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Unique Bone Marrow Transplant Said to Cure Sickle Cell

Technique is safe and effective, say Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh reseachers

Education Program Spurs Blacks to Take Blood Pressure Meds

Studies had found blacks twice as likely to skip medicines, compared to whites

Death Rates Higher for Minority Children Awaiting Heart Transplant

14% for whites, 19% for blacks, 21% for Hispanics and 27% for others, study says

Hispanics Less Likely to Get Repeat Artery Surgery

Even though they have risk factors that could lead to coronary problems, study finds

Lack of Potassium Linked to High Blood Pressure

The finding is especially true for blacks, study suggests

Negative Cancer Messages Backfire With Blacks

Positive approaches more likely to prompt minorities to get checked for disease, study says

Two More Human Genomes Mapped

Research leads scientists closer to personalized medical care

Study Shows Hispanics Prefer Beer

Findings could lead to more targeted prevention efforts, researcher says

Diabetes, Hypertension Hasten Death in Alzheimer's Patients

They're more than twice as likely to die sooner, study finds

Black Heart Patients Treated Less for Depression

Only half as likely as white patients to receive therapy, study finds

Food Allergies Up 18% Among U.S. Children

Reactions lead to higher risk for asthma, other respiratory problems, CDC report says

Suicide Rates Rise Among Baby Boomers

Middle-aged white women at increasing risk, study finds

Minorities More Likely to Die in ER

Lack of insurance could play a major role, study suggests

Poverty Raises Mortality Risk With Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Getting chemotherapy did improve chances of survival, study found

U.S. Ranks 29th in Infant Mortality

Rate is 50% higher than national goal, CDC says

Blood Pressure on the Rise in America

More people being treated for hypertension than ever before, study finds

Lack of Insurance Raises Abused Babies' Death Risk

Poorer access to care may play a role, experts say

Racial Disparities Exist in Head and Neck Cancer Outcomes

Blacks, the poor diagnosed at younger age, with more advanced disease, study says

Blacks at Higher Risk for Brain Lesions Causing Stroke

They had 32% more microbleeds in several different areas, study finds

Gestational Diabetes Risk Higher for Asian-White Couples

Pelvic size may also play role in further chance of Caesarean delivery, study finds

Minorities With Disabilities Report Poorer Health

Overall, 1 in 5 Americans lives with at least one disability, CDC says

Blacks at Greater Risk of Precancerous Colon Polyps

Difference is most pronounced among black women, study finds

Stroke Prevalence Higher, Deadlier Among American Indians

More smoking, hypertension, diabetes may explain statistics, study says

U.S. Abortion Rate at 30-Year Low

Many abortions are among older mothers and minority women, report says

Heart Attack Care Often Delayed for the Poor

Reasons for slowed time to treatment remain unclear, experts say

Many Doctors Don't Know Blood Pressure Guidelines

Proper treatment often not started among middle-aged men, study finds

Spanish Speakers Have Difficulty Accessing Health Care in U.S.

But poverty and lack of insurance are the real barriers, experts say

HIV Infection Rate for Young Black Men 'Alarming:' CDC

Prevention efforts must be targeted to racial and ethnic groups, agency says

9/11's Health Effects Lingered for Years

Injured, workers and passersby developed psychological, respiratory woes, latest NYC report finds

Med School Diversity May Help Whites Care Better for Minorities

Findings urge push for broad-based admission policies that reflect ethnic variety

Blacks With Lung Disease Face Increased Cancer Risk

Men with prior history of COPD 6 times more likely to develop malignancy, study suggests

2 Million Cancer Cases Tied to Tobacco Use

The U.S. review covered the period from 1999 to 2004

Most Youths Tried as Adults Had Psychiatric Disorders

Chicago study finds more than two-thirds of them needed help with at least one illness

Number of Uninsured Americans Drops

More children now covered by government-sponsored programs, Census Bureau reports

Many Hispanics Shut Out of U.S. Health Care System

Immigration status and health insurance play key roles in access to care, survey finds

U.S. Hospitals Underutilize Proven Heart Failure Therapy

They don't use CRT pacing devices as they should or follow published guidelines, study finds

Half of U.S. Adults Lack 20/20 Vision

Distance problems, astigmatism becoming more common, study finds

One in 5 Young Men Had Prostate Screen in Past Year

Analysis may aid in guiding recommendations on who should get screened and when

Men More Likely Than Women to Adopt Children

Report says it may be that some men adopt women's kids from previous relationship

Immigrant Children Less Likely to Exercise

Study finds they participate in fewer sports but watch less TV

Many Cancer Patients Turn to Complementary Medicine

Women, especially breast and ovarian tumor patients, more likely to use these therapies

Ob/Gyn Group Urges Routine HIV Tests for All Women

Minorities are at higher risk; doctors urged to expand education efforts

Hearing Loss May Be More Widespread Than Thought

White, Mexican-American men at highest risk, survey shows

Kidneys Donated After Cardiac Death Cut Racial Disparities

Black patients conferred better outcomes; organ pool increase cut wait time to transplant

Cancer Survival Depends on Where You Live

U.S. does better than Europe, although American whites do better than blacks, study finds

Big Tobacco Lures Young Smokers With Menthol Cigarettes: Study

Researchers say industry manipulates the ingredient to recruit new generation of users

Genetic Trait Boosts AIDS Risks in Blacks

Might be responsible for 11% of HIV cases in Africa, researchers say

Diabetic Hispanics Missing Out on Eye Exams

They're particularly vulnerable to diabetes-linked vision loss, experts warn

Thalidomide Continues to Show Benefits Against Myeloma

The once-notorious drug aiding certain patients with the blood cancer

New Spanish Consumer Guide Compares Diabetes Meds

Publication aimed at assisting the 1 in 8 Hispanics with type 2 disease