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Patient Harm From Problem 'Handoffs' Is Common: Report

Hospital residents say poor transfers of care as serious as medication-related errors

Casual Smokers at Greater Risk for Alcohol-Use Disorders

Even non-daily puffers 16 times more likely to be hazardous drinkers, study says

Alert Issued on Use of Blood Thinners

Latest warning follows high-profile dosing errors

Regular Hand-Washing Can Prevent Against Colds, Flu

But group's survey finds fewer Americans taking this simple precaution

Flu Vaccine Should Be More Effective: CDC

And officials are urging more Americans than ever before to get a shot this season

Wine Compound May Protect Against Radiation Exposure

Rat study finding could lead to human treatments that are effective, non-toxic

Leading COPD Drugs Tied to Stroke, Heart Attack

Doctors must weigh benefits, risks for meds like Spiriva, Atrovent, experts say

Women's Peripheral Artery Disease Tied to Secondhand Smoke

They face 69% increased risk for heart disease, 56% risk of ischemic stroke, study finds

Fall Cleanup Is a Prime Time for Accidents

Whether it's raking leaves or climbing ladders for repairs, work safe

Sports Eye Injuries Leading Cause of Blindness in Youths

But safety glasses can cut injury risk by 90%, vision expert says

U.S. Barred 33 TB-Infected People From Flying Over Past Year

CDC's new 'do not board' list comes as a surprise to infectious disease experts

School-Based Efforts Boost Kids' Fruit, Vegetable Intake

Biggest difference maker was repeated exposure through taste testing, study says

FDA Bars Generic Drugs From Indian Company

Poor manufacturing conditions at 2 plants to blame, agency says

Plastic Chemical Tied to Heart Disease and Diabetes

Bisphenol A previously associated with developmental problems in fetuses

FDA Mulls Changes to Allergy Labeling on Foods

Current labels can be confusing, experts say

Too Few People Know Symptoms of Heart Trouble

And that lack of knowledge could cost you your life

Ordinary Chores Cause Half of All Eye Injuries

September is vision safety awareness month, and group offers tips to prevent accidents

Retail Clinics Attracting Those Without Regular Doctors

Users mostly seek preventive care or assistance with easy-to-treat illnesses, study says

CDC Campaign Targets MRSA Infections

Well-informed parents are a child's best defense, official says

Lung Cancer Rates Among Nonsmokers Not on the Rise

International study debunks some commonly held beliefs about this type of cancer

Air Pollution Harms Patients After Heart Attack

Particles can cripple heart's electrical functioning, researchers say

Hurricane Threats: Time to Batten Down the Hatches

CDC offers tips to ride out dangerous storms -- before and after they hit

Non-Hospital Baby Abductions a New Concern

Study highlights the value of education and media involvement

No Place Safe From Allergies

Most can be controlled, but you need to know what triggers them, experts say

FDA to List Drugs Under Review for Safety Issues

But officials say patients taking meds on Web site shouldn't overreact or stop taking them

Neighborhood Alcohol Outlets Tied to Kids' Injury Risk

Parental supervision undermined in 'disordered' areas where liquor is sold, study says

Most U.S. Kids Getting Recommended Vaccinations

More than 77% are fully inoculated, federal officials say

Study Questions Flu Shot's Mortality Protection for Elderly

Canadian study found benefit to be statistically insignificant

Salmonella Outbreak Over, U.S. Says

FDA lifts advisory against eating raw Mexican jalapeno and serrano peppers

Single Rooms Becoming the Norm in New Hospitals

Trend could reduce spread of infections, medication errors, report says

Tobacco Control Program Saved Billions in Health Costs

Rapid benefits in California tied to fact program was directed at adults, not youth, study finds

One-Third of Schools Built in Air Pollution Danger Zones

Unhealthy proximity to major roads is public health concern future planners should address

Long-Term Exposure to Incense Raises Cancer Risk

Rates of respiratory tract cancers increase, lung cancer incidence does not, study finds

Marinades Help Keep Grilled Meat Safe

Study found they reduce the amount of cancer-causing compounds

Text-Messaging Injuries Blamed on Distraction

Inattentiveness contacting others can lead to injuries, death while walking or driving

Golf Course Insecticides Pose Little Danger to Players

Common turf applications scored well below par for EPA standards, study finds

New Test Scans Beef for Mad Cow Disease

Method enables real-time identification of contaminated tissue, study says

More Than Temperature Puts Elderly at Risk in Heat

Medications, lifestyle are also contributing factors to hyperthermia, agency warns

Medical Blogs May Threaten Patient Privacy

More than half revealed data for easy IDs, lacked basic ethical standards, study finds

One-Fifth of British Childhood Cancer Survivors Smoke

Study finds despite hazards, many put themselves at increased risk for second malignancies

Study Links Agent Orange to Prostate Cancer in Vietnam Vets

But some researchers say the finding fails to establish cause-and-effect

Researchers Find Genes That Influence West Nile Virus

Could lead to way to prevent, treat disease in humans

HIV Drug Might Spur Resistant Strains of Virus

Used during breast-feeding to prevent mom-to-baby transmission, nevirapine could have downside, study finds

Commonly Used HIV Infectivity Rate Misses Risks

Wide variety of co-factors affects heterosexual transmission, study finds

Immigrant Children Less Likely to Exercise

Study finds they participate in fewer sports but watch less TV

Orthopedic Surgeons Weigh in on Pool Safety

Fractures, sprains and strains result from ignoring common-sense precautions, group says

1976 Italian Dioxin Release Damaged Babies' Thyroids

Women living near Seveso disaster were 6 times more likely to deliver infants with problems

Risky Sexual Behaviors Decreasing Among U.S. Teens

Condom use increasing, but many blacks, Hispanics, and males not getting message, CDC says

FDA Expands Pepper Warning in Salmonella Outbreak

Second tainted sample found at another farm in Mexico; serrano and jalapeno peppers from that country are now suspect

Public Smoking Bans Work Across the Board

Study finds hospital admissions for acute coronary syndrome down for smokers, nonsmokers