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Breast Cancer More Aggressive in Black Women

Experts are divided over the reasons why

Prostate Cancer Gene Also Raises Colon Cancer Risk

It's the first example of DNA spurring more than one cancer type, scientists say

Study Probes Blacks' Increased Vulnerability to MS

The disease usually strikes them harder than whites, experts note

A 'Medical Home' Improves Health Care for Minorities

Having a regular health-care provider erases disparities in care, study finds

Blacks Less Likely to Get Angioplasty After Heart Attack

U.S. Medicare study shows a gap, but reasons remain unclear

Asthma Uncontrolled in 55% of Cases: Survey

More education is needed to keep attacks at bay, researchers say

Life in Segregated Neighborhood May Improve Mexican-Americans' Health

That finding runs counter to studies of other ethnic minorities, reseachers say

Hospital Admission Rates Higher for White Kids in ER

But that doesn't mean minority children are being denied needed care, study says

Disparities Persist in Cancer Care

Studies show racial, socioeconomic gaps continue with breast, childhood cancers

Discrimination Linked to Health Problems Among Minorities

Study of Asian-Americans suggests higher rate of heart trouble, pain, other problems

More Americans Suffering Sunburns

Too much sun greatly increases skin cancer risk, experts say

Hair Relaxers Won't Boost Black Women's Breast Cancer Risk

Study of 59,000 women shows no link, despite long-time use

Stroke Risk Almost Double for Siblings of Those Who've Had Attacks

Study finds genetic link to ischemic incidents, especially in Mexican-Americans

U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Twice as High for Blacks

But overall rate down by 10% since 1995, study finds

More Young Children Suffering From Tooth Decay

But report finds some signs of improvement in dental care

Pneumococcal Strains Not Covered by Vaccine on the Rise

Vaccine is still effective, but may need to include new strains, study finds

Social, Health Care Factors Make Colon Cancer Deadlier for Blacks

They have poorer cancer screening, treatment, study suggests

Early Life Factors May Boost Breast Cancer Risk

Birth size, smoking, race may all play role in DNA changes that increase odds of disease

Rattlesnake Capsules Linked to Salmonella Poisoning

Hispanic folk remedy may contain lethal bacteria, expert warns

Hispanic Women's Biology May Spur More Aggressive Breast Cancer

Finding could explain worse prognoses in this group, researchers say

Heart Attacks a 'Wake-Up' Call for Hispanics: Survey

Poll finds too few are taking steps to prevent future illness

Language Barriers May Hamper Pediatric Care

Many doctors rely on untrained interpreters for non-English-speaking families, study finds

Diabetes, Hypertension Explain Blacks' Higher Risk for Heart Failure

Controlling these two factors should lower disease rates, experts say

Heart Pumping Variation Found in Racial Groups

Weaker contractions in black Americans could explain their higher heart-disease rates, study says

Young, Black Women at Higher Risk of Aggressive Breast Cancer

These tumors lack hormone receptors that make ideal treatment targets, researchers say

Male Breast Cancer Deadlier for Blacks

Racial disparity mirrors that of more common female breast tumors, researchers say

Gap in Black-White Life Expectancy Narrows

It's a good sign, but not a victory, one expert says

Many Blacks, Hispanics Misinformed About Alzheimer's

Stigma surrounding the disease can delay diagnosis, a survey finds

Undocumented Immigrants' Childbirth Is Top Emergency Medicaid Expense

Study of N.C. data shows first look at health care needs of burgeoning population.

Poorer Health Care Ups Black Men's Prostate Cancer Risk

Too often, black males lack insurance or ongoing relationship with doctor, study finds

Depression Hits U.S. Blacks Harder Than Whites

They are more likely to develop severe, intractable illness, study finds

Hispanic Women's Hearts at High Risk: Study

Contrary to popular wisdom, they develop signs of heart disease earlier than white women

Few Primary Care Docs Offer HIV Test to L.A.'s Hispanics

Less than half gave safe sex advice to this group hard-hit by AIDS, study found

Gene Variant Keeps Blood Triglyceride Levels Low

And it's much more common in whites than blacks, research shows

Outside Forces 'Medicalizing' Everyday Problems, Experts Say

Drug ads and other factors are having an impact on clinical practice

Free Handbook Helps Hispanic Families Tackle ADHD

It helps parents recognize the condition in kids and seek help

Race, Income Barriers to Colon Cancer Screening

Medicare study shows big differences by ethnicity and state

Black Moms Face Triple the Risk of 'Preemie' Birth

U.S. study suggests genetics may be the reason why

Hospital a Big Factor in Black Patients' Stroke Care

Centers with a high percentage of minority patients had worse outcomes, study found

U.S. Minority Women Know Less About Heart Disease: Survey

American Heart Association study suggests more targeted efforts needed to raise awareness

Cancer Deaths for Blacks Remain High

Despite overall decline since the 1990s, report says more focus, education is needed

ER Chest Pain Tests Driven by Race, Gender, Insurance

Black males less likely to receive diagnostic or monitoring tests, analysis finds

Black Women Often Miss Out on Mammogram Results

In many cases, findings don't reach women or are misinterpreted, study finds

South Asians Plagued by Heart-Attack Risk Factors

They suffer first attack at 53 years, compared to 58.8 years for westerners

Early Blood Pressure Problems Signal Heart Trouble

Study of young American Indians found hypertension raised risk for enlarged heart

Incidence of Steatosis in Hepatitis Patients Traced to Race

Whites more likely to have the complication than blacks, study finds

Many Hispanics Shun Help for Alcohol Abuse

Blacks, too, seek care less often than whites, study finds

Insurance Doesn't Cure Health-Care Disparities

Blacks with colon cancer still have worse outcomes, study finds

Vitamin D May Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis in Whites

Those with highest levels of sunshine vitamin have lower rates of MS, finds study

Perception of Who's Obese Varies by Race

Overweight blacks much more likely to consider their weight 'average,' study finds