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Homegrown Strain of Dengue Fever Virus Pinpointed in Florida

Some 2009-2010 cases originated in Key West mosquitoes, not from travelers, CDC says

Health Tip: Broil Fish for a Healthy Dinner

Follow these cooking guidelines

Scientists Report Clues to Flu Shot's Effectiveness

When people fail to make enough white blood cells the vaccine is less protective, study finds

Health Tip: Childproof the Laundry Area

Make sure kids don't have access to potential dangers

Flu Infections Continue to Decline

33 states experienced minimal activity last week, CDC says

Do More Gun Laws Mean Fewer Gun Deaths?

Study says that seems to be the case, but at least one expert calls the research flawed

Steer Clear of 'Miracle Cures,' Other Bogus Health Products: FDA

Some can cause serious harm, agency warns

'Nightmare' Bacteria Spreading in U.S. Hospitals, Nursing Homes: CDC

Half of those infected die from this antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Is Too Much E-Communication Swamping Doctors?

In survey of VA primary care docs, 30 percent said they'd missed patient test results

Health Tip: Cook Eggs the Right Way

To prevent food-related illness

Tattoos Can Pose Health Hazards, Doctor Warns

Industrial inks, poor skin placement may lead to variety of problems

One in Five U.S. Smokers Has Tried an 'E-Cigarette'

CDC says public health effect of device remains to be seen

Countries With More Sugar in Food Supply Have More Diabetes

Global study strengthens tie between sweeteners and type 2 disease, experts say

Foods Might Serve Up High Levels of Chemicals Found in Plastics

Manufacturing process might introduce hormone-disrupting chemicals into dairy products, spices, researcher says

Primary Care Doctors Can Make the Wrong Call

Study finds missed diagnoses happen with many common conditions; often traced to communication breakdowns

Without Laws, Many Tanning Salons Would Allow Kids: Study

Missouri survey found operators often misrepresent indoor tanning as safe, even healthy

Fraudulent Data May Have Led to Use of Risky Treatment in ICUs

Second look at data on a starch-filled solution finds it may do more harm than good

Flu Levels Continue to Fall, CDC Says

Activity has decreased in many areas, data shows

Public Smoking Bans Cut Risk of Preterm Births, Study Finds

Legislation in Belgium shown to reduce harmful effect of secondhand smoke

Report Calls for Better U.S. Efforts to Fight Counterfeit Drugs

Institute of Medicine panel says international cooperation also needed to combat public health threat

Flu Levels Starting to Fall, CDC Says

While activity remains high, it has decreased in most areas

FDA Issues Another Warning on Fake Version of Cancer Drug Avastin

Patients who take the product would get no benefit, agency says

Hoping to Ease Shortage, FDA Fast-Tracks Generic Form of Cancer Drug

Agency says new availability of doxorubicin will help people battling malignancy

Flu Still Widespread but Easing in Some States: CDC

45 children have died from flu this season; seniors also especially vulnerable

Pet Hedgehogs Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in 8 States

CDC is investigating cases of rare strain of stomach bug linked to the animals

1 in 5 Hospital Docs Reports 'Unsafe' Workloads: Study

Juggling too many patients increases risk of potentially dangerous medical errors, experts warn

Poll Finds Broad Support for Tougher Gun Laws

And NRA members endorse measures such as background checks for all gun sales

Checklist for Winter Sports Safety

Conditioning, appropriate gear are two essentials, expert says

Flu Still at Epidemic Levels: CDC

Children and seniors especially vulnerable; infections declining in some regions

Obese Drivers May Be More Likely to Die in Car Crashes

Seat belt positioning could be one reason, study authors say

Businesses Should Plan for Flu Disruptions, Doctor Says

Start by encouraging workers to use sick days

48 States Now Report Flu Activity, Elderly Hit Hard

It's still not too late to get vaccinated, experts say

FDA Approves New Type of Flu Vaccine

Flublok easier to produce quickly and in large quantities, agency says

Childhood Vaccine Schedule Is Safe, Report Says

Critics call for more research into whether shots may be linked to some developmental disorders

Airborne Toxins Down, But Overall Pollutant Levels Rising: EPA

Better technologies may bring cleaner air, but dumping of toxins onto land is rising, agency says

Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself From the Flu

As the outbreak worsens, health experts urge flu shots, frequent hand-washing and other measures

'Spot' Shortages of Flu Vaccine, Tamiflu Reported, FDA Head Says

Agency is offering tips on how to find the shot or medication at a clinic or pharmacy near you

Bathroom Reminders May Prod Guys to Wash Their Hands

In study, rate of college men who did so jumped to 86 percent after signs appeared

Flu Widespread in 47 States, Vaccine 'Moderately' Effective: CDC

Infections appear to be falling in the Southeast, where the virus first appeared

Prescription Painkillers Trail Only Marijuana in Abuse Rates, Report Shows

Rising numbers of people seeking treatment for abuse of these pain drugs, federal officials say

Americans Suffer Worse Health Than Peers in Other Countries

Even younger adults don't fare as well as counterparts elsewhere, report says

FDA Proposes New Rules to Strengthen Food Safety

Measures focus on stopping contamination at farms and in processing plants, agency says

Many Americans Drive While Drowsy: Report

1 in 25 reports falling asleep at the wheel, CDC says

Mass Murders: Why Us? Why the U.S.?

From gun availability to a lack of therapists, experts say many factors contribute to the spate of killings

States Lagging in Emergency Preparedness: Report

Budget cuts, complacency threaten gains in U.S. readiness, public health experts warn

Is the Mental Health System Failing Troubled Kids?

Spotting, managing young people like the Conn. gunman is difficult and will take more resources, experts say

Study Finds New SARS-Like Virus Spread Through Bats, Pigs

Finding might help public health officials develop plan to contain possible outbreak