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When Should You Rush Your Toddler to the ER?

For choking or possible poisoning, poll finds many parents need an emergency refresher course

Carbon Monoxide a Potential Threat From Gas-Powered Generators

Don't use these devices in your home, garage or any enclosed space

Expert Tips to Avoid Accidental Poisonings at School

Keep sanitizers, other cleaning products out of children's reach

Some Medical Ills Call for Dental Detective Work

One woman needed intestinal surgery to remove decade-old wire from braces

Medication Mistakes Have Doubled in U.S. Since 2000: Study

Poison control centers get one call every 21 seconds about a potentially serious mix-up

How to Dodge Summertime Threats

Stings, bites, outdoor cooking and even fireworks keep poison control centers hopping

Strike Back Against Snake Bites

Expert advice on what to do if you're bitten and how to prevent a bite in the first place

Wild 'Death Cap' Mushroom Seriously Sickens 14 in California

Foraging by novices tied to 3 people needing liver transplants and permanent brain damage in a child

Some Lead Poisoning Tests May Be Faulty

But the majority of tests are unaffected, U.S. officials say

Don't Let Your Garden Get You Down

Yard work relieves stress but can wreak havoc on muscles and joints unless you protect yourself

Shooting Ranges Pose Hidden Risks: Study

Exposure to lead residue from firing guns can bring health harms, researchers say

How to Protect Your Child From Accidental Poisoning

Kids under 6 account for 1 million calls to U.S. poison control centers a year

Drinking, Drug Abuse Doubles Veterans' Suicide Risk: Study

Rate 5 times higher for female vets who abuse alcohol, drugs than for female vets who don't

Rising Number of Kids Ill From Drinking Hand Sanitizers: CDC

Some children aged 6 to 12 may be intentionally consuming brands containing alcohol, researchers say

Kids' OD Risk Rises When Opioids Left Out at Home

Odds of overdose more than double if parent takes powerful narcotic instead of milder pain med, study finds

Drinking Peroxide as 'Natural' Cure Leads to Dangerous Blood Clots

So-called 'super water' carries big risks, doctors warn

Toxic Metals Found in E-Cigarette Liquid

Their presence in 5 brands studied is troubling, researchers say

Pet Meds Sending Kids to the ER

It's not uncommon for toddlers to ingest drugs intended for dogs and cats, study finds

Skin Cancer Cream Linked to 5 Dog Deaths: FDA

Even ingesting small amounts of fluorouracil can kill family pets, agency warns

'Button' Batteries Pose Serious Risk to Children

Toddlers may swallow the tiny batteries used to power many common household objects

Kids Landing in ERs After Drinking Parents' E-Cig Nicotine Liquid

In one case, a 6-year-old wound up in intensive care

Some Mexican Ceramics Can Serve Up Lead Poisoning

Canadian woman's illness highlights danger from glazes with high lead levels, doctors say

How to Guard Against Deadly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Start by installing detectors on every floor of your home, and know what to do if they sound

'Paws' for Pet Safety This Fall

Be wary of potential threats to your furry friends

4 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac

But just in case, here's what to do if you develop the red, itchy rash and blisters that these plants can cause

Flint Water Crisis Taking High Toll on Health, Productivity

Michigan city accounted for 5 percent of lead poisonings nationwide in 2014-2015, researcher says

FDA: Anti-Aging, Skin-Lightening Products May Contain Mercury

How you can eliminate the health risk to you and your family

Some Foods 'Pawsitively' Off Limits for Pooches

Grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, onions and garlic are some of the most dangerous, FDA says

E-Cig Liquid Nicotine Containers Often Mislabeled

Also, many aren't child-resistant, which poses a risk to youngsters

Edible Pot Sends Toddlers to Colorado ERs

Cannabis-laced candy, baked goods look irresistible to kids, doctors warn

3 in 4 Youngsters Exposed to Laundry Pod Detergent Suffer Poisoning

Hospitalizations 4 times more common with pods compared to other detergents, study finds

Synthetic Pot Overdoses on the Rise in U.S.

K2-type drugs far more potent than marijuana, experts warn

Flint's Lead-Contamination Crisis 'Entirely Preventable'

CDC looks at kids' blood levels before, during and after city's switch to local water

Sugar-Free Gum Can Be Deadly for Dogs

Keep all products containing the sweetener xylitol out of your pooch's reach, FDA warns

More Children Accidently Poisoned by 'Essential Oils'

Tennessee poison center reports doubling of dangerous exposures since 2011, mostly in kids

E-Cigarette Poisonings Skyrocket Among Young Kids: Study

Swallowing the liquid nicotine appears to affect kids under 6 the most, data show

More Kids Being Poisoned by Detergent Pods: Study

Parents of young kids should not have these products in the home, experts say

Take Precautions to Prevent Child Poisonings

Common household products, including detergents and medications, are often to blame, doctor says

60,000 U.S. Kids Treated for Accidental Medicine Poisoning a Year

Toddlers account for 7 out of 10 cases, report says

Homemade 'Dewshine' Can Be Deadly

2 teens have already died from toxic mix of soda and racing fuel, expert says

FDA Warns of Lead Poisoning Risk From Cosmetic Clay

Agency tells users of Bentonite Me Baby to stop using product, get checked by their doctor

Acetaminophen Tops List of Accidental Infant Poisonings

Other common dangers included cough/cold meds, ibuprofen and diaper rash creams, data shows

Health Tip: Watch those Liquid Laundry Packets

They may be a serious hazard for children

Charges Filed Against Makers of Nutritional Supplements

One company in nationwide sweep sold products with ingredient that caused liver damage, FDA says

Health Tip: Reducing Your Child's Risk of Lead Poisoning

Be especially careful if you live in an older home

Illegal Toad Venom 'Aphrodisiac' Linked to NYC Man's Death

Ingredient in products called 'stone' can dangerously alter heart rhythm, city health officials say

Snake Bites Take Big Global Toll, Especially Among the Poor

Shortage and cost of antivenom, need for training are issues in nations where bites are common, researcher says

'Mud Bogging' Motor Sport Tied to Carbon Monoxide Poisonings, Deaths

Experts recommend getting out of stuck vehicles, and having portable CO detectors