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Health Tip: Prevent Night-Driving Dangers

Ways to improve safety after sundown

Falls Are Leading Cause of Injury to Seniors

But orthopedists say a home safety review could cut odds of fractures in those over 65

Media Affects Public Perception of Infectious Diseases

Study found people thought certain illnesses were more dangerous if publicized

FDA Warns of Dangers of Mexican Vanilla

Agency says it contains coumarin, which is related to ingredient in blood thinners

Combo Treatment Best for Anxiety Disorder in Kids

Zoloft, cognitive behavior therapy also work well alone, study finds

Consumer Group Seeks FDA Ban on Avandia

Public Citizen cites liver failure deaths, other risks of adverse events for diabetes drug

Halloween Candy: It's Not How Much Kids Eat, It's When

Prolonged exposure to acid in the mouth is the culprit, pediatric dentist says

Flu Vaccine Could Prevent 357,000 Deaths in Pandemic

Predictive model shows shots would also save $7 billion in related health-care costs

U.S. Hospitals Lag in Patient Satisfaction

Pain management, discharge instructions not rated high in survey

Threat From Infectious Diseases Growing

Report points to globalization, drug resistance and climate change as culprits

Bayer Marketing Two Unapproved Aspirin Products: FDA

Warning letters issued for Bayer Heart Advantage, Bayer Women's Low Dose Aspirin + Calcium

Caring for Aging Loved Ones Can Be a Catch-22

Journalist Gail Sheehy's painful passage through U.S. health system echoes that of many caregivers

Gas Stove Emissions Boost Asthma in Inner-City Kids

Using cooking appliances as heat source a hallmark of urban poverty, study notes

Anti-Drug TV Campaign Didn't Curb Teen Pot Use: Study

Researchers suggest increased exposure to government ads brought no added value

Sex Partners Get STD Alerts by E-mail

Report shows 30,000 have used Internet service to handle delivery of delicate news

One-Quarter of Biologic Drugs Have Had Safety Issues

International analysis finds 11% issued 'black box' warnings by FDA

Acrylamide Doesn't Raise Gastrointestinal Cancer Risk

Large study found no danger from chemical produced during high-temp cooking

Study Urges Low-Tech Solutions for Medical Errors

Color-coding system worked well in simulated emergency room situations

Scientists Hot on Trail of New Antibiotics

Natural compounds could mean faster treatments for TB, fight other drug-resistant bacteria

Disinfectants Can Boost Bacteria's Resistance to Treatment

Misuse of chemicals contributes to hospital-acquired infections, study says

Car Surfing Kills Teens

CDC report shows typical victims are males from Midwest, South

'Bug Bombs' Causing Injury

466 cases, including one baby's death, are linked to the repellent 'foggers,' U.S. report finds

Travel Was as Dangerous 500 Years Ago as Today: Study

Changing modes of transport have had little effect on unintentional injuries

U.S. Ranks 29th in Infant Mortality

Rate is 50% higher than national goal, CDC says

Death Rate 70% Lower at Top U.S. Hospitals

If all centers performed as well, over 237,000 lives might have been saved, survey finds

Vioxx's Heart Risk Lingered Long After Use Ended

Some danger may come with other NSAID pain relievers, experts say

New Guidelines Make It Easy to Get Fit

U.S. government suggests weekly workouts can work

New Avian Flu Vaccine Strategy Proposed

Advance shots protect those most exposed in possible pandemic, researchers suggest

Family Income Impacts Children's Health

Big gaps exist between states, and between poor, middle- and upper-class families, study finds

Role of Circumcision in Reducing HIV Risk Still Unclear

Review doesn't find a protective effect in post-HAART era

For Some Animals, There's No Place at Home

Exotic pets like rodents, reptiles and monkeys can carry disease, report warns

Teens May Be Missing Out on Needed Vaccines

Not getting preventive care biggest reason for immunization shortfall, study finds

Free Prescription Drug Samples Pose Risk to Kids

Few actually go to needy children, and newer meds lack safety profile, study finds

FDA Rules How Much Melamine Is Too Much

In wake of China food scare, agency says any amount is too much for infants

Program Seeks to Reduce ICU Infections

An estimated 250,000 such illnesses occur each year, CDC says

HIV Outbreak Began Decades Earlier Than Thought

Rise of cities, risky behavior in west central Africa between 1884 and 1924 at root, study says

Fewer Doses, Intramuscular Injection Cut Anthrax Shot Side Effects

3 vaccinations just as effective as current 6 in forming antibodies, study finds

FDA Faulted for Lack of Produce Oversight

Congressional report cites insufficient funding and resources

3M Injected Drug Users Worldwide Could Be HIV-Positive

In some countries, prevalence of infection may be as high as 40%, study suggests

Patient Harm From Problem 'Handoffs' Is Common: Report

Hospital residents say poor transfers of care as serious as medication-related errors

Casual Smokers at Greater Risk for Alcohol-Use Disorders

Even non-daily puffers 16 times more likely to be hazardous drinkers, study says

Alert Issued on Use of Blood Thinners

Latest warning follows high-profile dosing errors

Regular Hand-Washing Can Prevent Against Colds, Flu

But group's survey finds fewer Americans taking this simple precaution

Flu Vaccine Should Be More Effective: CDC

And officials are urging more Americans than ever before to get a shot this season

Wine Compound May Protect Against Radiation Exposure

Rat study finding could lead to human treatments that are effective, non-toxic

Leading COPD Drugs Tied to Stroke, Heart Attack

Doctors must weigh benefits, risks for meds like Spiriva, Atrovent, experts say

Women's Peripheral Artery Disease Tied to Secondhand Smoke

They face 69% increased risk for heart disease, 56% risk of ischemic stroke, study finds

Fall Cleanup Is a Prime Time for Accidents

Whether it's raking leaves or climbing ladders for repairs, work safe

Sports Eye Injuries Leading Cause of Blindness in Youths

But safety glasses can cut injury risk by 90%, vision expert says

U.S. Barred 33 TB-Infected People From Flying Over Past Year

CDC's new 'do not board' list comes as a surprise to infectious disease experts