Asthma Not Getting Key Vaccine

Recommended pneumococcal shot taken by little more than half, CDC report shows

Chlorine plus Pee equals Breathing Trouble for Waterpark Workers

CDC report finds unventilated air around pools can become toxic

The Health Risks of Long Work Weeks

Too much overtime may pose a threat to your heart

Antibacterial Scrubs for Nurses No Match for Germs

Study found the clothing as contaminated as traditional scrubs after 12-hour shifts

'Weekend Warriors' Tend to Wear White Collars

Desk jobs keep them seated all week, but they catch up on exercise on Saturday and Sunday, study finds

Health Tip: Sleepiness on the Job

It's a major cause of workplace accidents

This Common Email Move Could Be a Career Killer

Smiley emoji may be OK once you know someone, but not in an initial contact, study finds

Maybe That's Why It's Called Work

Tough schedules, hard physical labor and stress in the workplace are widespread, survey finds

The Positive Side of Water-Cooler Gossip

How chatter can promote a better work ethic

Certain Jobs Linked to Raised Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Risk was doubled among men who did electrical work, and tripled among bricklayers, study finds

Stress of Flying Doesn't Dim Abilities of Search-and-Rescue Dogs

Though their bodies reacted, their performance wasn't affected, study showed

Health Tip: Protect Your Skin at Work

Watch for harsh chemicals

'Super Moms' and 'Super Dads': Work-Home Conflicts Affect Both Genders

'We need to bring men into the conversation,' researcher says

New Surgery May Fix Tough-to-Treat Rotator Cuff Tears

Procedure could offer option for otherwise irreparable shoulder injury, surgeons say

An 'Active' Workstation Won't Lower Your Job Performance

Study found using treadmills, bikes or ellipticals while on the job didn't impair thinking skills

Working Too Much Might Tip Heart Into Irregular Rhythm

Study shows a link between on-the-job hours and atrial fibrillation, but couldn't prove cause-and-effect

White Collar Workers at Higher Odds of Death From ALS, Parkinson's

Study found richer, better-educated folks with these brain diseases are more likely to die

Michigan's Expanded Medicaid Plan a Boon for Workers

Survey finds them in better health and doing better work or getting a better job

Posture Pointers for Computer Jockeys

How to overcome that deskside slump

Nighttime Airport Noise May Raise Heart Risks

More research needed to confirm that exposure to aircraft noise is the cause of health issues

Shift Work May Put Damper on a Man's Sex Life

Disrupted sleep patterns could explain the link, three studies suggest

Program Helps Young Adults With Autism Find Jobs

Navigating adult services is challenging, autism experts say

U.S. Workplaces Roiled by Post-Election Discord, Poll Finds

Employees are feeling more stressed and cynical, and job productivity may suffer, survey finds

Heart Failure, Job Loss May Be Deadly Combo

In study, heart failure patients had higher death risk if unemployed, but cause-and-effect unclear

De-Stressing at Lunch

Take time to nourish your soul, as well

Stop and Smell the Roses at Work

Meanness in the office can spread faster than the common cold

Is That Your Doctor Swearing, Drinking on Facebook?

Investigators find many examples of unprofessional, 'potentially objectionable' behavior online

Another Downside to Unemployment: Stroke Risk?

Findings from Japan point to health benefits of job security

Hockey Doesn't Seem to Hit Players' Thinking Skills: Study

But retired pros can suffer behavioral, emotional problems, researchers say

Is 'Desktop Medicine' Chipping Away at Patient Care?

Half of doctors' work day is spent on a computer, study finds

For Firefighters, Another Danger: The Heart

Exposure to high heat and physical exertion may increase risk of heart attacks, study says

9 Out of 10 Doctors Like Their Jobs

A new survey finds that two-thirds would recommend their profession to others

Could Electromagnetic Fields Raise a Worker's ALS Risk?

Study suggests chances doubled of getting degenerative nervous system disease, but absolute risk remains low

Substance Abuse Taxes the American Workplace

Survey, analysis reveal the full cost of employees addicted to alcohol, painkillers and other drugs

Fewer Patients Die During Hospital Inspection Weeks: Study

Slight differences in death rates were possibly due to increased vigilance by staff, researcher suggests

Tattoo Artists Risk Serious Pain in the Neck

Backaches, headaches and eye strain also go with the job but can be prevented, researchers say

7 in 10 U.S. Workplaces Hit by Opioid Abuse: Survey

Poll also found most employers unprepared to deal with the issue

Your Sex Life May Work Wonders for Your Work Life

Employees in better mood the next day, leading to more work engagement and job satisfaction, study contends

Could Night Shifts, Heavy Lifting Impair a Woman's Fertility?

It's possible, but researcher stresses cause-and-effect link not proven

Eye-Opening Research on Astronauts' Vision Problems

Zero-gravity conditions prevent normal pressure variations around the brain, researchers say